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Advertizing: freedom or unfreedom of the choice?

“Fly by planes of Aeroflot“, “You store money in a savings bank“ … The Soviet advertizing was not persuasive and the choice did not indulge. If money could be stored in socks, in bonds of a domestic loan or in bags under eyes, then to fly, except as by planes of Aeroflot, there is definitely nothing. With arrival to Russia of capitalism advertizing fell upon us, besides various freedoms, a mud stream.

It is known that advertizing - the trade engine. And its purpose, at first sight, - to provide a freedom of choice to the buyer. Any goods are advertized: cars, tours, food, fashion, lifestyle and sexual services. That is everything, the pleasure anyway giving. And also main goods: freedom to buy all this wholesale and retail. As Martin Larni wrote: “Advertizing possesses miracle property - it forces to need what earlier you did not even hear» about. Therefore the main objective of advertizing - not just to impose goods, but to turn us into crowd of the envious and thoughtless consumers who are continuously looking for new consumer goods. Shopping became something like religion, a cult tovarno - the monetary relations. And any religion assumes presence of preachers, ceremonies and sacrifices.

Preachers of religion of shopping by means of advertizing play on human instincts, building consumer chains: “Eat this! Food - pleasure taste! Grew stout? Ouch - I - yay, am time in fashionable fitness - club for now get something one size more. Far to club? Buy the car. Do not postpone, buy right now!“.

PR - missionaries form and correct public opinion, placing on our way landmarks and indexes. At the same time they rather do not even offer goods, and declare: “You it are worthy!“, “It is your choice!“, declining all responsibility.

Okhmureniye ceremonies, despite the seeming variety, are amazingly similar. Whatever it was offered: the Gillette razor, a hair-dye, beer, the mobile phone or rest in Cyprus - are surely shown the brawny guy or the slender beauty, is invocatory - seductively darting a promising glance from the screen: a pier, use the same goods, and you will be same as I! It is banal, but calculation on identical people with standard desires and simple algorithmic requirements is quite effective.

And here the client is already ready to forcibly - to voluntary sacrifices. So there is a wish, without postponing, to receive everything here and now - and the buyer is ready to lay out also that at him in a purse, and what he will earn (can be) in the future. Prompted by the same advertizing, the credits under extortionate percent are made out; result - the one-and-a-half, double, and at times and threefold price is paid for the acquired goods. Though, “if there is a wish to do to what force, then the feeling of freedom appears“ (M. Romm, “My work of sizif“).

There is such toy: on a log two bears sit and if to move backwards - forward a rychazhok from below, they serially tyukat hatchets on a log. Fascinating visibility of process. Wooden bears do not understand that never to them to chop logs the wooden axes.

Advertizing is also that rychazhok forcing buyers to move and fork up, move and to fork up, move and up. And the advertizing pressure is stronger, the less remains a freedom of choice. As Johann Goethe told once, “the biggest slavery - without having freedom, to consider itself free“.

So between current advertizing and an appeal to fly by planes of Aeroflot the difference is small. Though we fly to absolutely other party.