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Ukulele: in what simplicity and uniqueness of a musical instrument?

of Ukulele, or the Hawaiian guitar - the surprising tool with a unique insinuating sound. Looking at it for the first time, involuntarily you reflect: can, it and not the tool at all, and a toy - a souvenir?

But once you only once hear game on this tiny gitarka, any doubts disappear - its sounding is so touching and unique. Not without reason this tool was not ignored in due time by such musicians as Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix and Andrey Makarevich, and even incomparable Merlyn Monro in the movie “Some Like It Hot“ played on the ukulel too.

Ukulele represents the four-string plucked instrument which was widely adopted on the Pacific islands, since the end of the nineteenth century. The origin of its name is for certain unknown, but on one of versions it is translated as “the jumping flea“ (by analogy with the movements of fingers of an ukulelist at game).

The compact size, simplicity and nylon strings do training in game quite simple even for those who are not able to play the classical six-string guitar. Ukulele perfectly is suitable for development of skill of game on string even in the most young age groups, soft nylon does not cut fingers as, say, rigid guitar strings.

In Central America and on the Pacific islands to an ukulela is a part of many ensembles, and solo - performers have great success, again and again proving that possibilities of this small guitar are really huge. Can play on it everyone. One of the most significant ukulelist in the history, legendary Izrael Kamakavivoole, possessing with an impressive weight of 340 kilograms, looked with the ukulel in hands on the organically and gracefully.

But the Hawaiian guitar stopped being attribute only of the Pacific islands long ago and took a place of honor in world musical practice. For example, the well-known Britain Ukulele Orchestra ensemble became superpopular in the homeland and in other Europe. And the number of fans worldwide, in love with sounds the ukulel, does not give in to the account.

There are four look to an ukulela, and they differ, first of all, in the size. A soprano - the most widespread option. Making in length only 53 centimeters, it is the highest on a tonality. Concert the ukulela has slightly more, its length is equal to 58 centimeters. The tenor - a guitar of 66 centimeters, and a baritone - 76.

A standard system for a soprano, concert and the tenor - G, C, E, A (salt, to, mi, la), and for a baritone - D, G, B, E (re, salt, SI, mi).

Play on the ukulel generally finger-tips simple fight. It is admissible to use a plectrum or a mediator also. The principle of game and the scheme of chords do not cause big difficulties, and tables with chords and notes are widely submitted on the corresponding websites and forums.

Communities of ukulelist in Russia gain popularity every year, incorporating fans of this wonderful small tool in the ranks. On sale there are both tiny covers, and spare sets of strings. It is convenient to store and transport the Hawaiian guitar, its sound cannot be confused with something, and, above all - it gives unique pleasure from game.

In the ukulel it is difficult not to fall in love. We wish also to you to become the happy owner of this small, but such live tool!