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Whether to drink coffee in the mornings? You do not know

what to begin morning with? And what is asked by soul? As they say, on taste and color - desires especially individual.

It is possible to begin vigorously day with champagne or beer from the misted jar. It is possible to drink a cup of tea. Or freshly squeezed juice, cocoa...

However I have every morning before eyes a cup of hot coffee. Just as in advertizing. And aroma, aroma …

By the way, said already in itself: “Coffee“, causes association of early morning in many. And at someone, on the contrary, doubt and vigilance: but whether harmfully to drink coffee?

Having shoveled a heap of literature on advantage and harm of ancient “drink of wise men“, I found for myself positive accents in its protection.

It appears, most of scientists agreed in opinion that coffee actually helps to stimulate intellectual processes, takes off fatigue and increases working capacity. In it, as well as in chocolate, there is serotonin - happiness hormone. Therefore it is antidepressant.

But it is, so to speak, emotional aspects of life. Our morning drink is capable to render not only favorable, but also medical impact on an organism.

The caffeine which is contained in coffee interferes with cholesterol crystallization, increases the speed of splitting of fats, reduces risk of developing of a zhelchekamenny illness. Positively affects heart, a liver, kidneys and other bodies. Certainly, in reasonable quantities. And still speeds up work of intestines, being light laxative.

Recently read that coffee raises a potentiality at men. With full confidence I cannot approve this fact, but scientists explain increase of a potentiality and sexual activity with the same presence of caffeine.

Now it is ready to listen to objections. Certainly, at all the merits, coffee can render on an organism and harmful effects. As well as all in the modern world. Where is positive, surely there will be also negative.

So to drink coffee or not to drink?

I think, you should not refuse to yourself pleasure. And the more so to change constant habits. Only do not forget about moderation in everything and in the use of coffee especially.

For the healthy person of steam of cups, except advantage, will bring nothing. But if you have “bouquet“ from chronic diseases, probably, and know that you can use and that is categorically contraindicated. Anyway, consult to the doctor.

In conclusion couple of councils. Let`s make coffee correctly .

Slightly warm up to the Turk.

Fill in it fresh ground coffee (2 teaspoons on 100 g of water).

Add sugar to taste and warm up on the smallest fire, about a minute. This action promotes special aroma.

Remove to the Turk from fire and pour water (cold or hot, a matter of taste) Turks are slightly lower than the bottleneck.

Deliver to the Turk on fire (very weak) again and you monitor formation of a skin that did not run away.

When the skin will rise to a maximum level, quickly remove to the Turk from fire.

Wait for subsidence of a skin and repeat process of 1 - 2 more time.

Several times knock tourist`s which on a table or add a half of a teaspoon of cold water for fast subsidence of coffee.

Warm up cups (let before will stand with hot water) and pour tasty and fragrant drink.

For fans of exotic. It is possible to add cinnamon, cardamom, a carnation or an anise to fresh ground coffee.

That`s all. It was necessary only to derive a sheer pleasure. At once I will make a reservation that there is a set and other recipes of preparation of coffee, but about it already in other subject.

And still advice to women. Spity coffee is an excellent body scrub .

The coffee thick is taken as a basis (after a zavarivaniye). It is possible to use also fresh ground coffee (it is diluted with water), then any of the listed substances is added: honey, olive oil, mummy tablet, sour cream, oat-flakes, leaflets scarlet and so forth. Further - flight of your imagination. Safely experiment. Effect anyway tremendous.

And at regular application of a coffee srub skin becomes elastic, tightened and looks much more young. Try, you will not regret.