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How to win?

the Businessman cannot be careful because being guided by care, he will undoubtedly lose. Opposite line of care is a courage. Weighing the acts, carefully thinking over the forthcoming transactions and safely walking forward in uncertainty - the businessman will always win even if he will lose. The coward, the careful person gives up at once, having seen that his company sustains losses, and is convinced that “business is a touchy business“. And of his belief turn into intellectual installation and the person takes off from “a business matrix“ and hardly already it will have enough courage again to try to enter, enter it to the world of business, in “a business matrix“, having created the profitable enterprise. And the businessman who realizes and sincerely feels that he - that will be able precisely to achieve the objectives - to enter a matrix of business or to create the profitable business - and is ready for the sake of freedom to risk and work safely, undoubtedly, will also arrive: to walk safely on a meeting any to obstacles and to fight for freedom, without being afraid to get beaten. Because in fight it becomes tempered, in fight for the entrance ticket in a matrix of business, people becomes stronger and is more skilled as the businessman. Its sense life is a fight. He is not afraid of it.

The dullness will never always go down stream, but the businessman. He creates the road and goes on it to the purposes, destroying everything that prevents it to try to obtain the on the way. Of course, all lose also good businessmen too. But the main difference of people from a business matrix from workers (people from a work matrix) that the first love fight and freedom in volume time as second are afraid of loss and as a result receive what so long were afraid of . Or in other words, people become those as whom themselves considered and can do what in their opinion they are capable of. If the individual feels that he is not capable to make something or that it is worse than another, and will be. To the contrary, when the person feels like the winner, his vitality raises, and acts lose any care. As a result - the winner always wins even if he lost. “Lost fight, but not war. Nothing terrible, but learned a lot of new and more I will not make such nonsense“ - the winner in such cases thinks. Also gets out of current situation with victorious feeling, ready to new fulfillments. And the loser when loses begins to think: “I and knew that I will lose why then got into this adventure?“ He foreknew about the defeat already. Also got out of current situation, feeling like the loser. This lousy feeling, but to the loser is not let know: to win, it is necessary to feel as the winner sincerely.

Why all this I wrote? With the purpose to lift fighting spirit of the beginning businessman which decided to enter a business matrix. I wrote these encouraging thoughts in order that the person not in which case did not throw the desire to enter a business matrix, to create profitable business if today it has on it no money or for any other reasons. Just I am sure: to win, it is necessary to support in itself feeling of the winner. As the hero of one movie told: “If you did not become a champion without medal, then no medal will help you“. If you are not in a business matrix already now (not important - you have a business or not), then transition to the world of business will be complicated. Often we look at the world or the coward`s eyes - as a result us the fear seizes; or the businessman`s eyes - in this case we become free. To win the beginning of the enterprise way, it is necessary to know some important nuances. We will talk about them in other article, here I already almost exceeded “Admissible quantity of signs“.