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Whether caviar can marrow be more tasty than some caviar black? Personal experience of

the well-known, become winged Saveli Kramarov`s phrase from the movie “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes a Profession“ is known to All: “… Caviar black! Caviar red! Caviar overseas, aubergine!“

Ya would add still “caviar marrow!“.

At the dacha with might and main spet a harvest, at the good owner it this summer excellent, pleased also vegetable marrows. Large, the correct form - and the eye is pleasing! Broke - we carry home.

But on it my pleasure ended. Why? Well, it is clear, young - is green - our business not to twist preparation for the winter, and to use a ready-made product. In this case - tasty marrow caviar. You will smear it with a thick layer on a fresh chunk of bread and from pleasure you close eyes, a yum-yum! But this summer I had to be directly involved in preparation of this viands. Therefore my reporting directly from the place of military operations - from kitchen.

A family at us big, and my mummy does not like to waste the talents on trifles in preparations for the winter. The general (she is a mother), having shown on the mountain of vegetables, gave installation - everything to clean! The mountain consisted from: vegetable marrows, carrots, tomatoes, onions, 1 hot pepper and paprika. In total it had to turn out in pure form: 5 kg of vegetable marrows, 1 kg of carrots, 1 kg of paprika, 1 hot pepper, 1 kg of onions, 1 bucket of tomatoes .

“O`key, - I told thoughtlessly, - everything will be easily and is quickly made“. But my confidence soon disappeared. Having cleared the first of many vegetable marrows, I understood that I got “specifically“. After all vegetable marrows was - about horror! - kilogram of small onions! Why small? No, my mother not a domomuchitelnitsa, just this year there was a surplus of seed onions, here I also stormed it. It is necessary to tell that Yaroslavna`s crying in comparison with my roar was baby talk. Having poured out buckets of tears, I was accepted to pepper. After onions - cleaning of pepper and carrots seemed me small entertainment. From tomato cut out cores. And here all is cleaned and washed up, and I report to the general: “The task is performed!“

Answer: “Perfectly the sonny, crush all now …“ Shakespeare`s Tragedy “has a rest“. “How, unless all this does not cook directly so?“ - I was surprised. On what my mother only smiled. It was possible to use, of course, the food processor or the meat grinder, but mother explained to me that it will turn out not so tasty.

There is nothing to do, it was necessary to arm with a grater and a knife. So, I rubbed all vegetable marrows and carrots, cut onions and pepper, including sharp. Tomatoes all - were overwound on the meat grinder. All this business was shifted in huge 30 - a liter pan. Then added 0,5 liters of vegetable oil, a glass of sugar, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of salt . In total - my work is ended.

I, tired, but happy with myself, left from theater of military operations. For good reason my mother was accepted - she cooked a fruit of my efforts two hours. During this time I many times ran up with a big spoon and looked in a pan - “Well when it is ready?“. I managed to try only after marrow caviar was twirled in banks, its remains were exposed on test.

With what pleasure I tasted fruits of my works! No gingerbreads of the whole world will be compared to marrow caviar in which preparation you were directly involved. It appears, marrow caviar can be more tasty than black!

Ingredients once again:

- 5 kg of vegetable marrows;

- on 1 kg of onions, pepper, carrots;

- 1 hot pepper;

- 1 bucket of tomatoes;

- 0,5 liters of sunflower oil;

- 1 glass of sugar;

- 2 tablespoons of salt;

- 1 tablespoon of vinegar.

We cook 2 hours, we display in the sterilized banks, we roll up.

Here such there was a fight for marrow caviar. In total 19 one-liter jars - industrial scale turned out, but will be enough for all winter, it is possible to treat neighbors and relatives. In your case select amount of ingredients, proceeding from that how many you want to receive calves.

Bon appetit!