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and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Manner affable the sincere true excessive nature of quality emphasized properties promotes to distinguish value the address is shown to perceive to show to state to bring up to impart will learn to show helps to allow

z Manner - politeness, affability, courtesy.

zd Manner merit of the person.

pv the Person has to seeks to cultivate in itself sincere manner.

and True manner from love to people.

pzv To sincere manner it is possible to come through growth of spirituality and morality.

and Manner, it is rather a duty, than good will.

z Manner is first of all a state of mind, but not a duty, a debt, conscience manifestation, morality …

and Manner through effort of will substitute, though causes respect.

pv Manner from - for benefits - is immoral.

and Can afford manner for receiving mutual feelings.

z True manner - is kind.

zp Without philanthrophy true manner - is not possible.

and Manner is more necessary to the person.

and True manner proceeds not from language, and from soul.

zd Sincere manner - a goodwill sign.

pzv Manner is capable to stop the evil.

zd Manner helps to improve good relations.

zd Manner promotes the solution of problems.

zd Manner helps to concern to us more tolerantly.

zd Behind manner people often try to hide the evil intentions.

pd to manner Manifestation - is necessary studies.

pd Manner has to know when to stop.

zd Affable the person happens also for fear.

ik Manner it is possible to achieve bigger - than mind.

and Manner does the person more attractive.

pv Affable - does not mean good.

to Not sincere manner - is worse than a slap in the face.

zpd Manner promotes entry into trust.

p If the person is excessively affable - wait for a dirty trick.

zd to the Affable person is easier to approach people.

and Manner of the scoundrel feeds better, than hands.

zl From manner of the person who is not knowing psychology can be more harm, than advantage.

and Manner can be from - for benefits. it is possible to be protected by

and Manner.

and Manner is capable to stop rudeness.

and Manner can soften even rage.

pd Is necessary will learn to distinguish true manner from mercenary.

kld Manner - the sister of success.

pd Excessive manner is suspicious.

p Affected manner of the person can wound stronger, than roughness.

and the Affable person is beautiful. pv Morals manner not to impart

. many people perceive

and Manner as humility, fear, servility, a worship, dependence … p the good arrangement to himself the coward rascal can apprehend

as weakness, it can give it only courage.

p Is better if manner is shown against power and fearlessness, but not weakness and fear. p Manner people often cover with

the insidiousness.

pz With emphasized manner it is necessary to be more careful - it can be perceived as a jeer or even as an insult.

and Ceremonious manner - cannot be true.

zd Manner can not allow to show nonsense.

and From Manner of the boor - feels sick.

and Hama perceive manner as weakness.

pz That not could respond to manner with rudeness it is necessary to know psychology and to be able to operate people.

d Senseless manner - is empty.

d Manner attracts people.

zd Manner happens natural.

zd Hereditary Manner can, is shown unconsciously.

and Excessive manner - is luscious.

pzd Manner - corrupts impudent fellows.

and Nonsense does Manner pathetic.

and Behind Manner often hide a lack of morality.

pd Manner at small efforts can give a lot of things.

pd From emphasized manner - is more than harm.

p Should be able to distinguish manner from philanthrophy, good breeding and respect - from manner from - for benefits. pd Manner it is indecent to show


p Excessive manifestation of manner arouses at people mistrust and vigilance.

and Manner would be more - just people sometimes are careful of it to show.

p the True manner cannot be with benefit or for show.

and Manner does nonsense more tolerant.

but will not be in time, manner will appear as the impudence already drives it. zd it is easier for

to show Manner to different people.

to Manner - seasoning of the human relations.

and Manner pulls together people stronger, than favors.

kp Manner - the scoundrel`s weapon.

p the victim weakens Manner.

p Flattering manner - the terrible weapon.

p Before daring to enjoy from true manner - is necessary will learn to distinguish it from false.

pd Behind manner people often try to hide the defects.

kp From manner to slyness - one step.

and Manner - is infectious.

p Manner - comes back. kp Manner Politeness show

- but do not hold up a neck.

and Often people manner try to hold the imminent rupture of the relations.

p Manner has to be graceful.

and Communication is pleasant only with the person affable.

to Manner - a respect sign.

zd Manner and shyness - are not compatible.

and Manner lightens mood.

p Manner and haste - are not compatible.

p you do not stint manner - communicating with people.

and Manner increases charm.

and Manner gives comelines.

pz Manner and flattery - girlfriends of a freebie.

pv Manner and flattery clear away the road to deception.

p Manner - the girlfriend of an arrangement.

p Manner - the admission.

to Manner and flattery - satellites of insidiousness.

to Manner - the speculator`s weapon.

p the Business card of manner - a smile.

p From manner to hypocrisy one step.

pz Manner is in many respects obliged to benevolent and soft tone.

and Manner increases probability of dialogue.

z Superiority can win manner.

p often cover with Manner the unworthy relation.

and the Affable address to the person - turns to it the head, pushes on the unplanned victims.

p Avarice on manner - from nonsense.

and Manner becomes a habit.

and Manner of impudent fellows enrages.

and Manner it is possible to calm the person.

pv Manner Politeness helps to settle misunderstanding.

p depends On manner quality of communication.

to Manner - sincere balm.

yu Behind manner can hide even nonsense. yu That with you all were affable

- become the chief.

yu If do not estimate manner - the person in the right is proud of himself.

yu Manner - a delay to a fight.

yu The easiest to be affable with the one to whom poured to poison.

yu Easier and quicker to become affable, communicating with the person whose

bicepses have more your yagodnitsa. yu Tye from manner do not pass

to catch that the person

wants from you.

yu If the person is not brought up affable it benefit does. yu If the person manner does not show

- it is possible not to doubt his honesty. yu Women of affable men perceive

for boyfriends.

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