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Preparation of east sweets. Whether there is a recipe secret?

East sweets!

Cannot embrace immensity in the short review therefore I want to talk about pastries today.

Namely about those pastries which is impregnated with syrup - a water-ice.

Those who visited Turkey could not but notice a variety of the range, for certain did not keep not to try, and of course, on - to advantage estimated unique taste

of these pastries.

And how in the former former Soviet Union the retail network quickly develops, offering east sweets it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is already pretty demanded goods.

Also it is not excluded that can be, you already even tried to prepare something from the recipes found in the Internet and it is quite probable that at you even everything not bad turned out....

Or so to say - turned out... not bad, it is a little not as on pictures and photos, at all not as you happened to try on a visit or on vacation... but it turned out...

So why after all not as what you tried? whether

Is a secret of preparation of east sweets, and in a particular - the pastries impregnated with a water-ice?

Of course is!

Is very small but very important nuances on which I want to focus your attention.

The first very valuable advice - at all do not neglect a lemon! not the chemist also I cannot explain

Ya what it is connected with, but if not to add a lemon to syrup, it is not absorbed baked all without the rest!

As I also very much like to experiment and juggle with ingredients, trying to make almost the same that in the recipe, only that “cheap but good“, such conclusions were born exclusively by practical consideration

the Second not less important council - attentively read the recipe...

In one cases is necessary for more hotly baked to fill in cold a water-ice, in other cases cold baked fill in with a hot water-ice.

It is checked too in practice so save the time, having believed on - the word.

the Third council - do not try to change a ratio of sugar and water in syrup!

However, and here is small nuance. Sugar can be various on sweet, water to differ on - rigidity. It will be in that case necessary to find out only once by practical consideration for himself a ratio of these proportions. You will do of course it not when already you wait for guests or prepare for a holiday

Actually, the last council can be referred not only to category of preparation of the Turkish sweets. In attempt to prepare something new, it is always necessary to try at first compliance of the available products to the chosen recipe. It concerns both flour, and rice, and potato... both frying pans, and oven... Remember a proverb about the first pancake!

And to move you on experiment, I offer several recipes. Try to prepare

, and be sure - nobody will distinguish them from the presents east!...

The recipe of preparation “Shambali “-

of one of types of the Turkish sweets, impregnated with syrup - a water-ice.

Shambali - one few sweets which as well as in olden days, are sold by messengers on carts or on trays as well as traditional Turkish bagels (the Semite or gevrek)


- 2 St of the

semolina - 1 / 2 St of

sugar - 1 St of

yogurt - 50 gr

almonds - 1 p a baking powder

- 1 p vanillin

For syrup (water-ice):

- 3 St of

sugar are 3 St of

water - 1 h l of juice of a lemon

First of all we will prepare a water-ice: water with sugar to boil and cook before full dissolution of sugar. At the end to add juice of a lemon and to put a water-ice to cool down.

When your biscuit will be ready, the water-ice has to be cold. Yoghurt to shake up

with sugar.

to Add a baking powder, vanillin, semolina and to knead

dough the Baking sheet with high sides to oil and powder with the flour

Level Dough on a baking sheet, to distribute from above the cut almonds and to put a baking sheet in the oven which is in advance heated to 190 degrees with the top and lower heating.

When a biscuit propechtsya from below and from above will accept zolotisny color, to switch off an oven, to fill in a biscuit with a cold water-ice and to leave in an oven for 10 - 15 minutes to allow to become impregnated with syrup.

Over the cut portions to Shambhala can put ice cream, cream - shant or whipped cream.

The recipe of preparation of Kalburabasta

Ability to prepare kalburabasta lifts the daughter-in-law rating in the opinion of the mother-in-law and her friends on inaccessible height! Because preparation of the Turkish sweets is the one song, and ability to prepare “kalburabasta“ is other song! I do not know why so.

“ Kalbur“ means “lattice“, and - pressed down “basta“, “to press down to a lattice“ it is so possible to translate the name of this work. I do not know what lattice used at the time of the Ottoman Empire, and today it is successfully replaced by an ordinary grater. Cheap but good, as it was required....

So, to us is required to

- 150 gr vegetable oil

- 200 gr milk

- 1 kg of flour

- 100 gr semolina

- 1 teaspoon of baking soda

- 1 teaspoon of

salt - 250 gr walnuts

for syrup -

- 3,5 St of sugar

- 3 St of water

- juice of a half of a lemon

- a grater

First of all we will make syrup because by then when bake our prozhny, syrup has to be already cold. As soon as sugar was properly dissolved, we allow syrup to boil, we add juice of a lemon and we leave a water-ice to cool down.

Nuts to clear and cut largely. For fans it is possible to use the whole segments.

To knead soft dough.

As are told by the Turkish hostesses, the consistence of the test has to be soft as a lobe of your ear.

We begin to mold from it small cutlets, placing in inside everyone a walnut segment. Then we press down a ready cutlet one of the flat parties on a grater therefore drawing is formed. Large or small, depending on your choice.

I will remind that we heat an oven in advance.

We spread cakes drawing up on a baking sheet and we bake at a temperature of 200 degrees of 35 - 40 minutes. To understand, cakes are ready or not it is possible on color - they have to be saturated light-brown color.

We take out a baking sheet from an oven and we fill in baked by cold syrup. In one couple of hours all syrup will be absorbed and your cakes are ready!

So, things are easy... Start...

And you will be able to be convinced that preparation of the Turkish sweets in syrup - not it difficult business if only to follow all rules...

P. S. Unfortunately, I did not manage to add the photo...