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Roupdzhamping - an extreme for poor and lazy? Part 2

high bridges became Favourite places of roupdzhamper. Zhytomyr suspended over the river Black grouse - one of them. Its height makes 40 meters. The bridge in the city of Pervomaisk that in the Nikolaev area, below, height of falling of daredevils - only 35 meters.

From the Odessa “Mother-in-law`s“ Bridge jump too, but stirs the people. Inhabitants of Odessa, unprepared to similar shows, having seen the strange people who are going to jump from the bridge take them for suicides, and begin to call militia, the ambulance and a fire brigade at once.

In the Crimea for feats steep rocks, and in Moldova - a tower of wine makers 75 meters high are used. In Sochi for competitions it was used 16 once - the floor building. And the Belarusian athletes jumped from the antenna 104 meters high that is in the Brest region.

And here those city mentally ill people which from bridges, unfinished buildings and granaries to jump already bored, go to submit other height - 120 - the meter rock in Kacha - Caglione (for comparison: height of the Kiev monument “Motherland“ - 116 meters).

As you can see, mass of opportunities. In life there is still a place to a feat. The hobby for a roupdzhamping began with mountaineering. This hobby gives much feeling of freedom and a scope for creativity.

Here emotions of one of daredevils: “Stop! All really happens so: a shiver on all body, some of very long seconds before a jump, a step to an abyss, the whistle of wind in ears flashing before eyes of a top of trees and pieces of clouds, a huge pride for themselves and desire to feel short freedom of flight again and again... All feelings cannot simply be described. It is necessary to be influenced by them“. Sometimes this test happens the last in human life.

One of the most favourite places of roupdzhamper Sverdlovsk region - the bridge in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky - became a scene of the shocking tragedy. The young couple decided to test extreme hobby together - and this day became the last in their life.

Carelessness and insufficiently thorough training can lead to serious consequences: last year in Russia and Ukraine was several accidents which ended tragicly. The problem is that it is rather available sport: quite often the person who tried to jump time or two buys a rope, often even not climbing, and thoughtlessly goes to master objects independently, without preparation and even without consultations with skilled athletes. And the guide of professionals is necessary here.

But not everyone is capable to be solved on participation in an extreme. Here is how describes the experience one ekstremalka from Belarus:

- the Instructor asked me: “To release? “ (And it asked this question to me not the first day). Further, if honestly, in my memory a failure. But all witnesses claim that I very resolutely told: “Yes, give already!“. Also departed. Wind beats ears, any feeling of ease, only acceleration. In total at all not as in a dream: heart does not fade, just is not in time. The fact that “all life will fly before eyes“ - full nonsense. In a free fall you manage to think only otstranyonno: “Something long I fall when already this devil`s rope works?!!“

It works - and you are rescued! The free fall passes into the pendulum course. You are overflowed by wild pleasure, there is a wish to shout, swear and laugh at the same time. From above shout: “Well as you there? How feelings?“ I answer: “Perfectly!“ At the same time I do not palter. But whether I will be able to force to do still time, it is a question“.

Perhaps you thought now that women are coward? I hurry to please you: statistically, nearly a half in the described sport of the woman!

Psychologists speak: besides passion and thirst of risk, thrill-seekers need to be allocated against others. According to the Odessa psychologist Sergey Chudnyavtsev, the desire to appear on a hair from death is frequent it is fed with old complexes and uncertainty in itself. “And as a result the long hobby for an extreme develops into the true adrenalinic dependence, one may say, - drug addiction. The person ceases to test pleasure from a family, works, communication with friends. Fortunately, this illness recovers, as well as a game addiction“, - the expert assures.

of Special preparation for jumps is not required, but judge: to jump with 100 - meter object, it is necessary to rise by it for a start. There are such moments when it is necessary to climb a rope meters on 30-40, - and it is a complex of physically heavy movements.

Can try everyone - if, of course, he was 18 years old. As for medical recommendations, the roupdzhamping is contraindicated at heart diseases and problems with sight. One more condition - a healthy backbone as load of it cannot be avoided, as if we amortized breakthrough. One more contraindication - diabetes: emission of adrenaline leads to decrease in level of insulin.

In general, on serious objects athletes sign the paper having the slangy name “veyver“, confirming that they realize danger of so extreme pastime. There, in particular, all contraindications and possible consequences are listed. In Zhytomyr every year at the beginning of August there takes place the official festival of a roupdzhamping, and registration of an insurance is an indispensable condition there.

“I so am tired at work, I see a lot of miscellaneous … - the pediatrician who is going to jump from the bridge in Zaporizhia told somehow. - It for me a way to dump the collected negative and fatigue“.

The people reached for an extreme. In some cities for “labor collectives“ mass jumps on the weekend are offered. There is not enough extreme not only to boys, but also bankers, restaurateurs, journalists.

… Half an hour of wearisome rise by a narrow track - and you at top with which the magnificent view on vicinities and vineyards opens. On the very brink of the rock are already going to jump. Depth of a free fall - about 50 meters: several seconds - and the person disappear in a chasm … A fascinating show from which on skin goosebumps run.

Still psychologists consider that in some cases at thirst for an extreme, the autoaggression is shown. An autoaggression - the activity aimed at infliction of harm to itself.

In psychoanalysis the autoaggression is considered as the protective mechanism of mentality. To tell In a different way is an original way of a vymeshcheniye of the evil. The autoaggression is typical for the depressive personality, and also is peculiar to strong-willed persons of the masochist.

And if does not pull you on weekdays on own initiative to make feats, then it means only one: you possess ordinary, that is not remarkable healthy mentality.

On what also I congratulate you!