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East style of thinking or And how you think?

So long and boringly learned to distinguish all white from black, right from left, the from the stranger, good from bad that other opinions around, simply, did not exist, and the first acquaintance to east style of thinking caused in me, at least, discomfort … Especially as east style of thinking considers such oppositions as a fruit of the dulled consciousness.

I do not want to live with the “dulled“ consciousness at all. And there is no free wish to go to hell after all the “sins“ - vital mistakes too … And somehow it is impossible to be in life the lucky on a formula “good family-successful career-the decent bank account“.

Here also I wanted cartesian “I think, so I exist“, to transform in modern “As I think, and I exist“ and to find answers to many questions. Having inspired by the fact that east style of thinking - primary and grandiosely set that the mysticism and sacrament are inherent in it, began to solve the surprising and wise East which in turn did not begin to hide from me anything with nervousness.

Transformation and recurrence of time.

Me very much it was pleasant to b that life in the east is not a trip one way with gloomy end (the person falls into oblivion from the point of view of atheists). It was pleasant that, after all vital scrapes, I should not listen unpleasant in the address again - I will not participate in the Last Judgement as the defendant in “civil case“ and I will not need to try to discover any proofs.

Buddha considered that life - a wheel of the birth and death which is constant in the movement. That life on Earth can depend on the previous embodiments and there is a possibility of return to the past, and destinies and situations can repeat.

Our Universe - not only.

Ya I love our Universe, such what it is - uniform and infinite, consisting of a set of substances - from atoms to galaxies. I love black holes too (though it would be quite good them and “to patch“).

But pleasantly carriers of east thinking pleased me - they consider that there can be an unlimited number of the Universes hidden from the person, and they can be as are parallel, so, and enclosed one in another. Especially figurative comparison of the parallel Universes with pearls of a necklace of Vedic God Indra when all other pearls and all necklace in general were reflected in each of pearls was pleasant.

Person as part of the complete world. with

Any more nobody is surprised by ordinary opinion that “the evil comes back“ like a boomerang. And this idea that the reality surrounding the person represents indissoluble integrity - thought of east “origin“.

All events and the phenomena are inseparably linked among themselves. To harmoniously perceive world around and to interact with other its parts - here a foremost task of the person … I like such statement!

Not act.

“The truth that not act nevertheless is act, and act becomes not act, act is the reason of not act, in not act there is nothing what would not participate in act“ … Buddhist canons are difficult in understanding - wisely and almost nothing is unclear.

I like such mystery and mysteriousness of the East. Significance and allegorical meaning are pleasant. However, in the behavioural principle of Taoism - in not act - everything is simple and clear: arrive only in compliance with the nature, do not oppose own activity to space forces and their order. Only …

Though also the modern western transcription of practice of not act is - if it is necessary to do something, then try to do it without emotions. Do not divide a thing on “good and bad“, “useful and useless“ … There is an opinion that the understanding of it conducts to calm, a pacification, and then and an enlightenment.

Elegance and plasticity in relationship.

Manner, restraint, softness of east people as in personal qualities, and interpersonal relationship it is pleasant not only me. Probably, it is pleasant to all.

It is a pity that the reverse side of it is excessive reserve, and sometimes hypocrisy “business card“ of the East too. But all the same - a lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit.

Teacher and pupil.

In the western society to be for someone “Teacher“ it is considered immodest, and to ask in “Pupils“ for the rest of life - sometimes it is shameful. The relations can be built on two possible templates: or as equals, or on the terms of temporary violation of equality (“the adult - the child“, “the chief - the subordinate“, “the teacher - the student“).

Another matter - the East … There presence of the Teacher or guru means other hierarchical step in relation to the pupil: he can be his mentor, in - the first, the unlimited period of time, and in - the second - on all vital questions at once. “Teacher“ - so east concept that any imitation is comical.

Demonstration of own outlook or system of spiritual exercises, how many ability to be adjusted on each specific pupil and his personal delusions for the purpose of their eradication is not so important for the true guru.

Probably, such deals and preferences are rather speculative - a lot of things are already adopted by the West from the East and vice versa, but nevertheless: east style of thinking really helps me to understand - that in life occurs … I like east style of thinking.