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Organic essence of the future -

new Metaphilosophy of life, the end of a global lawlessness.

At the World Forum of Spiritual Culture of 2010 in Astana I got acquainted with the artist from Baltic. It to be convinced of a harmony created, in the course of work, overturned pictures head over heels from time to time - lack of harmony indicated incompleteness of work. Something similar represents this very serious, on a message in consciousness, revelation - it is offered to you to read it since the end. Usually thought are stated from the general to the particular, and here, it is better to filter information from particulars to the general conclusions - it is a tribute of unprecedented speed of a course of social processes on the planet. Human thoughts look for ways of material realization therefore reading double-dealing fellows is the future of the Internet, it is the filter of economy of attention of the user, now it is enough to read conclusions to be defined whether it is worth reading the rest.


Now and whether will be able to arrive, in general, this information to destination or for a long time will stick Mankind as far as it is possible, proved and impartially informed on the situation and whether it here will be in time in a subsoil of the Internet to tell difficult - the modern Internet quite certain forces try to knead viscously on what the Mankind tries to get out of, from shit. The purpose of such actions to make the Internet analog, a specular reflection of harmful system of modern life. Nevertheless, if the future, in general, comes that:

• clever poor people will be generally recognized, silly - a regret;

• clever rich men will become richer, silly - will stop existence at the genetic level, owing to the Organic uselessness for system of life;

• clever political and religious leaders of the planet will solve a problem of the continuous interstine conflicts, wars, violence and ethnic hatred, silly - will finish the life on social scaffolds, in loneliness and active oblivion;

• to all participants of the universal movement will be rendered on their merits - it is and there is the higher justice of the Universe!

The modern Civilization exists and develops under immutable laws of the Nature, but the advantages got from this circumstance, all history of Mankind units of the elite and that in quite concrete direction and with the corresponding benefit use. Now, when in secrets of life it is easily possible to glance, became real, by means of special social technologies to operate future and not only certain people, but also all Civilization. Complexity only in learning to find in the analogy Nature to the desires, it is non-standard to think and tseleustremlyat of desires. It is a problem not of the certain states, political and international figures, it is the most important problem of all Mankind!

From the aforesaid actively conceiving individual, even adjusted on the value of the existing system of life, is capable to receive initial data on regularities of the movement of Organic systems, including, useful knowledge of the existing system of terrestrial life. Having thought over, as they say, and, having tried on the obtained information on the material interests, by means of new vision of problems it is easily possible to be guided in economic, commercial, political, social and other processes of any scales, up to processes of global impact on the world markets, it is equal how to influence a relative arrangement of political forces in the world, not to mention different local interests of business. At the same time, the probability of positive result of the corresponding actions will be greatest possible, depending on completeness of the used information, i.e. only from knowledge of the true situation in the respective sphere of interests. In other words, how full and true information you possess, obtaining desirable advantage before other, ignorant, participants of modern fight for energy of the substantiated human work, for money in business and for the power in policy is so more probable.

In the conclusion, it makes sense to list the main preferences which will be received by Mankind, in case of a celebration of reason and reorientation of the movement of development of the Civilization in the direction, coinciding with true, natural, the movement of the Universe i.e. in case of high-quality distribution and development of provisions of the Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe as knowledge of the Organic nature of Earth and whole Universe. And so:

1. understanding of Organic unity of the Civilization will unprecedentedly reduce internal opposition of the nations, the people, religions, the states and other associations, up to personal, and human hatred to similar to will pass into the category of remnants of the past;

2. streamlining of the public, social, economic, political and other relations, in compliance with Organic laws of the movement of the Universe, naturally will exempt world economy and all spheres of life of people from different crises without which the modern Civilization cannot function, in principle;

3. discoveries will become mass the phenomena and as all sciences study same, i.e. dependence of an arrangement of elements of the localized space on its functionality which argument is time, opening of any of sciences, at last, will automatically mean opening and advance, to progress, all others;

4. all culmination events in our Universe take place on borders of two environments, in places of concentration of contradictory energiya and as the Mankind is uniform the Organic system, interdependence of the elements making it will become obvious, and it means that the state, political, economic and other artificial borders will gradually lose the appointments and values - the Civilization will move these concentrations of the counteracting energiya providing to people favorable conditions for existence on borders, for example, Noospheres;

