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Therapeutic photos of the nature

18. 08. 2011 Alevetdinov V. of M

the Phototherapy is the direction in psychology; this innovative method is applied to the solution of a number of psychological problems, and also for development and harmonization of the personality. The phototherapy combines the photo and psychotherapy.

the Theory and practice of phototherapy began to develop since the end of 1979 - x, in considerable to a measure thanks to works of the psychologist and an art - the therapist J. Vayzer (Weiser J., 1999). It shares variety of forms of therapeutic application of the photo into two big groups - phototherapy and the therapeutic photo.

the Phototherapy uses photos as catalysts of feelings, thoughts and memoirs in the presence of the psychotherapist.

the Therapeutic photo is often connected with independent activity of people, perception or creation of photos, is carried out out of a psychotherapy context. J. Vayzer (Weiser J. 1999)

Today many people around the world, are used by methods of phototherapy and the therapeutic photo for the personal advantage.

Creative - therapeutic methods - the most effective in correction emotionally - behavioural violations

Looks of many modern researchers address towards different types of art in search of adaptogenny, preventive, medical, correctional means more and more. The most effective in correction emotionally - behavioural violations at children and adults experts recognize creative - therapeutic methods.

The term the phototherapy means use of personal pictures of clients as incentive to interaction of the expert in the field of phototherapy and the client. Personal pictures, family photos stimulate perception of thought, feeling of the people watching at photos that is important for interaction between the expert and the client.

In the therapeutic photo interaction of the expert and client decreases to a minimum as means self-disclosure by means of photos, self-development, especially it is important for figuratively conceiving people, high-organized people for whom photography is the self-expression self-determining by way of internal disclosure own “I“.

Photos of the nature cannot stimulate negative emotions, they stimulate this or that state which is perceived as perhaps certain memoirs, it is possible and connected with any trouble which had to be in the past, but the person cannot be in the constant raised, positive mood, all the time there are fluctuations for example from grief to pleasure. And if at the healthy person, any landscape or the photo of the nature causes negative emotions, then just in this direction and therapy is possible.

If the person does not like photos of the nature at all, then in that case the person has some hidden, unconscious internal problems which are projected on his life in various states, for anger to a depression, nervousness etc. of

the Relation to photos of the nature as projections of a condition of an inner world can help the person to understand own problems, can not so deeply as by means of the expert. And if the person consciously tries to study himself, he somewhere can be not competent to understand, then time approaches and there is a desire to communicate with the expert.

Photos of the nature except everything, at their viewing can help to look at usual ordinary things on the other hand that can slightly open to the person new versions of solutions of his problems with which he does not want to address the expert.

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The phototherapy is the practical method allowing the person to find own creative vision of the world. The phototherapy assumes as work with ready photographic materials (the therapeutic photo), creation of original author`s pictures, and collaboration with the expert.

Thanks to the therapeutic photo of the nature the person has a comfortable opportunity to comprehend what occurs in his life, and to distinctly see under an unexpected point of view new decisions in all spheres of the life.

Practical phototherapy by means of photos. An art - therapy.

Phototherapy as a form of creative self-expression

the Method of application of the therapeutic photo of the nature

the Radiator of positive energy

the Radiator of positive energy consists from Electronic a photo - the framework, photographic works including fragments of the world surrounding us from plants and flowers to landscapes. It is possible to establish and include the Radiator on a desktop at itself at office, in kitchen or in the hall at home. It is desirable to establish the Radiator where it will constantly “catch sight“.

Beauty and various brightness of the replaced photos has effect of psychopower accumulation of positive emotions. At the same time it is possible not to look through photos specially. Rather incidentally on fractions of a second to do a short view of it. The electronic frame scrolls them regardless of that, watch at it or not that it allows an eye imperceptibly from consciousness to transfer images with the photo from the screen directly to subconsciousness. Through a certain period which each person different, has a positive change of a view of world around, you begin to treat more quietly surrounding life, adequately to perceive calls of the outside world, is reasonable and weighed to solve the vital problems.

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Author`s therapeutic photos of the nature will help you to harmonize your everyday life, will protect from stresses, nervousness, will help to perceive calls of the modern industrial world adequately.

Contemplation of fine - the most ancient way of a relaxation from daily occurrence, but if in the ancient time only units could be engaged in it, we also remember them, then any person, of course by means of new technologies now.

Unfortunately, in the modern world of people so loses touch with the nature that begins to forget that achievement of harmony of internal human life is not possible without contemplation of the nature. On specifics of human life in city conditions it is almost impossible to allocate the time for stay in the nature. Once. Style of modern life assumes achievement of the objectives, dominating in modern society - career, money, the power. These purposes do not help to harmonize internal human life at all. Of course, achievement of these purposes assumes confidence in the modern world, worthy life, respect of people around. But does not assume harmonization of soul. Photos of the nature, their contemplation helps to restore, support a harmony of the personality that stimulates to further increase of a standard of living, at the same time not at the expense of people around, and on the contrary, improving the life, the person improves life of the people surrounding it.

Photos of the nature when viewing or their independent production can create various states, both positive and perhaps negative, for example when viewing natural disasters or places which can be reminds of trouble, but this that and is necessary, not to close an eye to troubles, and to remember them and to work further with their account, improving as own life and life of people around.

Photos of the nature in the form of author`s therapeutic photos are actual for residents. The nature continues to act for them as a source of health and an internal pacification.

Author`s therapeutic photos of the nature.

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