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The partner for one night: women do not cry any more?

... Once, having properly drunk, Inna admitted to girlfriends that she uses services of “boys on a call“. When minute shock passed, they, being burned with curiosity, began to ask questions in eager rivalry.

Investigation by sex

to Inna 42 years. Three unsuccessful marriages. Three sons from different husbands. But it is successful in business - it has own construction company. More than two hundred subordinates - generally men.

“If I was given the chance to make a copy of the movie “Moscow Does Not Trust Tears“, I would include there the moment as the heroine summons “the man for an hour“, but does not buy to itself flowers, - Inna dreams. - I burned in the life enough, communicating with an opposite sex.

The woman, meeting the man with whom wants to cast in the lot, not only it begins to put on, be painted, but also carefully is at loss for words and subjects of talk, she is afraid to frighten off the potential husband.

At me with it it is simpler and simpler. The husband was three, and now I accept the easy, noncommittal relations. I am not obliged to be such what me he wants to see. With “boys on a call“ I such what is, - strong or weak, needing a consolation or a good advice, or perhaps just cheerful! Arranges me that as in shop, I can choose to myself the partner - the benefit, newspapers and the Internet are hammered with similar announcements - men of any age, a constitution, color of eyes and hair. I can remove for one night, and I can invite also week“.

And Inna`s position is not single. Part of lonely, but successful women in the financial plan after 35 years are ready to pay services of men. For them it is quite good option of the relations. Paying money, women receive from the man what in real life lacks them, - understanding (even if imaginary) and participations in their destiny.

“It is pleasant to me that the man comes to me fashionably dressed, smoothly shaved, from him well smells that is important, - Inna says. - It is formed, it is aware of the latest news, knows about novelties in fashion, reads best-sellers. Each of the men removed by me owned massage art. And at everyone was company. Someone skillfully warms up legs, someone hands, and someone excellently does the general weakening massage“.

According to the women using services of “men on a call“ in it there is nothing shameful. It is natural - to pay it for services of the massage therapist, psychologist or electrician (there was also such case when instead of intim - services the former electrician was picked the broken socket, and then and the iron, than brought the client to ecstasy).

“It was always unclear and unpleasant to me why the man can remove the prostitute, and it it seems as is considered the natural phenomenon, - Inna continues to philosophize. - And the woman who pays for services of the man is always inclined to be condemned. Even today, when we on all corners shout of gender equality. The man can take with himself on a secular reception an escort of long-legged pyshnogrudy girls, and for the next day nobody will ask it: “Well what you with them had?“ But the woman if appears in the company of the nice stranger, then within the next days it is simply obliged to give the account when she has with it a wedding“.

“Yes never, - somehow one of such women “for 35“ unsuccessfully answered girlfriends. - I removed it for the evening, gave 200 dollars“.

After this phrase of girlfriends did not remain. Though some of “former“ were noticed by it also in the company of boys on a call. E - ge - the gay, Sergey to

I am familiar to

With Sergey years ten. I will not go into details of our acquaintance (many editions gave reportings on how journalists removed men, paid them money, and they in exchange told about the difficult life and hard work of adulating of women). During this time in Sergey`s life only one exchanged (or perhaps and increased) - he became a bisexual. And if in 25 years it served only women, then now can also with men.

- Me the client one finished it, - he explains. - And after sex with the man understood that I am a bisexual. And it is even pleasant to me.

- the Woman paid for this “pleasure“?

- On a double tariff.

- And you still, at the expense of rich ladies live?

- As well as ten years ago, I do not see in it anything bad. They pay for the fact that I silently listen to their problems, sometimes I will substitute a vest to cry, I will sometimes prompt what if ask. You know, now it is rare when the man to the woman offers a hand when that goes out of the car, or the door at restaurant before it will open, and I know about these trifles and I try to observe them.

At you, women, all life consists of trifles. I during this time re-read a lot of books on psychology, just right to open courses for young lovers. And understood a lot of things. Those men, and I including who are engaged in prostitution will already hardly give up this business. Mentality at us such. We will not be able with one woman and got used that not we pay for female whims, and on the contrary.

- As early as years five and you it is necessary to retire. What then you will be engaged in?

- I Try not to think of it. I will work, so far there are clients. The benefit as speak now, acquired the base. I do not advertize. To me only on acquaintance come. And what then? Perhaps I marry some rich grandmother. - (Laughs).

- Always wanted to ask, there were such cases when you could not satisfy the woman?

- Yes, once was. Arrived, came into the apartment, apologized and left.

- Such terrible was? there is no

- just understood that it called me to humiliate. And I do not love it. In the woman I see the partner, and financial including. I respect its feelings, her body, and I want that in exchange treated me at least neutrally. I do not bear humiliations.

The psychologist Elena Kim so comments on the similar relations:

“It is necessary to understand that motives which move the man and the woman ready to pay for the relations are various. If the man removes the prostitute for satisfaction of the carnal requirements, then the woman, on the contrary, for the soul. And very often it gives money for usual talk.

For the fact that the man just listens to it, but does not interrupt the councils. Pronouncing a problem to the stranger, the so-called “effect of a compartment“ works (why strangers in trains are so frank with each other?) . Tomorrow, having met on the street of the night partner, the woman will just pretend that she does not know him, and will pass by. And he will not rush after with inquiries about its sore problem.

There is also other category of women - they remove men just for the sake of curiosity. As a rule, such “meetings“ will be organized for the company, for example, “hen night“ gathers, and there decide to call the charming stranger. Or the man is invited to the neutral territory, just to learn what is the partner for one night.

It is possible to carry to the same cohort also the women who decided to revenge in this way present or to ex-husbands. For such cases the man is employed in quality an escort - maintenances, and business can not reach the sexual relations.

However, there are also such women (they, undoubtedly, in minority) who, paying for services of men, thus show the power over them. These ladies like dependence on them of the stronger sex.

Paying off, they very clearly (and at times even in word and deed) try to humiliate the man (here, say, you even cannot earn money in a different way).

These women are strongly offended by an opposite sex. From here and behavior.