5. the system of training will regenerate in the self-regulating diversifying system of preparation knowing laws of the Nature (laws of the Universe) of candidates for experts of technical, scientific, humanitarian and other activities of the Civilization, having forever solved a social problem of the accelerated reshaping of students in the course of training, and workers and employees - as a result of changes of productions and a reshaping of the enterprises;

6. religions, the states and the people will have nothing to divide as will become, more than obviously that Earth - a uniform organism which together with the subsoil and inhabitants, can normally fruitfully function only assembled when all its elements sinergichno carry out the same function. Then will come to nobody to mind, neither on political, nor on territorial, nor on spiritual borders nor on any others, to dismember Organic unity of people and the planet, i.e. in itself practice of modern world economy will stop, namely: artificial creation of deficiencies, i.e. an otryvaniye from the operating organism of its parts, for creation, from torn off what separately, naturally, will not be enough for all and therefore it will be possible to trade very favourably in what separately from whole cannot fruitfully function will stop;

7. changes of living conditions on the planet Earth, in particular climatic, will be considered at last not as accident, but natural dependence on a condition of the Reasons of higher level of integration of universal energiya, than Earth and the next space, and the best minds of Mankind will begin to look for purposefully options of management of these elements, in the Universe all processes happen according to the same scenario, but to elements of various dimensional, power sizes and their aggregate states;

8. in New system of life by the rich there will be people, it is better than others able to operate energiya of the substantiated human work, money; their provision will become not the privilege irritating others, but a hard work of the elite; on them responsibility for observance of true laws of the movement of the Universe, for the Civilization standard of living - the Nature will lay down not only everything gives to people, but also everything selects, and it was dangerous to work with big energiya always, but in New, Organic, a format of life to live and will work much more comfortably, and the threat to security of people will arise only in cases of violation of the law of the Uniform Universe;

9. transition process will be rather long, but not too painful as will consist, generally in education and training of children which their parents, grandmothers and grandfathers will give an opportunity to flourish without wars and revolutions, i.e. without social disasters and though the result of such metainnovation cannot be absolute, nevertheless, incomparably smaller percent of the population of the planet, than in old system of life, it will be dissatisfied with the life;

10. as people will know that same to them from life it is unnecessary, in each of cycles of Organic metamorphoses individuals and their associations, really, will not cross and duplicate interests of neighbors in the planet, and in New system of life fruitful functioning of Organic system will nominally mean optimum, happy life of most of people of Earth.

11. important condition of functioning of Organic system, in particular the Universe, performance of the missions by the majority of Mankind, at the same time those whose mission is outside the Noosphere is, and such there is a lot more, will not be able to be happy, so far, at least will understand the true purposes for the sake of which they live, and will want to submit space to execute the missions in the remote parts of the Universe is and there are most general, fundamental prospects of development of science, for ever;

12. people and the organizations interfering the process of performance of the corresponding missions will be considered criminal, and future justice system by means of a peculiar penal system of punishments will fight against these exceptions to the rules;

13. The nature, by means of special tools - instincts, created the most optimum structure of society which can be observed at civilizations of insects, of termites, muravyyov, bees - the human civilization has the same structure, but people have more degrees of freedom for performance of the missions, however the Universe, in the person of the Nature, indifferently what organisms and in what sequence will create its similarity, the Affiliated Universe;

14. The civilization will use more effectively advantages of reason, there will be a new science studying the future as continuation of historical process that it will allow to operate from the present future;

15. The civilization on the way of the development will begin to make the minimum quantity of wrong actions, due to high-quality study of ideas in immaterial area of life, in a mental Organic format, and the subsequent realization of products of brainwork will be purely nominal, concrete, ordinary action.

16. at people, unlike living, generally at the expense of instincts of insects and furthermore plants, there are more opportunities to change dwelling space, realizing immaterial thoughts - ideas, and actions, in compliance with TOSV, will allow to choose unmistakably the directions of development and to save energy to itself for the good - history of science, technicians and arts abounds with examples of transformation of immaterial national fairy tales and literary works to physical reality, this process will be comprehended and the future will correspond predictably to the past - creative people whose merits before Mankind are historically conventional, will not be derelicts during lifetime any more as it happens in modern society of total deficiency and money-making to which last and modern geniuses prefer the immaterial world of fancies where the truth of universal life, but not a golden calf triumphs.

