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Loneliness - punishment or a holiday?

From time to time we, women, feel unfortunate. And almost always we connect happiness or misfortune with existence or absence in our life of the beloved.

There is a love - is happy, the relations did not turn out - it is unfortunate. And for many the loneliness is a misfortune synonym. In ourselves we try to fill emptiness from the outside - we believe that we will return ourselves forces and energy and we will become happy, having built in the life of other person.

And “loneliness“ is a special period in life, necessary for judgment of the true way, the mission, comparison of the past with the present, increase of the spirituality, understanding of mistakes, judgment of the gained experience, a raising of self-respect and planning of options of the future. It is a peculiar festival of soul when not only the logic, but also intuition comes to the rescue. It is necessary only to learn to trust it and to follow the dictates of heart!

If something is not got on if you are dissatisfied with the life if you in bad mood also do not understand all the time - why; if left, divorced if received blow under dy, the first and necessary step - to understand itself: what you actually want? What it is necessary for you? When? And whether it is necessary? Perhaps, values of the previous period of life are already not so important for you now when you (though forcedly) enter the new period of the life?

As it is not enough at us in time life to be alone, live for themselves, to think of itself, to make for itself what there was always not enough for time because we gave ourselves to others, forgetting about itself - well, or just we did not have forces for ourselves any more ! We never are one! All of us time something have to someone, we have a heap of duties, with a half of which we charged ourselves! All of us drag time on life others suitcases moreover and we manage to have sense of guilt that we have only two hands!

Be not afraid to stay and one is not afraid to remain. Not the loneliness is an appointment to the dearest person - with by itself. Right now you have an opportunity to carry out “clear-out“ of the life: to shake up all unnecessary stuff, ruthlessly to throw out something on a garbage can, to postpone part “until the best times“, and and favourite to use the best right now.

Happiness or misfortune - not outside, not in other person, not in circumstances, not in a situation, not in the relations, not in information which we receive or we do not receive.

Happiness is in ourselves. Inside. It is coloring which ourselves give to events, people, their acts and words. The world surrounding us in itself - is neutral. We “paint“ it. And in what color - we solve too. Therefore to be happy or is unfortunate our the personal choice and our responsibility to itself.

Two my familiar men who were in similar “post-adjustable“ situations on the eve of New year summed up it such phrases: “Well, and what good was this year?“ - told the first with a heavy sigh. “As gave me this year much, I understood so much both about myself, and about life“, - told another. I will add that the first had almost round-the-clock support of the woman who was strongly loving it which it round the clock also enjoyed, and the second spent year alone. Everything depends on in what we look for a support - in the people surrounding us or in ourselves. To pass from a support on people around to support to itself - means to become adult .

Remember quarrel with darling: life left, there are neither forces, nor energy something to do. And here you reconciled, and at once you fly on wings, look perfectly, eyes sparkle. Instantly - in a second - the heap of energy appears... And why it was not when you were at odds? Why there was no will to live? Means, you at this moment were empty and dared such to be. But all these vital energy resources are in you and were always if one word suffices - and you instantly switch from “minus“ to “plus“. In you there are all resources for happiness.

Learn to perceive loneliness not as punishment, and as an opportunity which is sent you by Destiny!

Once long ago from billions of spermatozoa one was the most persistent - and you were born. The nature wanted that you appeared because you are necessary in this world. Really you will spoil the life various “misfortunes“ and “circumstances“? You were born, and your life by definition - happy.

Dare to be happy right now, since this minute!