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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 20 - 21? “Conan is the barbarian“, etc.

in the middle of the eighth month 2011 will be released exactly eight new pictures, a half of which will be shown in wide release, and a half - to a narrow circle of diligent film fans. Language does not turn to call today`s selection of film novelties successful, but as shows life, what is not completed by actors and directors, with success is compensated by marketing technologies.

Among participants of running two obvious leaders are two three-dimensional Hollywood tapes, one of which (“Conan is the barbarian“) is a free remake, and the second (“Children of spies 4D“) - the sequel. The company to blockbusters is kept by the American melodrama “One Day“, free - the Spanish thriller, the Russian drama, and also a picture of production of China and two tapes from Spain. And now is more detailed:

1. “Conan is the barbarian“ (Conan the Barbarian, 2011)

Absolutely optional remake of the cult movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear at movie theaters under the slogan “The Legend Revives“. The statement of the film film distributor (Paradiz company) is also doubtful that the new embodiment of Conan in the person of the little-known serial actor Jason Momoa is “a film event of year“. All “film events“ already managed to make a noise fairly in cash desks therefore the desire of film distributors to catch the leaving structure with money can be understood.

But very few people doubt that neither brutal ugly faces, nor a “meat“ action, nor a recognizable brand will help new “To Conan - to the barbarian“ to avoid the fiasco. It looks like a jump of the parachutist with a potato bag behind shoulders. It is possible to trust to the last in a miracle, but the nightshade is not able to fly. To rescue a picture with 90 - the million budget only the aggressive advertizing campaign can that, actually, and occurs today.

In many respects the original of 1982 found the status not thanks to strong direction of the magnificent screenwriter (and the mediocre director) John Milius, and only from - for emergence in a shot of “Iron Arney“ to which then America at last opened embraces. Momoa is the incident based on a play of light and shadow and which is generously supported by three-dimensional effects. And the movie, potentially - one of the loudest financial losers of year.

2. “Children of spies 4D“ (Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D, 2011)

Robert Rodriguez is very talented and peculiar director. And it is easy to confirm both definitions with the facts. On the one hand we have “From a decline till the dawn“, “Desperate“ and Sins of the city, and on the other hand …

to Rodriguez were already repeatedly hinted that his franchize “Children of Spies“ - a big, big mistake. And business even not in very modest financial results of all three previous movies, and in his desire to play the children`s storyteller. Practicing a so-called rupture of a template, Robert surely digs to himself a superficial grave though his loyal fans still believe that rather gifted cinematographer will be able to resist from temptation to fall into final marasmus, start up also not senile.

Rodriguez decided to turn the fourth overindulgence with technologies and unstable children`s mentality in a format 4D. In other words, the zapashisty appendage in the form of an aromaskop who is urged to provide audiences full immersion will be added to already famous three-dimensional image. The task is, by the way, not trivial, considering that it will want to plunge into this nonsense not all.

I do not argue that the product highly specialized and, in fact, is an attraction for children. With an appropriate level of an invention and the embodiment. It is necessary only to regret the sympathetic parents who volunteered to accompany the child on a session of the fourth “Children of spies“. Or, maybe, all - to esteem aloud “Dunno“?

3. (One Day, 2011)

Grant “One day“ to

, the most worthy applicant for spectator sympathies of this week. Touching, thin and incredibly lyrical drama about the young man and the girl who meet only one day in a year. In day when they incidentally got acquainted and became friends. Their courses of life are not crossed, and everyone tries to obtain from destiny of the fact that he is able, however once a year they become closer to each other.

The Dane`s tape Lon Sherfig who became famous in a year before last for the tape “Education of Feelings“, similar on intensity of emotions, is removed according to the best-seller of David Nichols of the same name. The special charm to the movie gives to Ann Hathaway who already had to act in a similar image in the recent melodrama “Love and Other Drugs“. The young Englishman Jim Sterdzhess famous to the audience on roles in the pictures “One More of a Sort Boleyn“ and “Way Home“ became her partner in the movie “One Day“.

There is only a wish to tell that “One day“, though it is imbued with romantic notes, all - gravitates more to the drama, than the melodrama. In other words, you do not drive the girl on a session if you do not want to struggle with her upset feelings then.

4. “Capture“ (Secuestrados, 2010)

Spaniards already learned to shoot thrillers so that it is necessary to watch them to the end. However trouble that unlike the American colleagues at whom, whatever one may do, they adopt a set of receptions and tricks the European directors sincerely try to surprise the viewer. For example, a notorious long shot of which Miguel Angel Vivas who shot all movie for twelve doubles so is proud. Or division of the screen into two parts. Or streams of violence and despair.

When surprise takes place, there is not really pleasant aftertaste. The dampish scenario, the changing nonprofessional actors, confusion from - for bifurcatings of a shot. Not to mention the typical “festival“ final leaving more than questions, than answers.

On it the list of movies of a wide release comes to an end. What else will be offered by movie theaters this week, besides the above-stated tapes? In - the first, the semi-fantastic drama of the debutant Tatyana Ivashkina “For you“ . Cinema absolutely improper for viewing at movie theater, in an environment of popcorn and Pepsi - Coca. Directed, first of all, to the viewer thinking and, the main thing, feeling. In - the second, the Chinese tape “Under hawthorn branches“ , telling a love story of the girl - the teenager and the geologist. Very chamber action that is not similar to Zhang Imou, the director of the world famous pictures “Hero“, “House of the Flying Daggers“ and the participant of the “At Everyone the Cinema“ project at all.

Two more works from Spain finish the list of film novelties. It is the comedy “Cousins“ - about three guys who after one of them at an altar was thrown by the bride, try though somehow to make up for lost time and to fill loss of the first marriage night. And also the documentary project of Carlos Saura “A flamenco, a flamenco“ , devoted, strangely enough, to dance which name is taken out in movie heading.

It is unconditional that in an environment of dramas both purely entertaining 3D - the project will feel rather freely. It is sad that “Conan is the barbarian“, the fourth “Children of spies“, in fact, are the optimum choice for a visit of cinema. If only you absolutely have no place to go.

Of course, it would be possible to entitle this article “That not to Watch at Cinema …“, but, considering a difference of tastes and preferences, we will leave quality of film novelties of this week on court of the viewer.