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Mozilla Firefox. What expansions can be added to the browser?

of Mozilla Firefox without additions - quite boring and uninteresting browser, not impressive with neither the work speed, nor functionality.

However after establishment of additional plug-ins it turns into the supercombine bringing a sheer pleasure during the work in the Network.

It is quite simple to establish additions. We come into the Tools menu, then we open “Additions“ and it is pressed the Receive Expansions tab. It is possible to look for in the elite, the recommended additions or to visit at the link “See All Additions“ and there to choose everything that is necessary, it is possible to enter the name of the necessary addition into a search box.

There are several thousands of additions for all occasions for any purposes, new are created every day. But you should not be fond of them nevertheless, a large number of the installed plug-ins will slow down operation of the browser.

Probably, first of all it is necessary to establish of Adblock Plus - the utility which is not allowing to be loaded to everything jumping, blinking and sparkling on pages of the website that allows to save a traffic considerably. For this expansion there is a large number of the adjusted filters for blocking of various advertizing and dangerous domains. The addition of Adblock Plus Pop established together with it - up Addon will allow to use Adblock Plus filters to pop-up windows.

Addition of Fasterfox increases the speed of loading of pages due to change of network settings of the browser. With this addition of Mozilla Firefox the Opera does not lag behind in speed darling many.

Also increases the speed of operation of the PlacesCleaner browser - the expansion created for cleaning of the Firefox database. In settings of this addition it is possible to establish automatic cleaning everyone, let us assume, 7 days and to forget safely about it, addition itself will periodically clear memory of the browser.

Many for economy of working space of the monitor hide the panel of tasks, and then addition of FoxClocks is useful . It shows time, day of week, number, month, year. All this can be adjusted to the taste, besides, it is possible to determine time worldwide that is especially useful for those who communicate with correspondents from different time zones.

The Speed Dial expansion allows to create visual bookmarks. It is possible to create any number of groups of bookmarks, for each group to adjust color, to set parameters. The home page established by default with bookmarks allows to pass quickly and easily to the favourite website.

ColorfulTabs does tabs in the browser color. It is necessary to adjust nothing, everything occurs automatically. Not the most necessary addition, but it helps with orientation on tabs, does not allow them to merge on the panel. Good addition for fight against despondency and monotony.

From a set of additions for the translation of the text of Quick Translator - the easiest and convenient translator. It is enough to allocate a proper word or the text and to press the appeared badge as at once the window with the translation emerges. Language is defined automatically. Also easily on an icon it is possible to transfer all page to one click.

Addition of FireGestures is intended for control of the browser by means of gestures of a mouse. The main thing to get used to this addition - and work in the Network very much will accelerate.

If there are time and desire to have a good time, establish addition of Puzzle . With its help it is possible to divide any image opened in Firefox into parts and to break the head, putting it. It is possible to begin with the simplest level (4 elements) and after successful assembly of elements to pass to the following more difficult.

It is not all additions installed at me in the browser. And what additions you use?