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Beadwork: something new or well forgotten old?

What appear thoughts at the word “beadwork“? It is usually remembered how skilled workers in Russia embroidered beads the dresses and kokoshniks, embroidered the whole pictures from these small beads.

For some reason many consider that on it the equipment and history of beadwork comes to an end, and are wrong! Presently this look decoratively - applied art also prospers and develops! And for this reason I want to acquaint you with elements of this fine creativity!

Now methods of beadwork evolved dramatically forward. Masters make of beads charms, various jewelry, souvenirs - both small figures of animals, and magnificent flowers, and even trees! Usually beginners begin with small products - on them a little time leaves, and they look rather effectively.

Generally for products from beads the wire (for example, is applied to flowers) or a scaffold (to charms) - these materials, and also beads can be bought in specialized shops or in shops of sewing accessories.

But for a start it is necessary to master technology of beadwork. The main will be suitable for beginners two from them:

1. the Counter nizaniye (weaving) - is applied to creation of flat figures, petals and leaves of flowers, creation of baubles and other flat elements (in one row);

2. the Parallel nizaniye - for creation of figures in volume (it is generally applied to production of figures - charms).

The following what you need to get acquainted with, are schemes of weaving. They represent drawing with the image of quantity a biserinok among and their colors. Being guided by the scheme, it is possible to perform work with ease, knowing what equipment to apply. Also it has to be specified in the scheme what length there has to be a wire or a scaffold and what size it is necessary to take beads (for figures usually use beads of the 10th size).

After acquaintance to the theory (except this material, you can use also information from the Network or acquire the book), it is possible to pass to practice, but at first it is necessary to equip the workplace - on a table arrange beads so that it was not scattered (it is possible to use usual kapron covers) then to pay attention to lighting - it should not be too bright and “cold“, otherwise after half-hour work at you eyes will already be tired.

And, actually, after these preparations you can get to work. I recommend to begin with production of figures of animals - a krokodilchik, a turtle and so forth. Schemes of their weaving can easily be found in the Internet.

To begin with difficult flowers and jewelry I do not advise - before it is necessary “to get the hand“, learn to string the necessary quantity a biserinok on a wire, it is correct to carry out weaving and to fix the ends of a wire / scaffold - for this purpose there are special fasteners, but in usual products it is possible just to make a strong small knot.

If you find a little time for closer to get acquainted with this creativity and will make with own hands even the simplest hand-made article, then you will understand that beads are not just small beads, it is the whole world!