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Formation of


and - the beginning new anything an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of Education need

pl to the Uneducated person - even in the afternoon darkly.

p Education is necessary, at least, to survive.

p Life of the uneducated person is empty, pathetic, boring and not - is full-fledged


p Education - opens eyes.

and Education brings to the person welfare and power.

and to the Educated person is easier and more interesting to live.

p Uchenye - a board from adversities.

and the Person is not capable to use fully mind - yet will not become educated.

to Mind without education - that porridge without oil.

p Education - a lifebuoy in the sea of ignorance.

and the Uneducated person from misunderstanding not dangerous - is afraid, but - does not notice dangers.

but Not the educated person is forced to be obedient always - because cannot define to what it can, will not obey.

but Not the educated person - the slave.

and Education a subject more scientific, than - spiritual.

and Spirituality more needs education, than education.

and the Silly boor, education does - the artful rascal.

p Education has to predominate over education.

Educations the organization

p Education and education cannot carry out fully the

role separately from each other. pv the Teacher should not feel

only as information source. Its appointment is broader, he has to learn still other

of life. there is no

p to use from the doctrine, the aspiration is not caused yet.

p the Doctrine and reflection - anything the friend without friend. pv Cramming - is not capable to give to

opening. It is necessary to bring more judgment in process of education and the vision.

p Not that teacher who learns, and at what study.

p One of the main tasks of education is instilling of skills of ability to quickly find the necessary sources of necessary information.

p is very important For education selection of worthy sources.

p One of the main tasks of education has to be creation of the soil for self-education.

p a Full education cannot be got without self-education.

p the person has to Study always.

p Life can give to the person the best education, than universities.

p Getting an education, you should not be trusted blindly in everything, it will allow

to correct the available errors and to keep independence.

p Trained borrows others - the self-educated person goes the way.

p Cannot be learned - without studying most.

Educations receiving

pv At first the person should be taught good, and then other sciences - and that they will go only to harm.

p is better to be uneducated, than to stuff itself with the unnecessary, meaningless, badly acquired and not coordinated among themselves knowledge.

and Boredom - the worst enemy of education.

to the Yawning pupil - a bird in a cage.

p In education the main ability to think.

pv the Real education is an attraction of foreign knowledge not for accumulation, and for understanding and coordination with the vital supervision.

p Education has to be not only business of mind, but also heart.

pv In study from blind learning - it is necessary to strive for judgment.

p Is impossible will learn that is that does not attract.

p Education and diligence - the friend without friend anything.

and Meaningless information, put in memory, - is dead.

and Travel - additional education. p If careless not to force

to study, it can want if to force - it is excluded.

p Good assistants in education - desire and interest.

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