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What movie everyone is obliged to watch?

of Cinema are an art, and art has to bring to the person joy, inspiration, enrichment, well and of course some certain knowledge. Watching the movie, the person has to develop, emphasize something new to himself. This my opinion.

Quite often from the friends I hear: “I do not know what to look at! Hunting to see something interesting, real, but not same “fairy tale“. To me already bothered to look constantly similar and silly comedies, fighters, horrors, a fantasy. Hunting something new and clever. That there was a wish to revise the movie again and again“.

Probably, at everyone happened so that movies a great lot, choose any, and there is no wish to watch them somehow. Therefore I also write this article in which I want to present the collection the movie, “shaken“ me. In this collection I will try to collect works with deep author`s meaning, interesting and actual problems, well and of course with a fine cast after which viewing it is possible to tell: “Yes, to me there was something like it“, “And what I would make in such situation?“, “And same can really happen to everyone“, “or “This cinema“. Also let`s be praised to friends: “I watched such movie yesterday!.“ In a word, such cinema sets us thinking, to reflect on some problem put in it. Many of following pictures can seem crazy in respect of morality, but they comprise a certain hidden purpose. For example: Click: with the panel on life, Drank.

Never give up / Never Back Down(2008)

Experiment / Das Experiment (2002)

Experiment 2: Wave / Die Welle (2008)

Hachiko: A Dog`s Story / Hachiko: A Dog`s Story (2009)

Surfer of soul / Soul Surfer (2011)

127 Hours / 127 Hours (2011)

All this it / She`s all that(1999)

operation Valkyrie / Valkyrie (2009)

Beastly (2011) is Scary beautiful /

Fighter / The Fighter (2011)

Uncontrollable / Unstoppable (2011)

Class / Klass (2007)

Click: with the panel on life / Click (2011)

Three days on escape / The Next Three Days (2010)

Social network / The Social Network (2010)

Lyubov and other circumstances / Love and Other Impossible Pursuits (2010)

Have more, than love / A Lot Like Love (2005)

Sanktum / Sanctum (2011)

Inadequate people (2010)

In wild conditions / Into the Wild (2007)

Crash / Wrecked (2011)

Eagle of the Ninth legion / Eagle (2011)

Frozen / Frozen (2010)

the King speaks / King`s Speech (2010)

Collector / Armored (2009)

Handsome man / Zweiohrkuken (2008)

Handsome man 2/Zweiohrkuken 2 (2009)

“Drank“ (all parts)

Twenty one / 21 (2008)

Marley and I / Marley & Me (2008)

Goal! / Goal! (2005)

Interns (series) (2010 - 2011)

School (series) (2010)

Pop (2008)

Tsar (2009)

Tender May (2009)

Admiral (2008) Is possible


, I did not manage to remember many movies. If someone has additions - write in comments. Also leave comments about the watched movies. It will be very interesting to me to esteem.