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Matt Grouning. God of the world of yellow little men?

We know this person or at least we guess who is he. This is great god of the parody animated world which can operate mood of masses for twenty years. Matt Grouning, out of respect we will call it Greyning - the creator of series of “Simpsona“. God of the world of yellow little men!!

But god of the world of yellow little men it became not at once. At first he was born in Vechnozeleny Boulevard in Marge and Homer Greyningov`s family. And he was born in far 1954. At the teacher and the animator in a family was even the whole five children, the third of whom was Matt. On the brothers and sisters Matt very much liked to draw cartoons what he often received in a family for. At all five children were germano - the Canadian roots which got from parents.

Having graduated from college, Matt got friendship with animators and journalistic talent. Probably, journalistic intuition also helped it to uplift Simpsonov subsequently - with their political backgrounds and just actual human problems - on such level.

After college Matt was interrupted as he could. Worked as the journalist, the driver, the courier, the seller. Life after moving to Los - Andzheles was difficult, but it was necessary to feed himself with something. In free time he drew comics about the life in Sin City which main characters were two rabbits and identical little men. He called them “Life in hell“. A little later it began to copy them on the copier in shop in which worked and to sell to visitors of shop.

Here - that went and went! Matt was noticed. In 80 - x its comics are already published in magazines. And soon he works as the journalist there, conducts a column about fate - music, at the same time without telling about it in the articles at all. But he successfully got acquainted in this newspaper with the future wife with whom he lived 13 years.

Here so he publishes the comics with hares about hell in magazines, draws them on the advertizing companies of many big brands and enjoys marriage while in 1985 it is not noticed by the producer James Brooks.

Brooks suggested to use Matt`s sketches “Life in hell“ on television. But Matt refused - he was afraid to lose copyright. And therefore decided to create new characters who became a family Simpsonov.

Strangely enough, Matt called all main characters in honor of the relatives. Marge and Homer in honor of parents (by the way, the son Grouninga is called Homer too). Lisa, Maggie and Peggy - names of his sisters. And Matt Mark`s brother became Bart`s prototype. The address Simpsonov coincides with the house address where Matt grew up. Here, actually, and the cult animated film appeared.

And you are farther and you know - it became popular. There will be the 23rd season soon. “Simpsona“, thus rotiruyushchiyesya 20 years, became the longest cartoon serial in the history. Characters Simpsonov are ordinary people. They are lovely, kind, everyone with the history. Probably, special difference Simpsonov from modern animated films of the same plan - very large number of characters. During existence of series even the smallest springfildets revealed and told to the audience the history.

It is interesting that reaction of other countries on Simpsonov different. If, for example, in Venezuela forbade Simpsonov to display as corrupting youth, and in the Arab countries made the nondrinker of Homer, then Vatican supported a cartoon serial, having called it witty and amusing, and also noted his merit that with emergence Simpsonov animated cartoons became adults again.

For Simpsonov Mat received 10 awards of Emmie! One more Grouningu was given for Futurama.

One more project of Grouninga of “Futuram“ became futuristic revelation for the world viewer. It began in 2002, then was interrupted from - for technical problems, and now again renewed a stream of series.

But competitors come. Now the new generation of animators came. Seth Macfarlane is the creator “American daddies!“ and “Griffinov“ - more than once was exposed to criticism from Matt Grouninga for plagiarism! It should be noted that these two series look fresh, but at the same time they became more superficial and cynical.

Macfarlane is the real sophisticated devil! Grouning feels the serious competition and a possibility of shift from the Olympus of animated gods.

However nothing to win against sincerity and openness of animated films of Matt not forces.