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What inheritance was left to people by mother Theresa? Part 2

Difficult was life of mother Theresa, modest woman from Macedonia which the everyday feats managed to win hearts of people around the world. Each day it began with a simple prayer: “Lord! Give me strength to console, but not to be consoled; to understand, but not to be a witness; to love, but not to be darling. Because when we give, we receive. And, forgiving, we find to ourselves forgiveness …“

Many years it gave to people a consolation, love and was for all Mother Teresa. What did it leave in inheritance to us, the people living on Earth?

of the Precept of mother Theresa

Sometimes life to us presents to

heavy lessons which seem to us unfair test. That to take any life situations for granted, I want to give mother Theresa`s precepts which all put on the places:

People are unreasonable, melochna also are selfish. All the same farewell of

If you showed kindness, and people accused you of secret personal motives. All the same show kindness.

If you achieved success, then you can have a great number of imaginary friends and real enemies. All the same try to obtain success.

If you are honest and frank, then people will deceive you. Be all the same honest and frank.

what you built for years can be destroyed suddenly. All the same build.

If you found serene happiness, will envy you. Be all the same happy.

Kindly which you created today people will forget for the next day. All the same you create good.

you Share the best with people that you have, and it will never be enough. All the same you share the best that you have.

Eventually, you are convinced that all this is between you and God. All the same it never was between them and you.

Manifesto of mother Theresa

B than meaning of life? People looked for the answer to this question centuries. But still there is no definite answer. Many wise men tried to find success formulas. But all this is vanity of vanities. We do not know the simplest vital truth. Mother Teresa formulated them in the well-known manifesto.

For the first time the text of the manifesto caught sight to me in English. I want to provide this short document completely. Read and reflect whether you do all so in your life.

Life is an opportunity. Use it.

Life is beauty. Admire it.

Life is a pleasure. Taste it.

Life is a dream. Carry out it.

Life is a call. Accept it.

Life is a debt. Execute it.

Life is a game. Play it.

Life is a wealth. Do not spend it.

Life is a property. Value of

Life is a love. Enjoy it.

Life is a secret. Learn it.

Life is a chance. Use of

Life is a grief. Overcome it.

Life is a song. Sing it.

Life is a fight. Stand her.

Life is an adventure. Decide on it.

Life is a tragedy. Overcome it.

Life is happiness. Create it.

Life is a good luck. Catch it.

Life is too fine. Do not ruin it.

Life is life. Fight for it.

Over my desktop precepts and the manifesto of mother Theresa hang. When I have a difficult situation or something does not develop in life, I re-read lines of this wise woman. Through some time everything in the head is displayed on shelves, and I precisely know what I need to do.