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Roupdzhamping - an extreme for poor and lazy? Part 1

In television news was reported that in Zhytomyr there took place competitions in one of extreme sports - to a roupdzhamping in which athletes from Russia and Belarus took part. I still can understand Belarusians, at them this sport is not pleasant to “father“. And here Russia... In the same place the top management respects an extreme. What is it that is in Zhytomyr not in Russia? But about everything one after another.

I would go to jumpers - let I will be taught!

of Roupdzhamping - the word of the English origin. Rope - a rope, and jump - to jump. The combination is, at first sight, innocent. It is possible to imagine that it something similar to game where jump through a rope, a jump rope. But time an extreme, everything is mixed much more abruptly! If to explain it is developed, a roupdzhamping are jumps on dynamic or static climbing ropes with use enough difficult systems of depreciation.

Actually the roupzhdamping “is“ from mountaineering: this direction was invented by the rock-climber Dan Osman - any story about this sport does not do without mention of it.

Use of mobile climbing equipment allows to organize jumps from any tower which was pleasant to you and to visit different places. Untied - in every sense - teams of jumpers bring equipment where they want, and arrange action.

Jumps are carried out from bridges, buildings, rocks, and also from any other high not protected designs and constructions. The jump occurs by the principle of a pendulum on a dual dynamic rope which as much as possible extinguishes breakthrough...

It is possible to carry out acrobatic tricks and elements. Adherents of new hobby claim that it differs in very high safety at the correct organization. The jump gives a little with what comparable positive emotions.

Having looked through pages of the Internet, I at first thought that the roupdzhamping is in thin relationship with the veiled suicide especially as the destiny of his ancestor of subjects and ended.

As the founder a roupdzhamping it is considered to be Dan Osman, the American rock-climber. In 1989, trying to overcome an almost impassable site of the rock, it broke. Dan Osman began to reflect that during falling he looks death in the face and if it manages to overcome itself and to force itself to break deliberately, it will be able to climb to fall without fear. He wanted to control conditions which forced it to be afraid to receive freedom from fears.

The rock-climber admitted that his desire to overcome fear turned into passion. So the new extreme sport was born. “Why it is pleasant to me? I not from those who chase adrenaline, - say Osman. - I like to receive a high from endorphin. In what a difference? People often confuse inflow of adrenaline and endorphin. The last gives content, success, overcoming of fear“.

As for risk: “Society literally dumps the standards on people, defining that it is safe and that - no. I always was another. People look at me and speak “you there is a madman!“ But what I do I do for myself for anybody it is more. I am not inclined to a suicide. When you sit on a sofa, upershis a look in a box, you die. I feel the most live when it appear face to face with the fear“.

One of the best rock-climbers of the planet, the founder of a new, radical sport died at the age of 35 years, trying to remove further away a limit of the opportunities. He decided to make a jump which free fall made more than 300 meters, the rope had to stop it in only 30 meters from the earth. But not everything turned out as it was conceived. The person who was called by Master of Gravity died. About it the movie “Masters of Rocks“ is created.

So, jumps are made by on a special rope. On it the self-untied knots which at the time of falling will amortize blow match. But the main shock-absorber is a pendular system on which jump from bridges. The point of fixing of a rope is removed from a jump point on several tens meters, the rope is carried out under the bridge, and the exit to a pendulum turns out. The bridge, the more safely, the less dynamic blow is wider.

Thus when falling and the backbone remains is whole and a rope too. Though the rope, as well as any equipment, is subject to wear. It is enough on 5-20 jumps, depending on loading.

The person always dreamed though for a second to come off the earth. To feel zero gravity, wind noise, to be influenced by indescribable feeling of free flight. Now it is public, however, having overcome the fear once, people begin to look for new portions of adrenaline, joining ranks of fans of extreme sports. Now thrill-seekers do not even need to climb to mountains, it is enough to rise by the rooftop.

Whether it is necessary for us much to feel on life surely? Sometimes there is enough ability to do that others are not able. Sport gives such chance. But just like that not to approach serious sport: it is necessary to begin with the childhood, to listen to the trainer, to observe discipline. Other business - an extreme.

The extreme expands borders of legal, breaks down stereotypes and creates new feelings! And feelings are so strong that in medicine the new term “ adrenalinic addict “ appeared.

New extreme: forward and down!

it is a lot of

of Extreme sports. It already and long ago known, such as parachutism, mountaineering, mountain skiing and hand gliding and absolutely new: skateboarding, snowboarding, kiting and wet bike. The first group - for the elite. They cost much and demand primary capital. Another - demands a certain skill that is given by trainings.

And here the roupdzhamping both is democratic, and is not exacting. As they say, both it is cheap, and is angry. Attention, former poor students and today`s idlers! To be engaged in this extreme, it is not necessary neither to study, nor to train. The instructor will tell you before a jump everything that you should know and do during the following, I hope not the last, two minutes of life.

If your life is fresh as the Jewish matzo if the biggest extreme which is available to you is crossing of the street to red light, but there came the critical moment when it is necessary to prove to “it“ that you special - that the roupdzhamping will suit you.

On one of the websites inspiring thrill-seekers I learned that these sports cause the deep self-affirmation which is often projected on other spheres of life.

Well, type the young man who jumped yesterday from the bridge can hope tomorrow that he will become the leading expert of ZhEK if was an ordinary janitor before. And in addition on it the first beauty of the neighboring hostel will stop the ox-eyed look now. Than not the fairy tale about the Cinderella, but in other sauce?

Be continued.