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How not to become the professional blogger?

Very many consider that it is easy to become the professional blogger and to earn on it money. Nevertheless success is achieved only by the few bloggers. They get all glory and all money, and the others receive only remains.

In what business? Read in what the reason of failures, and act from the return.

1. Laziness

Unfortunately, most of bloggers are lazy. It seems to them that it is online easy to earn money. They pursue schemes which promise them fast enrichment. It does not happen!

Occupation by blogging, as well as the majority of other kinds of activity, demands persistent work. It is necessary to refuse a habit to wander on other websites and blogs without any definite purpose. It is necessary to concentrate on the blog, i.e. only on what can be useful for its filling and promotion.

2. The wrong motivation

If you get the blog only in a pursuit of money, you fail. You have to be fond of the subject really. You have to belong with interest and respect for the audience - to visitors of your blog, and also to carefully select material. Has to be pleasant to write you posts and to interact with the readers. If money - your only purpose, then blogging not for you.


do not write pretense to

about something that you do not know, and especially you do not get the blog on a subject which is for you others. For example, do not try to write about how to earn money on the Internet if you are not a successful businessman on the Internet yet. Nobody will believe you if you teach others how to earn money, and will still work full time as the hired worker.

4. The blog in wrong “niche“

is Very important

the choice of the correct subject for your blog. Unfortunately, many bloggers do not think of it before beginning. They want to share with the whole world. It seems to them that if this subject is interesting to them, then it will be interesting to all. Nevertheless it is not obligatory at all.

Do not take too specialized subjects. If on your subject there is at all no competition (i.e. nobody writes about it), then it is a bad sign - it means that it is interesting to nobody. Remember, in this case the competition - it is good. It means that it is interesting to people.

5. A lack of concentration

As it was already told by

to h2, you need to concentrate on the blog. Blogging is the real work. Do not think that than (or the websites) you will get more blogs, you will earn more money with that. Be not sprayed. You only in vain will spend the time and the efforts.

Besides, information volume on the Internet strongly exceeds possibilities of the average person. If you collect all information on how, for example, to untwist the website, you risk to spend several months, only reading and ordering this information.

It is necessary to collect exactly so much information to begin to work. To work - here the most important. As I somewhere read, the most poorish website which already works, than the super website which exists only in your imagination is better. Success!