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of Tantamaresk - the stand for photography.

Usually it is a hardposter or a growth figure, with special cut - an opening for the person (hands, legs), about the image of characters in various poses and situations, against exotic landscapes and interiors. Are used by Tantamareski when carrying out public actions, celebrations, concerts. Usually, image plot comic. For photography one or several people come for a reverse side of a tantamareska and pushes a face and hands in a cut.

The stand can be executed in the form of the board or a framework fitted by a canvas.

Tantamareski are used by resort photographers, for advertizing campaigns, on holidays and corporate parties.

In more detail:

The success of carrying out corporate and city holidays, festivals and concerts, advertizing campaigns - depends, first of all, on the careful organization of action, development of interesting ideas and their qualitative embodiment. There cannot be insignificant details: the scenario of action is also important, as well as the prepared shots (animators, promoters, leaders, actors, service personnel etc.) and also qualitative equipment.

What event is possible without photography? The analysis of a set of various actions shows that the tantamareska is a plain equipment - enjoys extreme popularity at guests and participants of a holiday, causes the most ready response in people of different age, a social status, the place of residence. Tantamaresk represents, most often, a board (or a canvas) for photography with exotic, comic, interior or any other interesting image in which openings for the person, hands are done. For the same purposes the life-size puppet can sometimes serve.

Once tantamaresk decorated practically each photo album after summer holiday in the resort. Today they became widespread attribute of mass actions, holidays and celebrations. And it is not surprising, the tantamareska very just informs of any information message, using simple and available even for children`s perception methods and tools, bright images, turning the observer into the accomplice of process. It causes a ready response practically in all. And successfully picked up plots increase mood, allow to relax, feel for several minutes the child accepted in amusing game. Besides, the tantamareska possesses magnificent properties of an advertizing poster which in an unostentatious form, in game can convey an advertisement.

Tantamareska advantages:

low cost;

simplicity of production;

brightness and presentation;

plot memorability;

simplicity of installation, compactness.

However production of a tantamareska has the specifics, and at violation of the rules, troubles can be not only the material plan. The matter is that often inexperienced companies, undertaking production of a tantamareska, use materials and design decisions which spoil a picture in a consequence. As a result not only the tantamaresk should remake and to incur additional expenses, but also to correct the impaired a little mood of participants of photographings. Agree, offensively if the photo is low-quality of - for patches of light and spots. Such threats exist when using, for example, of the cheap made foam plastic or a vinyl film. One more possible problem - the wrong size of a tantamareska. At its prototyping and production it is important to consider certain rigid proportions of the parties that at the press it was not necessary then to fight against the empty borders or to cut off the image.

To avoid possible troubles, trust work on production of a tantamareska to the experts having practical experience and knowledge behind shoulders listen to opinion of designers and consider councils of technical masters. The pursuit of special effects and a variety is not always justified in this case. Models and materials need to be coordinated beforehand, in this case it is possible to observe all technological process of production of a tantamareska and not to break its work on action.

Plots tantamaresok can be the most various: comic plots, caricatures and cartoons, natural landscapes, interiors, photos of politicians of the past and the present, popular actors, images of heroes of animated films and children`s fairy tales, photos of stars of foreign show - business, interiors of locks, sea open spaces and many other things. Are actively used by Tantamareski not only on holidays, but also on television. This simple and low budget director`s decision which is successful and actual in a number of cases.

Modern technologies bring new semantic loadings in concept of a tantamaresk. Today it is possible to do tantamaresk, using special computer programs and digital equipment, besides, it is possible to create and use virtual tantamaresk - moving video pictures which are mounted and broadcast on the monitor in real time.

The fair, the City Day, a festival, an exhibition, corporate New year, anniversary of the enterprise, a wedding, a children`s holiday - these and many other bright cheerful memorable events will decorate a tantamaresk, made professionals. Photos not only will present positive emotions on the holiday, but also will leave pleasant memories for the rest of life.