Rus Articles Journal

* * *

the Gadfly of imagining OVERCOMING of DEATH

whether you Will sprout

in everyday life?

Or over the Hut sobbing

of the Uncle Tom - as

of the Gadfly withdrawn from

of the Reality where everything is obvious, plainly will kill again. It is shot by

. Blood and splashes of a brain You so shot were glad to


If only not boredom, narrowness, money whether

Nonsense of career, etc. of

Grew the pensive idler

You - not clearly to you.

Sic transit gloria mundi

Drinks in the bar, drinks habitually in the bar

Boxer - grew fat and grew old.

I in drunk spherical

waste sees Fight - was in fight was able.

The archbishop is buried -

Noxious a breast squeezes spirit.

Or death of a non-existence synonym?

cannot be!

the Look whispers is dry.

Cannot be Sounds: Sic transit,

I float clouds.

what the destiny the Teenager, vague will spend

so far for?

That everything passes, everything passes

the Tune old goes on. I hear

Ya in park: the Motive is not pleasing to

, though is well-known.

The picture will be remembered Lealya So terrible

- it is impossible,

of Times is good verticals,

Though is not representable their look.

The reality to me is important so,

As far as in the future there is

a Peculiar embassy,

I this only in it a message.


Is humming my energy,

A for what is not known by me.

Take out a coffin from a morgue.

of the Person

Standing gray around.

is not trusted in a spiritual meadow,

is not believed that death - border.

Life - as overcoming of that

of the Frightening chasm spherical.

Rages my energy,

Why I guess -

That lines - though what - mortal

my ashes was overcome that

carried away Not everything as the boat, a coffin.

Fear of death - it terrestrial, it is local.

removes it only death,

it cannot be endured.

take out a coffin from the house Again.

I rusted a poplar.

Is sad the autumn earth,

I everything is familiar. So familiarly.

Death - a sign. The code is not deciphered.

the Most reasonable limit She puts

to the woods and cereals too, As Baratynsky approved


I Go on: death at all not the final.

So, why jimjams?

I everything energy boils,

I life of a line will begin to sparkle. I Write

- at all does not frighten

The fact that to death days flash.