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What inheritance was left to people by mother Theresa? Part 1

About this modest fragile woman books are written and movies are shot. It is awarded the highest world awards. In 1963 it was handed the Indian award “Madam of a Lotus“. In 1971 as a sign of apostolic service she received an award of the Pope John XXIII. In 1979 she became Nobel Peace Prize laureate. In 1985 the American president Ronald Reagan awarded her with Freedom Medal.

at the beginning of a way

the Real name of Mother Teresa Calcutta - Agnes Gondzha Boyadzhiu. She was born on August 26, 1910 in the capital of Macedonia the city of Skopje, in the Albanian family. This year the world would celebrate 101 years from the date of its birth.

Agnes grew at very strange girl. In 14 years she declared to mother that she wants to devote the life to service to God and asks for its permission to accept tonsured and to go to the monastery. Mother was shocked: just she lost the husband, and here the younger daughter “issues such numbers“. But Agnes was very persistent in realization the dreams.

In 18 years the girl forever left the homeland and went to Dublin where became the novice in monastic order “Irish sisters of Loreto“. Several years past quickly. In 1931 Agnes accepted tonsured and became the sister Theresa in honor of the canonized nun Theresa from Lizye who was known for the mercy and kindness. Soon the award sent the sister Theresa to Calcutta...

In Calcutta

Behind a long way through the Indian Ocean. Calcutta 30 - x could horrify years any European, including the young nun. Contrast of palaces and hovels at their walls, frightening dirt, a lot of garbage on which there passed life of most of poor people, epidemics of various diseases, high mortality of the population. All this appeared before the sister Theresa`s eyes.

On the new place teaching several objects at the women`s Saint school of Maria belonged to her duties. She also sang in local church choir. Educating children from the poorest families, she wanted thus to help them to succeed in life. So there passed 20 years in continued work and prayer of thanksgivings to God. But the sister Theresa felt that her mission consists in something another …

I here God gave it a sign. Once on the way home she saw a terrible scene. The young Hindu brought in the vehicle the dying woman to gate of hospital. All her body was covered with terrible scabs (it had a leprosy in the last stage). To hospital the woman was not admitted, and the relative left it to die on the street. Locals feared leprous like the plague and tried to get rid of them in any way.

The young nun tried to help unfortunate: washed up it, began to speak with it gently and sostradatelno. Later mother Theresa remembered: “She died with a smile. It was for me the sign that the love of Christ and love to Christ are stronger, than my weakness“. She understood the mission: it is necessary to leave the monastery and to care for the poorest and unfortunate.

Soon after this revelation the sister Theresa accepted a monastic vow and acquired the right to be called mother. Then she addressed with the application to Catholic church to become the free nun. In two years permission was got. At last, mother Theresa left monastic monastery, its help waited for hundreds of sick Hindus.

New life

In large quantities hours a day the nun wandered about dirty streets, selected homeless and bolezny, conducted them to the abandoned house where tried to help these people. Leprous, negative babies, cripples and to nobody the necessary old men were her wards.

The message about the strange conventual was quickly carried across all Calcutta, it reached and local city`s mayors. Those years thousands of patients and homeless died on streets, and here this nun with the help very opportunely appeared. The city authorities were decided to be delegated to it the empty room at the temple where she could bring the wards.

So for the first time in India there was “A house of the dying people“, and mother Theresa became his mother superior.

the Mercy Award

In several years at the nun appeared assistants. In 1950 the Mercy Award based by mother Theresa was created. To become the member of an award, nuns have to accept a vow of obedience, poverty and a celibacy. Life of nuns of an award was very heavy. Every day at 4 o`clock in the morning began with service, they prayed till some hours, asking God to be merciful to sick, suffering, unfortunate, poor and to orphans. After that infinitely long day for each nun of an award began.

Their patients required care and attention. They washed patients, bandaged wounds, erased a lint. For everyone they found words of a consolation and prayed for their health. Every day it was necessary to follow someone to the grave. How many endurance and patience it was necessary to make this work day by day, from year to year. Mother Teresa was a living example and in every possible way supported novices and nuns of an award.

Over the years activity of the Award of Mercy became more and more popular, it began to get sponsorship. Mother Theresa allocated all received funds for creation of new free schools, shelters and hospitals for poor people and sick people.

In the middle of the sixtieth years of the last century the Award of Mercy “stepped“ over borders of India. Mother Teresa always appeared in the most hot spots of the globe to help people, to pray for their wellbeing and to tell simple kind words which can support them at a difficult moment.

Now the award has several hundreds of offices in hundred countries of the world. Under its aegis about 600 houses of mercy are open. Messengers of an award come to the rescue of people in regions of natural disasters and in poorly developed economic countries.

World recognition

For the long-term merciful activity mother Theresa got to herself recognition around the world. Before it the doors of palaces and huts were opened. She was honored to be the accepted king of Norway Harald V, to princes Charles, the princess Diana, Popes Pius XII, John XXIII, Pawee VI, John Paul II. Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro, Dzhorzh Bush and many other statesmen considered a great honor to receive the envoy of mercy mother Theresa.

Mother Teresa did such things which do not go in the simple person. For example, somehow it came into Embassy of Iran and left a note to the ayatollah Khomeini with a request to call it immediately to settle a problem with hostages.

It was very inattentive to itself. For example, having got a medal of the Nobel Prize laureate, she forgot it in one of rooms of the royal palace! Fortunately, the medal was found and returned to the owner.

One more comical episode from mother Theresa`s life. She traveled all over the world for the award much. Once in search of cheap air flight she proposed the candidacy as the stewardess. But to it, naturally, it was refused.

This surprising woman could speak as equals with regal persons and beggars, easily and just delivered speeches to the crowded halls.

Mother Teresa the rank of the doctor of theology of the Oxford university was given.


Long-term selfless life affected the health of mother Theresa. At the beginning of 1997 she retired from a post of the mother superior Ordena Miloserdiya, and in September of the same year it quietly departed to the world other.

In five years after death mother Theresa was beatified, i.e. it is beatified by Catholic Church.

Mother Teresa lived hard life, passed through a set of tests, but her soul remained open for people to which it gave the love, care and helped, than could. After death it left very expensive inheritance for recent. And if we want, then we can daily use wisdom of mother Theresa.