Koordinatsionno - the analytical center of Social Technologies (KTsST) is not able to develop actions for correction of the future of certain people, different organizations, associations and the states by request from the present because has on it no means - its priority in due time to offer certain people, any their associations, i.e. all Civilization alternative routes of the movement to previously conceived, not at random, i.e. are not expensive, and only the directions of the movement. In other words, conditions are that that KTsST is forced not to anticipate, and to expect natural cataclysms, social disasters (national revolts, revolutions and wars) and other troubles for the Civilization, in hope for weakening of the old system of life incapable to solve global problems of mankind that entrusted it the solution of problems - alas, the common sense is not able to overcome animal instincts of superiority. On Earth and in the whole Universe there is nothing more rationally and is more adaptive than an organism therefore if the Civilization and has a future, then only as Organic system as organism of the following level of integration of energiya which is not opposing itself to the Nature.

For smooth reduction of the highest social, political, economically, international and other tension in terrestrial community, it is necessary to begin with change of modern system of knowledge acquisition which, naturally, will resist very much process of “revival“ of artificial works of the Civilization. The task is difficult, but real, the speed of exchange of information, so, the speed of a course of social processes is unprecedentedly high - on what earlier centuries left and the millennia, can occur now within only a few months and years.

Intelligent actions of people, in line with the course of Organic processes, lead to the most improbable opening, and soon, but not through hundreds and thousands of years - it is necessary to want only in a special way, for this purpose nothing is required, except desire to learn true structure of the Universe and ability to compare it to old system of life.

Organic, similar to functioning of organisms, the way of existence can save to Mankind huge energy, catastrophically necessary for it for creation of the favorable future, to be exact, for anticipation undesirable and synthesis of the desirable phenomena of life.

Rescue of the Civilization from self-damage in natural Organic Metaphilosophy independent from officially proclaimed, and supported by artists and mass media, artificial values, in studying and distribution among the population true, natural, laws of the movement of the Universe as set has nobody the Law - people were accustomed to such stamped verbal turns - the Law of the Uniform Universe, and in following to it in the course of acquisition of new knowledge, the foundation which laid and that is very important, the bezortodoksalny, fundamental Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe (TOSU), naturally, not widely adopted from - that it is dangerous to the existing system of life by the availability and efficiency of practical application, it is a metainnovatsionna, i.e. does not use the artificial, officially accepted in scientific community fundamental bases available, and took as a basis what is beyond standardized, laws of the movement of space of dwelling, and, naturally, does not fit into a modern format scientifically - theoretical knowledge that does not belittle its advantages, prospects, and also efficiency of application.

Some very fairly clever people, understanding absurdity of values of modern life, try to redeem personally to themselves spiritual forgiveness, for the mistake made by ancestors, investing the money in construction of cult constructions, temples, churches, mosques, etc. (it is similar to acquisition of medieval indulgences by Christians). But, as they say, “good intentions paved the road to Hell“, and they only aggravate with such actions opposition of religions, and nothing any more as terrestrial interreligious fromcarrying as in a mirror, reflect fight of people for concentration of money supply and highlight the corresponding social processes.

It does not make sense to hope for understanding of uselessness of fight against the Nature and to speak about the highest spiritual ideals, to offer saving invariants of life to people whose purpose of life, by mistake, was a concentration of energiya of the substantiated human work, in a different way money, - their consciousnesses of a dempfirovana energiya of money-making, envy and hatred! Such people, in a varying degree only thirsty money and the power, on Earth the majority, they endow everything: happiness, health, future, the future of descendants and the life for the sake of advantages of possession of “filthy lucre“. Striving for ephemeral freedom which, allegedly, money gives, they refuse everything, than the generous Nature presents people, and, spend irretrievable time of the lives for elementary moneymaking, sincerely believing that it and is the real happiness. People, for the millennia of deception and concealment of truth of life from them, became so inertially straightforward, in the primitive desires, i.e. are artificial that many, turned the lives into violent aspiration to have what others that at the end of such, allegedly, happy life it is beautiful to die with packs of paper banknotes in pockets on a gold toilet bowl do not have!

