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Where to invest money?

If at each of us appear one million, then the majority will prefer to increase it. Only the small percent will just lower. And so, that this one million was increased, it is necessary to make something with it.

For example to put in bank . On average under 9% per annum. Somewhere it is slightly less, somewhere it is more. This way is good the reliability. Money under reliable protection behind thick walls lies to themselves and will not get to anywhere. However is a little “but“:

1. Too long to wait until one million itself increase, at least on one more.

2. Inflation. Scary such abusive word. Officially inflation in our country makes 8,8%. It increases a payback period many times over. But if to trust informal sources, then inflation reached from 11% to 16% today (different experts call different sizes). It means that money in bank not only will not be increased, but also will go to minus. Of course, the quantity of rubles will grow, but their purchasing power - to fall.

It follows from this that bank, though reliable, but not the most reasonable investment of capital.

Still it is possible to invest money in real estate that the majority and does. Well, in - the first, there is an opinion that the real estate always grows in the price (and generally it is the truth). In - the second, it is possible to hand over it and by that to pay back the invested one million. Perhaps, the only minus of this way - long term. We will receive additional one million in plus to spent only in many years.

There is one way to increase seed capital to which all enterprising people resort. Not for nothing they are called by businessmen. I think, you already understood that the speech about business . Against the examples given above this way seems to the most attractive. At first sight, everything depends on us. As you will turn business, so it also will go. And this is true.

Minus is that the organization of business requires a set of components. Goods (if it is about trade), personnel, active interaction with government institutions and other. Rather puzzling way to increase the capital but interesting. However, statistically, only one drives out of 10 opened businesses.

Generally, it is clear that banks (at least, Russian) - it means to go to minus, real estate too long, and business it is puzzling.

But not everything is so bad. Someone earns from it. However, there is one more way to increase accumulation. Though it is quite risky: it is possible to lose everything, and it is possible to pay back one million about a year for 1,5. It is the financial markets , i.e. it is banal to buy something cheaper, and to sell more expensively. Only on a global scale. Though even on the scale of one “buy - sell“ not all this can make, but those at whom it turns out, not bad earn.

So, we will look, that we can buy - to sell ?

1. Various goods. Beginning from buckwheat and finishing with oil. This market is called tovarno - raw. It the oldest of existing. Also demands knowledge not only laws of work of the market, but also there is enough - specific knowledge of what can raise or lower demand for certain groups of goods or raw materials. In other words, he demands very narrow knowledge of a set of objects.

2. It is possible to buy and sell various shares, bonds, etc. to Stock market already 200 years. He is very interesting, but too demands specific knowledge of the companies in whose assets you were going to trade. Up to what mood since morning at the wife of the cousin of the director (joke).

3. Money. it is the same goods, as well as all others. They are necessary to all and always. Day and night, around the world. I.e. it is possible to become the participant of the interbank foreign exchange market. This market the youngest. It gives the chance to everyone to speculate on exchange rates. Besides most of brokers considers it as the easiest of existing.

However it does not mean that all have to rush to speculate. It is only one more way to earn money. And to it, as well as any profession, it is necessary to study. And how many to work, it is so much and to study. Be reasonable.