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Whether the cat can learn to use a toilet bowl?

of the Cat - unique beings: canny, in itself, proud and indulgent to us living with them side by side. “Cats look down on us“, - still sir Winston Churchill noticed. They are clever and independent. It is difficult to force something to do them not at their will. Training of cats - heavy process. Cats are too capricious to allow over herself such mockery.

Language does not turn to call this unique creation of the nature animal. I dare to claim that their intelligence is rather high and is surprising of those who watch them, living under the same roof.

As well as people, cats different, everyone with the character and the relation to world around. They can be clean and dirty creatures, curious and apathetic, aggressive and kind, loving and hating. Everything, as at us, their biped neighbors in the house.

If the cat spoils anywhere, so she chose such way of life. Perhaps, from - for features of the character, it is possible to annoy people around, perhaps, from - for some the inconveniences connected with the choice of the place of a toilet, look and smell of the tray.

Our cat as soon as appeared in the house, chose to herself the place for departure of the needs under a bed. Despite existence beautiful, with a reshyotochka inside not to wet pads, a tray of a cheerful, bright coloring, it persistently went on the chosen platform. Neither detergents, nor vinegar could interfere with it. However, she began to visit a tray too. Day - under a bed. Day - as it is necessary.

We already lost hope for correction of a situation with departures. There was time. Ours Motya is little fluffy Kolobok, perpetuum - to a mobile phone, cheerful, live, grew, gave us pleasure. Curiosity it did not know limits. To everything business was it, everywhere it put the small brown nose a button. Soon the family noticed one strange feature in behavior of our favourite.

Once somebody went to a toilet, Motya ran afterwards. Sat down opposite, sparkling eyes, and watched action. “Motya, as it is not a shame to you! Motya, leave!“ Turned out away, it began to break a door as if herd of bisons, but not small, less than three kilograms it is powerful, a kitty. Allowed again, waited for the moment of descent of water in a toilet bowl, rushed to it, faded, having risen on socks, resting lokotochka about edges of a push, and with ecstasy watched process. And biped ukhokhatyvatsya over this picture.

Once, without having found traces of crime on habitual places within two days, we were disturbed. Suddenly ours got sick Motya? Decided to check. Put her on a tray and delicately were removed.

In 15 minutes, having glanced in a toilet, I stiffened from amazement: the cat sat on a toilet bowl, having fluffed up and having raised a tail, and, I`m sorry, wrote. The expression written on it... mm... to a muzzle, it was necessary to see. Full high and awareness of greatness of the moment! I assume that she as mastered two days a toilet bowl. And now it is proud showed us the level of the intelligence.

Since then Motya - so to say, the full user the civilization benefits. Only did not learn to lower water for itself yet. But I think, as it within its powers. Here we will replace a tank with push-button. And then... So the cat can learn to use a toilet bowl. It is worth wanting. To it, of course.