The position of official science which is not able to execute the main appointment is indicative, namely: does not provide the Civilization with the knowledge sufficient for bezbedstvenny existence, but surely defames any idea which is not approved by nomenclature stars of Science. Yes, it and is clear, - in society where everything is on sale and bought, and truth is appointed and multiplied in the advertizing ways, just like that and the spot on the causal place will not swell up. Big money or very strong, imperious, self-assured and in the correctness the head of global scale is necessary, and it is better both at least to begin process of revival of artificial, substitute achievements of the Civilization.

Aristotelean concepts about matter structure served as the reason of formation of a large number of sciences and the scientific directions and a lot what irrational, braking scientifically subsequently - technical and social progress of the Civilization. As scientific interests of the Civilization are limited to narrowness of the nominated spheres of research of separate sciences, i.e. do not cover absolute majority of power levels of the Universe, it is only possible to guess existence of some types of energiya.

At the same time at all levels of integration of energiya which number though is not infinite, but it is impossible to present, as well as quantity of quarks in the Universe, constantly occur the relative movements of elements of space changing quality of all organism, all Organic system. However people since the time of Aristotle, and it is possible earlier, decided that elements of space are independent and universal, and it is possible to build of them anything, everything that occurs, but not on what the Nature vouchsafed them.

As soon as all missions of elements of the Civilization will be executed, i.e. all cycles of reproduction of similarity, at all levels of integration of energiya will be successfully complete, the Mankind will gain the knowledge sufficient and necessary for creation, by and large, of the New Universe. The birth new, Affiliated, the Universe is also the prime target of Organic system under the name Mankind, and the Civilization - means of achievement of it. It is necessary to add - the purpose of any Organic system, any organism same, namely: reproduction of advanced similarity of for submission of surrounding space of the internal functionality.

Organic systems, whether it be the Universe, galaxies, Earth, the Civilization, the states, work collectives or certain people, have the limits and the Organic cycles of reproduction of advanced similarity differing only in phases, i.e. the moments of their beginning and end, and levels of integration of the functioning energiya on which these Organic systems are most available to the Person in feelings even if strengthened by special devices. Until the quantity of cycles of improvement turns into new quality of this system, into its new functions, this Organic system will not be able to rise by the following level of integration of energiya subsequently to subordinate also him to the functionality.

Mankind - not casual confluence of several billion circumstances, and the system regularity necessary for change of a condition of the whole Universe, in compliance with the certain law of the movement, the Law of the Uniform Universe distinguishing our Universe from all others. The person who for any reasons did not execute the highest universal mission leaves real life, so to say, not pacified, and into the following cycle at the same level of integration of energiya an opportunity to execute its mission will pass to someone to another, and here to whom - the difficult task demanding development special, Organic, knowledge acquisition methods, is a problem which will be solved by future scientists armed with knowledge of the Organic structure of the Universe.

Having introduced bezortodoksalny, besparadigmalny Organic outlook in consciousnesses of people, the Mankind will have an opportunity of the most frictionless development, and this unaffected benefit of each person and all Civilization. As a result of such expansion of outlook, without ultraboundary efforts, international treaties and political merrymakings, internal economic, political, social and religious wars will stop, will become obvious - neither by force, nor animal cunning it is impossible to receive in eternal use part of the whole indivisible organism - it in the history of Mankind never was and will not be - all it is passing, to all there are a beginning and the end.

For improvement of quality of life, in difficult modern conditions, follows each active subject Tsivilization, from height of the intelligence which is saved up by Mankind to oglyanut the past, to recognize the Nature priority, to refuse atavistic primitivnost of the past and to begin to use the nature as a reference point as a standard of optimization of own life and development.

Any secrets which are given rise by human consciousness including the secret of life, is only absence of true knowledge. To people, in principle, in everything limited, but, owing to congenital arrogance, not the person interested to admit unacceptably low level of knowledge, it is necessary to replace their absence with not true, substitute concepts and even laws, convenient for achievement of the intermediate purposes. For example, the infinity is the next artificiality, in a different way the paradigm smoothing disagreements in existing not true, artificial, system of outlook. As infinity - the quantitative parameter of measurement of space, so, and energiya, it is possible to compare infinity only with the Absolute, with the Reason of All Reasons. And here, the artificial concept of infinity as the movements on the closed trajectories, will not be possible to apply to studying of the Universe since the concept “infinity“ assumes not only big sizes of distances, but also - energiya, corresponding to these distances, and a movement in a circle locally.

