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When and how to wash the dishes? All know

, the female hostel differs from man`s in the fact that in female the dishes are washed after food, and in man`s - before food. Anyway, if the person eats, he just inevitably washes the dishes! But even if you the happy owner of the dishwasher or people living with you protected you from this process, it is worth completing a short course of a survival in kitchen. You never know?

For fast and effective washing of ware it will be required: a sink (either a basin, or a bucket, if you, say, at the dacha); sponge (either rag, or bunch of a dry grass); detergent and actually dirty ware. Gloves - at will, but too I recommend.

Before getting to a sink, the ware has to be previously cleared of the food remains. Your dog who is not burdened with excessive scrupulousness (the size and breed do not matter) can give you unexpected help, but this way suits not all, and we will leave it for other case.

Further the ware is sorted: cups and glasses separately, devices (dining rooms, it is natural) separately, plates, pans, UFOs and splinters also separately. At the same time strongly polluted ware is filled in with water and allowed to stand.

Mother taught me to begin washing with cups and glasses with glasses. They, in - the first, not fat, are polluted minimum, and on them fat and dirt from other ware will not get. In - the second if your suddenly “flying“ plate or a pan, then it to purchase of new service gets to the sink filled with cups! From personal impressions I will add that it is so simpler to be adjusted on further process.

Cups and glasses are washed, we place them in drying, we pass to plates. Loaded them a pile into a sink, moistened and we get on one. At first everyone was soaped, set aside, taken following, and so - still dirty plates will not end. Before you a pile of the soaped plates, you remember, depends on its stability how many plates will live up to the finish.

While plates aside soak soaped, we will place devices in a sink, carefully we will moisten them and we will soap each unit. Carefully with knives! Farther two options: it is possible to rinse devices at once, it is possible, having chosen the most suitable from the soaped plates, to put devices there if, for example, forks and spoons have to become wet too. We rinse devices all together, having taken them a bunch and having taken under flowing water or in the container with clear water, before full washing off of foam.

We rinse plates. We merge from them soap water, we put a pile or part of a pile in a sink, we take on one and under water! We rinse, as well as soaped, from two parties. For high-quality removal from ware of detergent about 15 seconds flowing hot water recommend to rinse its surface. But if you not the fan of detergents or manage soda, mustard and vinegar, time of rinsing can be reduced. It is possible to reduce also family expenses, having dissolved detergent with water by 2 - 3 times.

In field conditions if there is no flowing water, we gather pure in a basin and we rinse plates, lowering them on one there. We change water and we rinse plates once again. If you used water from a well or an open reservoir, it is possible to drench finally ware with boiled water for prevention of intestinal infections. Collected plates in a pile, merged water and cleaned in drying.

Now - the most interesting: pans, skewers, frying pans and lattices for a grill. Producers of qualitative kitchen ware from stainless steel, ceramics, glass, ware with a teflon covering make recommendations about care of the products. It is necessary to listen to them. With usual pans we arrive simply: right at the beginning we killed them that the dried-up remains of food of a razmokla were washed easier. We wash the same as plates, all soaped - all rinsed, dried, cleaned. Skewers outdoors and lattices for a grill can be cleaned from ashes usual clean sand, but away from the beach not to pollute the place of bathing of people.

Finally a separate sponge washed a sink or capacity which to you replaced it, wiped a table surface dry. If splashed with water a floor, it is better to wipe it too.

Everything, you ideally washed the dishes. Reward yourself a cup of coffee or tea, only do not forget to wash it for yourself!