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Destiny. Is or not it?

Destiny … Each person has a Destiny. How to understand what It? And whether is in general. Perhaps life is not predetermined? Everyone has ­ a past and the present, but the future … The past - life year, hour, a second ago. The present - ­ changes every time with approach of new second and only from the made decision the future can change, but unless it also will not be present? The decision becomes the past a moment ago, and the consequence also will be present, so the future will be an infinitesimal interval of time between the present and present. But also there is no past actually, it remains in memory of people, the world can live only in the present and change each infinitesimal interval of time.

If to speak about existence of the past and future, then each person has to see ­ himself a second ago, live in the present and at the same time to see himself for ­ the second ahead. You agree it absurdity. Only the person can decide the Destiny.

But that the most surprising and improbable - fortune-telling! Many of us resorted to the help of “fortunetellers“ and that the most interesting, predictions came true. How to understand it? Can do this auto-suggestion and we, thereby, train in advance ourselves to predicted, so to speak we bring ourselves intuitively. But what if is not present, and they can really read Destiny. Whereas to explain it? Gift? I do not know … And horoscopes how can tell stars about the future?

In our world is a lot of not clear and not explainable! It turns out, “way“ on which it can pass and not curtail is offered to the person, or perhaps replace the direction and continue “way“ absolutely on other road. And at the end so branched road will turn out that the person will not be able to return on a right direction. Means “fortunetellers“ see that main “way“, but how? This main “way“ will also be Destiny. Or the person radiates the aura contributing to this or that vital “way“, but then it is simple gift?! The concept “Destiny“ forces me to be respectful to it because, my big part of the life is foretold by the simple fortuneteller. Such is a nature charm - can not to understand it both and you should not try? Each person wants to live and to completely control the life, know that it depends only on itself.

But how it is heavy to make mistakes how it is heavy to live with thought - “Devil take it and whether correctly I arrived?“ In the head there are thoughts of possible other decision, but, as a rule, always happens too late and there is no second chance. And, then, these minutes, we calm ourselves thoughts of Destiny and, what will be so better. At these moments the will is lost, and even more terrible mistakes are made. It is important to remember - the decision and on irreversibility made by you, to try to correct, soften a situation, not to lose mind, but it is proud to stand.

How to learn what correct decision? Probably, it which will bring the smallest quantity of problems but when you do not learn you will not take this step to “chasm“ yet.

Perhaps, can choose Destiny of people at some point, and all subsequent life will be only result of the choice? And only the person can decide to believe in Destiny or not.