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American everyday life. To whom are they interesting?

of Circumstance intertwined so that we are forced to spend money for purchase new (sekond - a hand) cars. I persistently did not want to leave Leganza, suggested to exchange not to pay in leasing, suggested to spend for her repair, in car service made the estimate of cost, but the destiny inevitably came. I decided everything - to snatch a shred from the approaching inevitability though as - nibud.

On the parking I looked after KIA - sportazh. Design similar to Leganza... but mekhkpp. “Suddenly someone to another should conduct, and it from MKPP.“ - reasonably pushed to me. It was necessary to refuse. Then I formulated 3 credos. Mazda - the automatic machine - a hatchback. I wanted hechbek long ago - easier to load into it and volume over a trunk lid is used.

Besides on the parking Mazda - 3 got to me. On a computer such was in Montgomer... but quickly faded - sold. Same the son found in Nissan - the center. The auction was as at cinema. The office blak - the clerk came in for glass. The real, living character from the movie, all such artistic. Despite a heat, it in an easy vest and in a hat and - la of a boater, but in the American option. Its main counter it was confidential, acutely and honestly to look in the face expressive, with blue proteins eyes.

He courteous offered coffee what I refused. Papers were issued and we went to look at nature. I insisted on purchase that day, but here rolled something unexpected. It was not pleasant to me dark-gray fashionable color, the interior after soft in Leganz seemed rigid and linear. But the most important, I found negative disorder of back wheels and considered that this consequence of deformation of levers of a suspension bracket. Patiently explained to me that it so on the project, is borrowed from F - 1.

I began to depart and agreed. And what Leganza? If I could cry, I would have to do it here and now. It stood at a roadside already without happy No. 58B93M4. Now it will flaunt on Mazda. Farewell, faithful companion! You were always and at once brought even even to winter cold weather. A powerful pressure of warm air drove hoarfrost from a windshield in 3 - 4 minutes. You did not bring in a distant trip on the Sugar beach of the Gulf of Mexico when after 10 - y attempts I acquired the rights for driving. Your appearance and an interior humoured me the found Italian design. The prince Oleg with a horse would have a rest.... For some reason we were given for one day Mazda home without final pre-sale preparation. I hasty and precipitately attached old No. on the new car. Next day returned it to the center for final operational development.

... It was cut off an opening carving for oil discharge. In the Russian Federation without hesitation of a rassverla on the bigger opening and all is short, and here ordered new alyuminiyevy the pallet and preparation lasted for 2 days.

But here minute of triumph came! The car shone as new: new rubber, a full tank of gasoline (so under the terms of sale sekond - a hand), pure salon, a luggage carrier, under a cowl full luxury. We sit down also tensely careful we come out to the highway to the house. “The road to Ravens - Trousers is open!“ “And suddenly surprise!“: I drive on the intersection on yellow and I leave from yellow. Everything would manage if behind there was no car of police. Aha! Got! The first meeting with police for 3 years sostoyalyas-. Sparkling blue fires across, the car pursued us. About the intersection it was reconstructed in the left row and I turned an outdated interrogative muzzle to police. IT vigorously showed to move down to the right for dismantling of flights. I chose the convenient place on the parking at the nearest shop and began....

On a mobile phone the son was connected. It turned out that the main crime in No. which cannot be hung up BEFORE registration. I still am perplexed why from the center I was let out with illegal No.? And such, apparently, all burned docks. The penalty read off scale for 300 dollars. On the same day managed to register for 50 with a gachok of dollars. The car begins to be pleasant both in the color and dynamics of dispersal and a careful suspension bracket more and more.

I nakrapat these notes on fresh vpechatleniyeyam. The car became the everyday tool of life and relation of people - the car deserve judgment. Everyone can write about perep (?) tiya of purchase of the car, about choice throwings, etc. troubles.