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SWAP, or What most effective manner of communication?

of Opinions on how to behave with people around, perhaps, as much, how many and people on Earth: each of us has ways to reach the interlocutor, to come into contact, to create the strong friendly relations or as required to defend the position.

The situation when involuntarily you ask a question is familiar to much of us: “And whether correctly I made everything?“ Nervousness, feeling of alarm after the conflict time develop into serious stresses and neurosises. And fears and fears are only a consequence of uncertainty in correctness of the actions.

All of us on a course of life can be mistaken, nervous and clash. In the course of such experiences character - ability to create own algorithms of behavior in society is also formed. Someone got used to submit and accept a passive role, and someone always dominates and goes on a ram, without thinking of opponents.

So what algorithm of behavior is most effective?

In 1974 the psychologist and the philosopher Anatoly Rapaport put forward the theory that effective communication has to follow three main aspects: cooperation, mutual exchange and forgiveness. Subsequently these arguments in many respects came true thanks to a peculiar experiment where experimental were representatives of artificial intelligence.

In 1979 the famous mathematician Robert Axelrod acted as the organizer of a competition among autonomous computer programs. Conditions of participation were: existence of means of communication, an opportunity to discuss and ability to react, like living beings.

The organizer received 14 diskettes with the programs developed by his colleagues worldwide. Each program possessed various set of algorithms: the most difficult of them included more than hundred options of behavior. The purpose of competition was to gather the greatest number of points.

Each program entered fight against opponents on 200 times, and techniques applied by them were the most various. So, some of them tried to cooperate, and then unexpectedly to betray. Some sought to ask the hostile program to change the relation, and after that to punish. Were also such who just began to exploit the neighbor and stole points. Separate copies avoided the aggressors capable of theft, and sought to act alone.

Anatoly Rapaport`s program working on the SWAP system (Cooperation, the Mutual Exchange, Forgiveness) became the winner. Moreover, the SWAP, placed in hostile environment, at first lost, and then not only won a victory, but also infected neigbours. Other programs understood that tactics the SWAP is the most effective for an earning of points, and took of it the advantage. Kindness here at anything, benefit - here that moved computer reason.

Certainly, the SWAP model is effective also for human communication. The sense it consists in the following:

Facing other people, always look for the union;

Answer the partner with the same that you receive from it. It helps you - help also you, attacks - and you show aggression;

Eventually if there was a conflict, needs to forgive the opponent and again to offer cooperation.

Not to look for the conflicts, not to allow aggression in relation to itself and to be able to forgive, turning enemies into allies.

Such simple and, apparently, elementary truth - here and all recipe of effective interaction with people around.