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How suntan useful to make and to avoid burns?

there is a wish for transformation in the Summer: the white shade of skin irritates. In hot days beaches are filled sunbathing as all want to receive beautiful and equal suntan quicker.

The first and main mistake is that many spend inadmissible amount of time for the sun, forgetting that suntan - a temporary phenomenon, and wrinkles received from long influence of sunshine will remain forever. It is simple to achieve desirable result, it is necessary to follow some rules only.

The sun is most active since midday (12-00) till 16-00. It is possible to sunbathe in this period quicker usual, but the probability of receiving solar burns increases many times. Happens, as sun-protection creams not really help even if them to use regularly to create to skin the maximum comfort.

Sun-protection creams happen two types: with the content of the substances absorbing (adsorbing) sunshine or the substances forming the protective layer shielding sunshine on skin. These means promote emergence of equal suntan and protect skin from burns. The choice of sun-protection cosmetics is very big. There are creams which along with sun-protection function humidify, vitaminize and remove irritation.

Qualitative cream has to contain surely vitamins - antioxidants (And, With and E). They prevent various damages by free radicals which the ultraviolet can cause. In sunblock creams protection level - the sign SPF is important. For example, SPF 8 means that skin will be protected from reddening within 80 minutes (if you burn for 10). More reliable than means with a factor of protection 15. It is recommended to put them daily before an exit to the sun. The main thing governed - than skin, especially strong protection against the sun to it is lighter it is required. Creams with a high factor of protection (more than 30) are used according to the recommendation of the doctor or at very active sun.

It is easy to define the phototype:

the First are people with very pale skin and reddish hair. On the sun without protection they cannot be more than 10 minutes.

the Second - light skin and a fair or fair hair. Stay of these people on the sun is limited for 20 minutes.

the Third - skin slightly swarty and a fair or nutbrown hair. Owners of this appearance can be on the sun without protection within half an hour.

the Fourth - light-a brown shade of skin and dark hair. Their own protection the longest - 40 minutes.

(The fifth and sixth phototypes practically do not burn and do not need photoprotective creams.)

Owners of fat skin should give preference to gels, and dry - to a milk and cream. Sun-protection means are applied on skin of minutes for 20 - 30 to an exit under sunshine. If cream not waterproof, then it it is necessary to use after each bathing. The clothes not always protect from influence of an ultraviolet (cotton, for example, misses 60% of sunshine) therefore before long walk it is worth applying cream and under a suit or a dress. That on skin pigmentary spots did not appear, before a campaign on the beach it is not necessary to use a deodorant and spirits.

The person demands special protection. Now the moisturizing face creams with sun-protection effect are very popular. As a last resort it is possible to use body cream, but it is necessary to make the cooling mask in the evening to recover tired skin. Eyelashes and eyebrows on the sun burn out therefore they can be painted in salon in advance, and sun-protection hair balm will protect them from a peresushivaniye. The means intended for use after suntan will fix color, will moisten skin and will slow down process of peeling of cages.

If solar burn is got, the cool shower will reduce pain. The burned sites of skin need to be processed substance with the cooling and anti-inflammatory effect, for example, with juice of an aloe or infusion of mint.

It is possible to mix 1 tablespoon of polished carrots with egg white and to impose mix on problem places for about 20 minutes. Vegetable or butter it is impossible to use for treatment of burns.

If on skin there were blisters, it is necessary to see a doctor.