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The long road on the South or how while away time in way? Supervision and memoirs.

A in what are engaged in a long way passengers of trains now? Let`s walk on the car and we will take a look at fellow travelers. Here the lady reads the next creation of Darya Dontsova, the guy put “plugs“ in ears and listens to music, someone`s children already destroy food stocks, the man thought of a crossword puzzle, teenagers play cards, the girl sad eyes looks out of the window, men at the end of the car already drank 2 - 3 cans of beer, and several people settled to sleep though on hours only 15. 27.

I remember, game in a tetris was very popular. About 15 years ago almost all car pressed on buttons of this of “a brain chewing gum“. Still then many women who on the way knitted on spokes and a hook met. Now look at such isolated cases square uncomprehending eyes. “Why to knit most when it is possible to buy? Some Brad“ - says one nafufyrenny maiden. “I to it will never fall“ - the second same doll podlepetyvat, considering the manicure. To them it is not let know that with manual skills you put heart and soul in work. And how to understand if they have no soul?

And you remember road sets for game in chess? The small size, on a hole board, and on figures pins that figures did not move from rolling. How many the people played then? And dominoes with loud exclamation “Fish!“?

There is the first long stop. Almost all car poured out on the platform with cigarettes in teeth. Nicotinic hunger - a terrible thing. “Beer“ men ran behind the next consignment of beer at once. Then an hour and a half they argued on a subject what beer better. The children elicit at parents chips or a snickers, or croutons, well or at least ice cream.

The stop ended, we go further. Almost all children were absorbed in mobile phones who in the who in parental, and continuously press on buttons, trying to set up an owl a record in some game. Someone on iPad watches the movie about a Satan. Parents drink beer at this time, eat sun-dried fish, skanvorda guess and read “Rappoport`s Dog“. Dolls thumb through Cosmopolitan, the guy with plugs in ears looks in a ceiling a blank look, cards are scattered on the shelf, and the woman opposite went to bed. My muse decided to remain in the point of departure and not to follow with me further therefore in the head only fragments of incoherent thoughts rush. Even did not begin to get a notebook. Reading distracted from the events and took away to the world where does not smell of beer and dried fish.

Next day the picture did not become better. Children begin to be capricious, parents to be irritated. In a player batteries, however, as well as in phones sit down. Several cards were already lost, “Good intentions“ of Aleksandra Marinina roll on a table. The reserve of beer was replenished on the next parking and red crayfish joined fish. The bodies shrouded in a land of Nod continued to lie on shelves, occasionally turned, and sometimes even rose for a reinforcement. Dolls discuss what tattoo it is better to make on a waist and complain to each other about absence in the train of a shower cabin and the manicurist.

And you remember, earlier somebody surely carried with himself a guitar. And what kind heart-felt songs sang all car?

my fire in fog shines;

of the Spark die away on wind … at Night us nobody will celebrate by


We will say goodbye on the bridge …“
Nostalgia. The tear wells up. As then time flew … And now lasts, lasts a long tape of a railway track.

The same pictures before eyes: the detective, skanvord, beer, empty eyes … There now, at last, native places seemed to

. With the worrying heart I look out of the window. Arrived. Hi, sea! Hi, city! Hello, poplar and cypresses! Hi, house!.

And how you while away time in a long journey?