All live organisms are similar each other and, hypothetically, everyone has an opportunity to fill with itself(himself) all Universe, i.e., cyclically breeding, to take and change space on the similarity. Trees, however, as well as any other organisms, are aimed at capture external by it spaces, and if at them as people, will have corresponding conditions to reproduce own similarity in space, they capture him. It is quite possible that the organisms which do not have so developed consciousness as people, have an opportunity, in search of favorable conditions for reproduction, “to travel“ also in space, for example, relatively recently, in a meteorite scientists - researchers found something similar to Organic life. However, when moving on the Universe only superreasonable organisms have advantages, and here the people living under animal laws of chances have not enough. And the Universe conceived in the conditions of hatred, envy and money-making is incapable to function long - only until exhaustion of internal energiya of creation. Therefore - that in a present look the Mankind has no future and only because cannot become organized and oppose to external circumstances of existence the unity.

A prototype of modern society, whether it be the certain states or all Tsivilization, the gregarious livestock economy in which the aspiration to resemble shepherds, to think on - conformist is considered a good form and not to notice obvious, for example, that everything, created by Mankind, for all history of its existence, considering a possibility of cyclic degeneration and origin of civilizations, initially, is available in the Nature, but implicitly including what it will just create in the future is. Without understanding it, people selflessly fight against the Nature which work are, without feeling sorry it, so, for themselves.

The sober view on problems of people of Earth, from a position of cyclic reproduction of the Universe and, at the same time, all its components of own similarity, at all levels of integration of real energiya, allows to open for Mankind New, optimum, and, above all, a fertile way of realization of desires, a way of creation not artificial, and as much as possible, as far as possible, natural, live similarity of our Universe. Such way is much more effective than the animal aspiration of people taking place to have what will never be enough for all, aspirations to the power over the others.

To become God to nobody, no scientists and priests to whoever - that, was will manage, as if they wished it how proclaimed themselves him deputies how glorified the sanctity, with whatever knowledge operated. Tsivilization so of a nizkorazvit is also so grounded, so strongly depends on the planet moreover dared to use substitute truth to please to doubtful momentary benefits that any impartial view from outside of in what billions of earthlings potter about for the sake of what they live, are born and die, is capable to highlight the progressing lack of the highest spiritual ideals is a tribute of Mankind on an altar of doubtful achievements of Tsivilization in the field of the industry of wars and entertainments. Ancient formula of satisfaction of desire of people as herds of animals, “… bread and shows!“ ceased to work for those to whom by inheritance, perhaps, unfairly, passed the right to decide destiny of Mankind.

Judging by a huge number dissatisfied with life, the modern system of life does not cost a distress of bulk of the population of the planet. Whether it was possible earlier and whether not late now to get rid of the real and future troubles? To whom are necessary, to be exact, the senseless human victims, extremely irrational expenditure not infinite time and energiya, disguised under political, economic, national and other global and local oppositions are favorable? Modern Tsivilization - a ball of contradictions! To call such knot Gordian and, thereby, to doom all people to uncountable sufferings, it is unfair - follows monotonously, whenever possible without serious consequences to untangle such knots, and - to treat Tsivilization natural means, but not to bring up a carrot and stick especially as there is almost no gingerbread left!

Centuries of system lie and hypocrisy of the authorities ended - People of Earth, grown wise with experience of the previous generations, began to see clearly and wish to know: for the sake of what they every second risk the lives, grow old, lose health and forces? Not therefore whether their aspirations to prosperity are ineffectual what the people, significant for destinies of Mankind, who got a false idea themselves masters of human destinies, the millennia inheriting the right for inaction, stubborn do not wish to submit to laws of the Nature and use potential energy of development of Tsivilization not for designated purpose? In the ancient time the authorities at least were afraid of a penalty of the highest heavenly forces, and in a century of industrialization of desires worship of the Highest forces passed into the background, having given way to frank and impudent money-making, - everything is bought and everything is on sale, put only in the price.

