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What is “the Business Matrix“ or How to create the business?

the BUSINESS MATRIX Technology are a tool which opens one of the main secrets of ability to be self-controlled, to constantly improve the skills in business, to study new.

The secret consists that each of us lives in the world, in “matrix“.

It is the world in which there are ideas, concepts, the understanding, the semantic values. Happens that we cannot understand other person or he does not understand us.

For example, the worker who is concerned by personal earnings begins to press on the head with a request to raise a salary. The employee considers that he deserves it. And the head is perplexed: “How I can raise to it a salary? He carries out the same type of work, and asks more money. He is not concerned by the company. Everything about what it is concerned, so it about money“. The conflict results. And there is it from - for the fact that each of these characters sees the world in own way. Both the employee, and the employer are in the world, in the matrix. The worker lives in “the WORK MATRIX“, and the businessman in “the BUSINESS MATRIX“. They, as well as we, live in the mental and emotional world of own production in which there are rules, ideas and values.

Thus, “MATRIX“ is the world which we create by means of our thoughts and actions

“the BUSINESS MATRIX“ - it is the world of business which we create by means of our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and actions according to them.

“The WORK MATRIX“ - the world of slavery which we create by means of our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and actions according to them.

You should not perceive it it literally.

Ya entered the term “business matrix“ for ease of perception and understanding of these ideas and concepts.

The view of the world on the BUSINESS MATRIXES technology will allow you to to control the acts, the actions, to control the course of own thoughts, ideas and beliefs . It will help you to notice inefficient actions in return and inefficient ideas to change them on effective which will bring you benefit and success. You will be able to see when you arrive irresponsibly and will be able to change the thoughts and actions for more productive which will allow you to develop the business skills and to become more skilled “player“, the skilled businessman.

The main thing here not in the matrix of business, the main task of such views consists in that you gained the skills necessary to operate business to become more skilled businessman.

There are many matrixes in which there live people: work matrix, business matrix, creativity matrix, fear matrix, matrix of doubts, freedom matrix etc. In each of them there are rules. In this or that matrix there are the mentality, the feelings, the emotions, the acts, the actions, the behavior, the lexicon.

In other words, the person, being in this or that matrix, begins to think and work definitely. For example, when you are afraid, doubt, show uncertainty - you are in “a fear matrix“. It sucks in you in the networks. Therefore if you do not notice it and you do not know that there are other matrixes, other ideas and values, then you lose control . And when you lose control - you lose freedom. Therefore, understanding of that fact that there are other matrixes, there is other mentality, other world, leads you to the fact that you take under the control all your thoughts and acts, so, you take the financial state under control.

As soon as you enter a business matrix, you begin to control the financial state.

We speak about two main matrixes and actions in them:


Question: How to learn in what matrix you are?

Answer: It is enough to look on at thoughts and actions. I Will show to

all this on an example.


Margarita Petrovna gets up in the morning, takes a bath, makes for herself a breakfast, listening at this radio and at the same time looking through repetition of a TV series on television. She changes the channel and sees the favourite TV show. But it is time for it to go to work. Then, Margarita Petrovna thinks: “There is a devil, it is necessary for work, and here such show interesting begins“.

She suddenly understands that she can make nothing, she is obliged to appear on the workplace exactly at 8:00. Then at Margarita Petrovna the mood spoils, but nevertheless she cannot but go for work because if she shirks, then she will be dismissed and if to dismiss her that: “where I will find still the place with such salary?“ - Margarita Petrovna complains.

She obediently puts on, leaves the house, sits down in “kopek“ and goes to office. The good name at the car, the truth? “Kopek“ - the word speaks for itself about car value. Margarita Petrovna runs in office, stumbles, falls and speaks: “well blyad and day today“. Noticed what lexicon at Margarita Petrovna.

At last she runs to the room for personnel, takes a mop in hand and turns to work.

Margarita Petrovna lives in “the WORK MATRIX“. And she is glad to escape, but does not know as.

A week later …

Sunday. Margarita Petrovna watches TV. On television the How to Become the Rich broadcast begins. Margarita begins to laugh loudly with some hysterical - a mad shade at the name of transfer. But does not change the channel.

The anchorman - the famous businessman, speaks: “If you want to be rather free, in financial sense do not show irresponsibility“.

“What - what, you speak, a muzzle servile“ - Margarita answers the TV.

The leader continues: “To become the rich, it is necessary to make people happy, offering the corresponding services. Your work will not make you free and rich“.

Margarita Petrovna talks to the TV again: “It is such as you are swine - employers will not make me rich. To you only to grab to itself it is more, thieves, traitors, plundered our country, now here we beg we sit“.

The leader continues: “I wish that each of you could create the own enterprise - only this way you will become independent“.

Margarita Petrovna switches off the TV with words: “It is necessary to plow as much as possible and the salary should be paid more people too - here so they and will become independent“.

You noticed what lexicon Margarita Petrovna has? And what thoughts are at it at the tip of the tongue? And what in its representation means to become the rich - “it is necessary to plow as much as possible and a salary too more“.

I do not associate at all people who are in a matrix of work with Margarita Petrovna. This example was presented to show you what mentality and what actions the person who is in a work matrix makes. Its mentality and its actions leave it in the matrix of corporate slavery.

Examples when the person is in a work matrix fully and it is not obligatory workers of the lowest link. In a matrix of work there are highly paid managers, directors etc. of

one is obvious: if we want to create business, then we need to enter “the BUSINESS MATRIX“. It means that it is necessary to begin to think and work as the businessman. I Emphasize : to think + to work. If not to support the thoughts, words and ideas with affairs, then the zero result turns out.

To enter a business matrix, it is necessary to know as as successful businessmen do. They:

- buy or create the profitable enterprises and the

companies - are engaged in portfolio investment

- and they put net profit in new business - the project.

Of course, other excellent strategy of investment exist, but if you carry out all aforesaid in practice, that is you will begin to create and buy the enterprises, and to invest profit in new business, you will enter “the BUSINESS MATRIX“