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How to recover from crisis? A professional advice for those who want to open a door in new life of

As we define crisis?

• Your today`s life situation you does not satisfy

. • What you do does not work with

and does not help.

• You feel that, despite continuous and infinite “making“, you stand still.

• You already sorted current situation two million times and all exits, but a problem that they do not work are known to you.

In other words - you got stuck in transition. Former life does not arrange any more. It is time to move further, but where and as - it is unclear.

And how we usually arrive?

• We do

more, the fact that in new conditions any more I do not work with

“Constantly is better and more effective I do something to change a situation, I am not idle, but everything is ineffectual. “

• We try to find positive sides in the events

“To me long ago this work grew hateful, but it is stable also near the house.“

“We are foreign people long ago, but children have a father. I receive“

“For the work insufficiently, but I help people.“

• We pretend that nothing occurs

“Eventually, so all live and from what I took that it is worthy bigger.“

“Many would dream to have what I have now, and I still am dissatisfied with something.“

• We lower hands and we do not try to change anything to

“Why any more any more to be up against a blank wall, all the same all uselessly.“

“Means, destiny at me such.“

“Were not the rich and there are nothing to begin.“

I what happens to our life as a result?

• Men are closed from life by “an infinite banquet“, a persuasive hobby or “exhaust“ on relatives.

• Women begin to jam problems, steep in continuous “making“, all-consuming care of the child, books, forums, persuasive shopping.

The discontent with life does not disappear anywhere, tension in system increases and as a result breaks in the weakest places:

• Begin to hurt often and “from scratch“ children.

• We have some chronic diseases, we try to be treated, but only we go around.

• “Unexpectedly“ breaks equipment, everything hangs, comes to an end, disconnected and becomes deaf.

• Arises some mad combination of circumstances when the whole world falls around and everything occurs at the same time.

It is also “steam emission“ in system.

And what should be made, being in crisis?

For a start crisis is absolutely natural thing. Without crises there is no development and transition to a new step is impossible.

Crisis means that you already outgrew your today`s situation, work, option of the relations or another, and to you is time to move further. As we saw

above, control of this most powerful driving force conducts to destructive consequences.

you just grew from these “children`s panties“, and they go to pieces.

Therefore the only way is only forward!

Crisis is a typhoon which can lift you highly over the existing reality and open unprecedented opportunities.

But can carry on small pieces and dump at reckless speed down, having destroyed everything created by you earlier.

And therefore the main objective - carefully, step by step, to carry out transition to new, higher level of development.

So, algorithm of behavior if you feel that here it - “crisis! »

1. To grant permission to itself to stop.

It is difficult, I know. Sometimes it is almost impossible. But if you do not stop voluntarily, life will stop you violently, but already on other conditions.

the Problem of this period “Relax and trust“ .

Here is so simple. In English there is such verb “to be patient“, literally “to be a patient“, and is translated as “to stock up with patience“. It when from you is required, only to relax and trust nothing

to the world.

“To lay down on water“. Just to make day off or to take vacation for month, year or three.

is So much how many it is necessary to stop chaos, to exempt the head from persuasive searches of the decision. Just to be. To be here and now this moment as though there is neither past, nor the future, only this instant.

Helps - to switch off phone, having left only a close circle in an access zone, not to go on-line, to leave for a while. In a word to reduce information and emotional noise to a minimum around.

2. And then in the state this weakened, connected to all real suddenly there are first glimmers of understanding of the events . And then roll insayta and inspirations.

I comes the new period. Which task “Listen“ .

can already begin to be analyzed slowly against absence of mental chaos and information garbage Here.

Listen to yourself: “What I want for myself actually?“

you Will listen to the world: “What the family actually wants from me?“

“Why I in general in this world? In what my mission?“

At this stage it is a high time for i to use

professional support.

works Deep coaching and the psychotherapeutic technicians based on introspection Here.

This stage gives vision of the mission and the vital purposes for the next years.

3. The third period is the first, but decisive attempts to take conscious steps.

Already forces and a resource are. Understanding of new and the new purposes.

Moreover - intolerable requirement, at last, to declare oneself in new quality.

the Problem of the period - “Get up! Go and fight!“

At this stage something becomes for the first time in a different way, certificates that I already can, already the professional appear, I already have forces and the first self-confidence.

Are sent to the summary, historical negotiations are held, decisions, completely changing the life course take root.

Is vital self-confidence, support of close people, recognition of those on whom there is a wish to equal.

4. The fourth period - drawing up system. the First blow is made by

, there came time to understand and create system.

in the absence of system and jamming at the previous stage of force quickly come to an end and the person is rolled away down. There is a depreciation of and everything made, the opportunities and the purposes.

Therefore after several powerful blows of the third stage is necessary forming of system of the fourth stage. It can be

: the system of search of new activity, system of job search, new system of work, new system of sales, new system of relationship etc. well works as

At this stage personal coaching, the help in planning, a time - a menedzhement and other organizing technicians.

System becomes, approved, will be improved, then again approved, as a result it is carried to an ideal and successfully some time works. by

the Problem of the fourth period - “Make system“.

5. The fifth period is a development of strategy and global vision.

“As I see myself in this activity in a year? In 5 years?

What I need to make step by step from now on that to reach it?“.
perfectly work as

At this stage technology of personal coaching, directed to visualization of long-term results and planning in the area of time.

Is formed the strategic plan, takes root, corrected, amplifies at each stage and as the result conducts to the best results. And, as a rule, to the maximum profit.

6. The sixth period - search of adherents, transfer of experience, mentoring.

And op - a pas - new crisis …

of “Xie la Vi“ - such is life. We feel again that we in this field made everything that we could and we are eager for changes.

I begins a new spiral turn, but with a wide experience, new tools and an opportunity to solve more easily more complex problems.

Relax and trust!

This algorithm of actions is developed by me on the basis of personal professional experience of work with clients and with use of the theory of the levels of life of Clare of Greyvz reflected in Don Beck and Chris Kovan`s Spiral dynamics. As itself to support

at each stage?

to Ask himself the question “I want of What?“

“Who and what can support me?“
to learn to ask

I about the help.

Unfortunately, not so many people can read our mind therefore that you need the help, and how exactly you want that you were helped, it is worth speaking aloud.

Always there is a possibility of professional support. here its need determines by

I the answer to a question: whether

“Is so important for me the solution of this problem that I am ready to pay for it money?“ I want to remind

I that for the registered Shkolyzhizni`s readers. ru there is an opportunity to receive the first kouch - session on Skype free of charge. for this purpose should leave to

inquiry with your address in Skype in comments to this subject.

Good luck to you and advances!