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and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

has to find Search the purpose drags on the success is probable to ransack to search correctly successful it is important to find better where new the search which is looking for to find detection looks for important the

finder to carry out to organize to reach to find treasured value So far the person will not begin to be

pzv spiritually rich and high-moral

the personality - it will not be able to find something standing.

pzv Is very important to see searching the shortest, easy and honest way.

pvl Wealth, the power, glory should not be the search purpose - they come to the person as an award for good and necessary deeds.

and is good that not all searches of the person come to an end with success - and that he would do it!

pl is the most difficult to search for that is that remained behind. pz the Person always looks for

bigger - than it is necessary for it. pv Look for

not that it is necessary - and that is extremely necessary.

pzvl If at first to find extremely necessary - will become possible

search of what is pleasant.

pv Should look for only that - that approves reason.

and is difficult to look for that is that is not on the place.

pv Before ransacking in search of something - learn about it those who already have it. to it is more difficult for

to Find - than to lose.

dz the Person - in continuous search. and it is more pleasant to

to find Much - what to own. d It is very important to

to be able to feel - that search is useless. there is no

p search - there is no life. Search of unnecessary - too not life.

to Started search - half found.

zd Search - leads to activity

and Search - incentive of life.

and Search - fills life with sense.

is that is Easier that is unnecessary or already is.

and Disappeared search - forces were gone. z That search of which the seeker carries out

now - it seems very important. zdp having Only found

- the person obviously sees shortcomings reached.

to the Worst enemy of search - uncertainty.

d is searching important - persistence.

p Something necessary to find - is capable only being self-controlled.

d the Important condition of search is belief in success.

p is Not so important search speed - as correctness of the direction.

p Search - floggings lulls.

pz Looking for constrains itself from defects, temptations, desires, excesses, hobbies …

d Search has to be commensurable with opportunities.

and Search new - weakens communication with old.

d Search - develops.

and Who looks for nothing - keeps the own opinion, looking for can find something better - and can lose also that it was.

p is better to look for a crane - when there is no a titmouse.

zd The stronger search drags on - the its success is less probable.

z Is fields of activity, such as science where search is the essence. and Passionate fans to try to discover

- choose search professions.

to find happiness of the house - it is necessary to leave. p that something to find

- at first tell how it hides.

p Sometimes that to find something - is better to go the own way.

and Search of one often brings to another - and not always to the worst.

zd Search is under construction on desire and need.

but Not the desired search constructed on need - in burden.

p the Search constructed on desire, but not caused by need - is silly.

to Bad - comes.

pz the People who are not able to estimate really a situation - indefinitely believe in success of search.

p Unsuccessful search - deprive of the person of happiness.

d Search - are dissolved in laziness.

pv Search has to be real and moderate, and its result -


z Search are supported with opportunities and amplify hope.

zd Search take away freedom.

p Search - good remedy for laziness.

vpz Search dulls care.

and Search does the person more courageous.

kz Search - recovers.

to Who whistles for it - that does not live.

pzd looks for Much that the person endowing much, for nothing came across to it itself - but it passed by. kp Having found

that, looked for - to rejoice take your time.

and If it is not possible to find the bicycle - it can try to be invented.

p Sometimes to find - have enough to speak about the search to nobody.

kpzd The is more looking for - the it is more difficult to find.

and Search of truth is in many respects obliged - to dispute with themselves.

and What is search - knows youth better.

pv Than is worse life - the neobkhodimy search. to Search minor - prefer to

of the personal computer the main thing.

of the personal computer is difficult to hold a titmouse in hands - chasing a crane.

d to Search of new is disturbed by what already is.

p If you long and unsuccessfully chase a crane, and the titmouse got to

you, take your time to lose it though some time. Have a rest,

look round, once again weigh the forces and opportunities.

pz Many people badly are guided in life, in reality of the conceived plans, do not know the opportunities. They do not represent how there can be their life on the basis of their human qualities, mental capacities, external data, situation in society.

p the good person, having found treasured - praises those who helped it, without having achieved the objective - abuses himself.

and Any person is worthy to spend the life for search something standing.

and Often search brings to the person more satisfaction - than its achievement.

d The is more difficult detection - the aspiration to it is stronger. p the Person often at first something will find

what others aspire to, and only then begins to estimate it and to realize in it


pz searching very important fair idea of that to what you go.

p to find - it is necessary to renounce something.

p Before will go to search, it is necessary to estimate those victims which should be brought.

spz If the person looks for something absolutely new and logically

obviously feasible, often main in achievement of the practical

purpose - persistence. Because in most cases before

many guessed, but stopped halfway, having counted

for a mistake. At the same time the reason is covered in difficulty of transition from the theory to practice.

and Expectation - not the best, but possible way of achievement

of success in search. it is better for

of cd not to look for - than to look for and not to find. and Having found

treasured people, often relax, break from restraint peak, and they are carried away by a stream of the collected temptations. During this dangerous period negative acts, vital mistakes are made, there comes recession of labor activity and care of relatives that often leads to destruction of a family, the relations with relatives, work loss, to blasting health, to surge in defects, falling of morality …

p It is necessary to belong more preferably to natural searches, but not to those which are dictated by a modern civilization.

yu in search of love - is very important to be ready will once again be deceived. yu the Best way everything to find

- to get a police dog.

yu Women searching use lovers.

yu At the mother-in-law a scent is better - than at a dog.

yu is easier to find minerals - than hundred grams on an opokhmelka.

yu is easier to find a hare - than the wife after a pay. yu it is the best of all for

to look for through criminal investigation department.

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