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How to decorate a hairdress? There are no

doubts that the best-known decoration of a hairdress of 2011 - a wedding tiara worth 10,5 million dollars of Kate Middleton. The queen allowed it to choose one of 80 crowns belonging to royal family and it most of all liked a diamond tiara, gift to Elizabeth from her father. Especially for a wedding the crown was slightly renewed.

It should be noted that from 80 crowns of royal family of many the jeweller`s hand did not touch already more than 100 years. That the crown adequately looked on Kate Middleton`s head, six hairdressers worked on a hairdress of the bride.

If you have near at hand no royal crown and team of hairdressers, it is necessary to manage other make-shifts.

In festive cases of a hairdress can be decorated with tapes, feathers, spangles, costume jewelry, fresh and artificial flowers. In especially solemn occasions hair decorate with pastes or jewels.

With short hair it is pertinent to apply various accessories to decoration of hairdresses - hairpins, invisible beings, krabik. Perfectly on short hair the hoop looks.

Young girls with a hairstyle on hair of average length will perfectly look if to interweave bright silk threads into locks of hair. These locks can be interwoven into the spit or to collect in a tail.

It is worth to remember also about such effective reception of decoration of hairdresses as coloring either all hairdress, or separate locks.

The effect of a wild hair can achieve by means of drying of the washed-up hair diversely. With such hairdress it is possible not to be afraid of wind on the street - hair and so are in a picturesque disorder.

It is possible to use compromise option: at a forehead hair leave smooth, and on a nape tousle and fix by gel or is delicious.

For increase in density of hair or for underlining of a form of a hairdress use chignons. These are the consignment notes of a lock having a hair color of the client or any other color. As well as wigs, chignons are very convenient if it is necessary to change appearance quickly.

That hair did not split, and long kept the integrity, cut tips of hair hot scissors - they solder the ends of hair.

To give to hair special elasticity, use ordinary hair curlers. Apply on hair more than the fixing skin and wind them on hair curlers of average size. Dry the hair dryer, untwist and brush with fingers.

A hair parting on a fine hair it is expedient to do every time on the new place. It you will be able to avoid a prileganiye of hair in habitual places.

That the hairdress was more magnificently, more volume, comb dry hair forward and you sprysnit spray. Then basic hair will become more rigid and will better support a hairdress.

Small secret: you want to raise the hair a few? It is absolutely simple to make it. It is necessary to apply the fixing skin on hair at the roots and to dry. By means of a round brush to extend separate locks. To process the hair wound on a brush the hair dryer, beginning from roots and along all lock. To untwist hair from a brush after cooling.

I am sure that at a certain share of diligence our girls can create a hairdress not worse, than at Kate. Good luck!