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How many days between us, darling?

Compatibility - the main issue concerning all lovers. It is defined differently: position of Venus and Mars in a horoscope of partners, the main characteristics of zodiac signs, etc. the People who are fond of astrology know that the main qualities of the personality are defined by the Sun. Partnership too generally depends on a ratio of two Sun. It is defined by calculation of days which separate birthday of one person of birthday of another. It is necessary to consider forward. For example, one person was born on May 10, and another - on September 2. It is necessary to take a calendar card and to count at first the number of the whole months between birthdays - their three (June, July and August). We put the number of days: 30 + 31 + 31 = 92. Plus of 20 more days (of May birthday until the end of a month) and plus 2 (from the beginning of September to date of birth). It turns out 92 + 20 + 2 = 114.

0 - 25 days

These people - two halves. Mutual understanding is higher than an average. They estimate each other acts as own. Sometimes they should remember personal distinctions to avoid unnecessary illusions.

25 - 40 days

These two persons will easily find a common language though they differently see many things. Often life checks this couple for durability, having palmed off on them a two-three of difficult situations. If they come out winners, then not only will keep the relations, but also will strengthen them even more.

41 - 51 days

At the first meeting these people can feel mutual hostility. But here that strange: casual meetings in increasing frequency. Mutual understanding does not arise - “it becomes just interesting“. What it will lead to?!

51 - 76 days

can appear common interests At once. To this couple is what to talk about. There is no tension at all. The main thing - not to take friendship for love.

76 - 108 days

In the relations are more than irritation, than mutual understanding. Everything will go not bad if partners allow to be themselves each other. But it is necessary to say goodbye to a measured and quiet way of life.

109 - 132 days

of Steam it is very harmonious. It seems that these two persons supplement each other. To them always interestingly together. The relations often pass into the strong long union.

132 - 142 days

to People are very difficult to understand each other. Often one of them makes the strange acts shocking another. Mutual claims haunt. The patience will help to keep the relations. And, maybe, it is better to leave?

143 - One of partners often wants to tell 167 days

to another “do not load“. Though if patiently to listen to each other, then it is possible to learn to manipulate feelings not bad. For these people attachment is more, than love.

167 - 197 days

Complete antitheses. It is almost impossible to agree - eternal dispute in which there are no winners. Perhaps,

198 - 221 should not approach seriously … day

to These people with each other easy. The partner is very attentive and careful. Sometimes happens dullishly, but life can be diversified …

of 221 - 233 days

In this union passions prevail. Partners are afraid of the serious relations, but at the same time pulls them to each other. Life is similar to a holiday romance.

233 - 256 days

of the Relation develop quickly and easily. Partners adore each other and think out remarkable entertainments.

257 - 289 days

of the Relation which were alerted and unstable. Partners very long get used to each other. Having got acquainted closer, often are disappointed though happens and vice versa …

of 290 - 314 days

Views almost completely coincide. These two persons cannot the friend without friend. Union very strong and long.

314 - 324 days

One glance darted as if accidentally can develop into sympathy. Things are going swimmingly, though, it seems, and there are no common interests.

325 - 349 days

Are two romantics. They solve each other long enough, but it does not prevent them to spend time perfectly. Romantic gifts, travel, dinners are their way of life. But whether long the fairy tale will last?! If to believe in her, then very long!