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Rubens, “Samson and Dalila“. Love for sale?

God became angry: Jews ceased to honor it, to keep its commandments. They began to worship other gods, to mix up with other people. Naturally, Lord`s punishment followed. Here what is told about it by the Book of Judges (chapter 2):

14. Also the Lord`s anger on Israel blazed, and betrayed them in hands of robbers, and plundered them; also betrayed them in hands of the enemies surrounding them and could not resist the enemies already.

15. Where they will go, everywhere the hand of the Lord was it in the evil as the Lord spoke to them and as the Lord swore to them. And to them it was very close.

Well, does not have life to Jews! Absolutely! And then in them conscience wakes up, they come back to faith in the Lord. Then the Lord returns the favor - among Jews there is a strong, brave person who became an avenger for sufferings of Jews, punishment for offenders, the strict judge for robbers and oppressors:

16. Also the Lord of judges who rescued them from hands of robbers them erected them... to

In a chapter 3 of the book of Judges listed these leaders: Gofoniil, Aod, Devora is the prophetess... Among judges there was also Samson - the legendary athlete.

Samson is the late and only child. His mother long could not give rise, but here...

The Angel of the Lord to the woman was and told her: here, you are leaky and do not give rise; but you will conceive, and you will give birth to the son (Judges, 2, 11).

It were not the best times: for the next derogation from Lord`s precepts the people of Israel got under the power of philistines for forty years (Judges, 13, 1).

In what there was a fault of Jews? In in what earlier: they ceased to honor the one God, turned away from him and began to worship gods of the people surrounding them. Possibly, there were also other sins. There are no direct instructions on it in the Book of Judges, but the Angel of the Lord who announced that the woman will give rise, told it also:

So take care, do not drink some wine and intoxicated, and you do not eat anything dirty (Judges, 13. 4). follows

From this order, as wines, and intoxicated drinks drank so many that it was necessary to repeat this prevention twice - for mother and for the son. That is bad consequences of alcohol were known. And both for posterity, and for adults.

But here Samson, the only child is born. Grew the spoiled child, and when came it is time to marry, he demanded to himself the wife from a filistimlyanok. Parents agreed, having broken one more ban of the Lord: to connect to the people among which there lived Jews.

Samson grew up incredibly strong and so unrestrained. It broke off on part of a lion whom met in the desert on the way to the bride. And its uncontrollability led to the fact that it killed at first 30 people, then three thousand, then pozheg all grounds of philistines.

His behavior could bring big troubles: philistines promised Jews the same that Samson made for them. Attempt to give Samson came to an end in nothing: when it was connected, it tore all fetters.

Then Jews made the wise decision: they appointed him the judge, the judge of enemies of Israel. In other words, voivode. The regular army then was not. Every time when it was necessary to go against offenders, fighters gathered under command of the judge. And Samson fulfilled 20 years the duties. So far he was not corrupted by the power.

The power gave money, feeling of freedom. And Samson has a ball: went to the filistimsky loose woman. Possibly, it used also services of fellow tribeswomen, but it allowed to oversleep with a filistimlyanka - to it feeling of some superiority over enslavers. It was found in this loose woman and to grab, locked city gate. Samson left together with gate.

Further - it is more. It found to itself(himself) the mistress among a filistimlyanok. Possibly, he loved it. Perhaps, and it it too. And, who knows if they did not come from different tribes, “would live long, happily and would die at the same time“. But it happened so that tribespeople who very much did not like Samson`s “feats“, persuaded her to vyznat a secret of unusual force. Promised for it enormous money: from each of leaders filistimsky on 10 kilograms of silver. And she became a spy.

Dalila began to find out a secret of its force at Samson. The woman it was artless therefore so directly and asked it: why it is such strong? Samson was a little bit more cunning, he did not tell the mistress the truth, deceived her. And even not once.

But the woman insisted. And Samson gave up (probably, to it it was very strongly attached, and she threatened with an excommunication from a body), he told it that if to cut it, its force will leave.

18. Added, seeing that it opened for her all heart, sent and called owners Filistimsky, having told them: go now; it opened for me all heart. Also Filistimskiye`s owners came to it and brought silver in the hands.

19. Also Dalila on a lap the lulled him, both called the person, and ordered to cut to it seven braids of the head it. Also it began to weaken, and force it receded from it.

21. Philistines took it and put out of it eyes, brought it into Gaza and fettered it two copper chains, and it ground in the house of prisoners.

Samson became entertainment: went to look at it. And the heap of the people gathered on some holiday, all cheered up, scoffed at it. The house in which there took place the holiday stood on columns. And for that time that Samson was imprisoned, his hair grew. Only he grew blind. But there are hair - there is force. He asked the boy who took out him from prison, to allow to feel columns on which the roof keeps. And when the boy brought it to columns, Samson rested against them, columns broke and failed together with a roof. Many philistines died. Pogib and Samson.

In Rubens`s picture “Samson and Dalila“ the sleeping man lies in the woman`s knees. (A pose unnatural, seemingly, that the dream knocked down him suddenly. Most likely, Dalila allowed it to drink wine which worked on the hero instantly. A hint on it - bottles on a shelf.) Samson is cut. The old woman holds a candle, the barber cuts off locks of hair. In a doorway there are filistimsky soldiers - came to knit Samson.

It seems that Added has no feelings concerning the events. The love is trampled and sold. Venus grieves. The cupid sobs violently and that nobody heard his sobbings, Venus tied to him a mouth a scarf.

Fearless athlete. National avenger. Skillful voivode. His love was sold for 10 kilograms of silver (or for 30 - the difference is small).

Captivity and shame. After that you should not have lived. Heroic death - and a legend for all times.