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Starvation: a look from within


All of us began to watch over the health very attentively. And all this against general alcoholization, general alcoholism, tobacco smoking and continuous degradation of morals. As the fates decree I managed to look at a disk of well-known professor of Zhdanov in which he popularly told about the harm done to an organism by smoking, alcoholism and other excesses...

In particular, in this lecture was told by him also about the famous naturopath Paul Brege who died at the age of 91 of the fact that him who is engaged in windsurfing (!) the huge wave which became the reason of his death covered... The doctors who opened a body of the naturopath were stunned with perfectly remained internals of Paul. All the life this person sought to keep the health, strenuously propagandizing a healthy lifestyle - starvation and full refusal of the salt use.

Ya thought: “I will definitely not last out ninety one years... and here years 60 - 70 it is quite good to live too was and, having read P. Brega`s book“ decided to try to hunger... I Will tell

honestly - to do it och. difficult! It is almost impracticable! But it is difficult to express effect of starvation in words! It should be felt! My personal record made 7 days. After this time I looked younger for about 20 years... that feeling of ease and cheerfulness inherent in all children returned. In addition by itself passed, the gastritis tormenting me, and, strangely enough, an incurable illness under the name “pink deprive“. Concerning it depriving, I consulted with spetsilaist who explained me that all skin diseases - from dysfunction of a digestive tract, and as long starvation did me good, also this infection disappeared.

we will return to minuses Now: for the second day of starvation you from a mouth have a terrible smell which not each healthy person can take out... According to reviews - smells of rotten stuff! At the same time at you sense of smell and therefore very strongly becomes aggravated if you not perenosty began to smell tobacco - to you - curtains because you begin to feel it meters for 50...

Ah and!!! Nearly forgot. Since the childhood my fragile organism did not digest milk! This was and there is a feature of my organism which got to me in inheritance from daddy. I will not describe in detail what action milk made on my internals, but, having begun to starve regularly, I with pleasure found out that I can uporteblyat milk without harm for myself and people around!.

Only for God`s sake do not think that I urge you to refuse right after reading of this article of all the use of food... No way! You can be full still tonight, and even abuse alcohol in small, and even high doses!... And here from tomorrow -!!... And judging by news products in shops steadily rise in price, and therefore golodny it will be useful not only to your health, but also a purse.