All achievements which it is so elaborate modern Tsivilization, at the suggestion of the people responsible for her destinies is proud, are primitive, not durable, destroyed by time similarity of creations of the Nature, in the form of machines, mechanisms, devices and others, partially similar to the Person of the artificial creations of reason which are carrying out one or several elementary operations, in fact quicker it, t. e. a gain in time, in acceleration of its current. The law of the Universe - if somewhere something decreases, so in other place same most arrives therefore any function of an organism only accelerates or slows down universal processes, and only. If people disappear suddenly from the face of the earth, i.e. will stop supporting opposition level with the Nature, everything that they created in the millennia, in very short time will be destroyed - such fragility and is the proof of not true, artificial way of development of Tsivilization. It follows from this that Tsivilization`s future in creation of the systems which are not destroying the Nature, and for this purpose is required: • to change

system of values;

• to develop science and equipment in compliance with natural, true, Organic, but not artificial laws of the movement, and it to release the huge potential energy dissipated by people for maintenance of a certain level of opposition among themselves and with space of own dwelling; • immediately and everywhere to begin with

active promotion among the population of Earth of the most rational, bezortodoksalny, Organic, a way of life, especially among young people what will require the appropriate metainnovative social technologies.

Many centuries ago, at modern Tsivilization`s origin, the direction of her development which is not corresponding true, natural, to matter movement was chosen i.e. Tsivilization, being Organic system, an organism of a certain level of integration of energiya, with all that it implies, replaced necessary for it for development external energy of creation and creation New with internal energiya of redistribution and destruction Old. As a result of such substitution, within several millennia were multiplied and qualitatively got into all spheres of life of Tsivilization internal energy of interstine hatred, money-making and envy. Such insignificant, at that time, mistake of ancestors at the choice of the initial direction of development was over the years aggravated and now became global threat to Mankind - Tsivilization still, at the price of continuous deterioration of the situation of people of Earth, unsuccessfully exercises the wit in attempts to change for itself, the quite modest achievements the Nature, the reason of the existence. Process of deterioration in living conditions passed dangerous line of self-damage of system, but by the beginning of the 21st century saving progress was outlined, not to use which the power of prederzhashchy elite of Tsivilization would be insolvency top. A large number of people of Earth already stepped over a gregarious level of development of intelligence and began to understand that modern Tsivilization “devours“ herself from within, and it involves, first of all, qualitative, and in the second, quantitative changes of her structure. The passionless Nature does not forgive anybody any mistakes, and for everything, sooner or later, it is necessary to answer!

The technocratic way of development of Tsivilization, without synergistic communication with the Nature, - is an intermediate, deadlock branch of a tree of life on which modern Tsivilization, most likely, also will finish the real stay on Earth. The nature is generous for children, but only for those who correspond to it. Each live organism, during the life cycle, is gifted the whole complex of fertile states which pass into different troubles and inconveniences (up to the existence termination tormently), at non-execution with an organism of the law of the movement, uniform for onnecks of the Universe, the largest system what the human reason is capable to realize which it is capable to operate, in principle.

Not that our Universe which similarity is each of people and all Mankind, but even the set of the metauniverses is not the true Reason of All Reasons, i.e. the last integrated reason of the real movement. Any word - is restriction, i.e. mental establishment of any borders. But the only well-known exception which is not bearing in itself restrictions - there are no others such - the word which bears in itself sense of the Reason of All Reasons, and this special word - God is. Even the word “infinity“ limits, usually the direction where the corresponding thought which is sharply ground by consciousness directs.

The word “truth“ was so often used not for designated purpose, for obtaining any advantages that it became empirical similarity of not true system of modern life. If to build true prichinno - an investigative chain of events, without any household, scientific, religious and other dogmas, then the elementary logic will inevitably lead consciousness to truth of existence of the only Reason of All Reasons, namely: to the last level of integration of energiya with which all real began!

The human reason how exercised the wit, whatever philosophical theories and knowledge used, will never be able to realize that, the reason of what, in the first instance, it, truly, is. It is possible to anticipate thought any event and its consequence, i.e. any reason has the prereason of higher level of integration of energiya, except one, the last.