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How to ache in the summer? Many of us in vain consider

, as if summer - as opposed to winter, and also fall and spring - the period when people are healthiest and are not subject to diseases. Actually, during a summer season it is even simpler to catch a cold also easily, as well as in other season, and sometimes even. Today we will teach

you as it is necessary to work for certain to catch cold and a minimum for a week to get sick in a bed. It is enough to conform only to several elementary techniques and the rules, and then quinsy, bronchitis, flu or even (if carries) pneumonia do not pass you and in the warmest and quiet season.

1. It is impossible to put on on weather at all. Even if weather forecasters promise a rain and strong wind, put on easily and never take with yourself an umbrella - cool heavy rain and gusty wind excellently refresh and invigorate, and also not bad promote cold.

2. Try to sit always directly under the conditioner so that streams of air were directed to you to a back or a neck. At the same time surely include it on the minimum temperature. The difference between temperature on the street and indoors is stronger, the it is more than chances to fall down with cold.

3. Do not close a window at night, leave the fan on the strongest obduv and try to sleep on draft.

4. If on the street of heat, then be surely cooled with ice cream, and try to eat it in two steps. And satisfy thirst with the rimed mineral water or cold beer. Thanks to it the throat will be for certain overcooled, and you will manage to get quinsy.

5. If you decided to bathe, then surely jump in water at once, without checking it for temperature. Especially well such way to ache will work if the swimming season already came to an end, but on the street all the same there is hot weather.

6. In public transport try to settle down at open window leaves, and whenever possible make the refreshing trips by bicycles or scooters - so that wind caused a shiver even in 30 - a-degree heat.

7. For reliability you do without the yogurts and fruit improving immunity, then the illness will definitely not avoid you.

8. At a trip in the car surely open all windows more widely, for draft. Also do not forget to take care that the current of air surely strongly hit into an ear and a neck.

9. To be sure that made everything that could, after a shower open all windows (and it is possible also a balcony door) in the house and you go to bed (by all means with undried hair!) .

10. When diligently implement all recommendations and, at last, you catch a cold, keep up to the end and at all you do not go to the doctor. Nothing is so useful for successful development of an illness as old kind self-treatment.

Up to the end the summer remained not so much, but weather costs now good so you can quite manage to use our recommendations and to feel all delights of summer cold. Even a half of these councils with guarantee will send you on hospital for a week, and combination of all techniques will help to catch bronchitis or even pneumonia.

Be ill on health!