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What is the comfort zone dangerous by?

a comfort Zone this such state of mind, such place in life which after all should be carried to a negative and marshy state. This such state when the person does not use the potential, at it vanishes desire to go forward, to try to obtain, to raise, study, to be improved. When the person gets to such zone, he is afraid to risk.

There is a piece of bread and a piece of a roof over the head and is not cold, and the person is ready to be reconciled with it. He does not want to increase the level and quality of the life. Getting to a comfort zone, many people subconsciously cling to it, owing to small ambitions, geneticists, owing to understanding of life, and do not understand that lives are also another. People try not to risk, cease to act, energy vanishes. Desires become small, poor. And the person in this zone dangles, and it seems to him that he lives.

But unless it is possible to call life when we only eat, we sleep, let even in heat? Unless a floor can call life the animal existence filled with alcohol, laziness, inaction and degradation? It is necessary to understand that the zone of comfort is a zone of inaction for most of people. Do not confuse to harmony. Do not confuse to happiness. The zone of comfort is when people cease to move forward. But it is necessary to remember always that it is dangerous, deadly.

The matter is that we are so arranged, we either develop or we degrade. Pay attention that if you cease to be engaged in physical exercises, then there is a degradation of muscles. Especially brightly it is visible when people get on a hospital bed and the person for some reasons lies month, two. Such person cannot go then even. Degradation of his muscles so catastrophic that it anew should learn to go. Muscles degrade for such short time. Most, happens also to our intelligence, to our memory, to our will, to our soul. If we do not develop intelligence if we do not read books, we do not attend seminars and trainings if we do not develop, then we degrade.

Most of people, unfortunately, cannot realize it. Danger of degradation is big. It is slow spiritual death. Slowly, little by little, being in a comfort zone, especially if the person hit any “jackpot“, privatized something, somewhere came a money, turned some transaction. It seems to it that it caught God for a beard. It seems to it that life - that was successful. And it gets to a comfort zone, surrounding itself(himself) with all benefits. Also it ceases to be improved, ceases to move forward. Also there comes slow degradation. And there where there comes degradation, there comes inspirituality, alcoholism and drugs, excessive sex, and disrespect for itself, for life. All this begins to suck in the person. And it is very dangerous. The soul demands that we worked. The intelligence demands continuous training, permanent job as well as muscles.

It is often possible to see people who pay enormous attention to the figure, appearance. They badly understand spiritual, intellectual development. But they were taught by magazines, the TV, transfers of stars that it is necessary to watch the body, everything will be exciting to look sexual as a doll and. But as a result it turns out absolutely not so. They watch the body and go to the gym, consider calories and precisely know how it is more beautiful to make the body, but spiritually degrade and the body remains empty, without intelligence, without soul. The person cannot be happy if does not develop the soul, intelligence, positive mentality.

It is often possible to see a comfort zone poverty, poverty. There is a bottle of vodka, beer, self-race fake and the person already in a comfort zone. Comfort zone this bog. What water in a bog differs from a mountain stream in? Water when stands, becomes poisonous, toxic, smelly. And you, approaching a bog, you want to depart, close a nose at once. This water is unpleasant to you because from it the death, a poison, poison proceeds. And when you approach a mountain stream … the same water, H2O, but this water is loaded it there is a wish to take in hand, there is a wish to wash, lower in it legs because she radiates with energy.

And life if you are improved, develop, your life turns into such clear, transparent tasty and light water.