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How quickly to restore energy and to reduce stress? Simple secrets of breath

the Main task of breath - saturation of cages of an organism oxygen and regulation of power balance in an organism. All bodies and systems participate in an oxygen exchange. The more qualitatively we breathe, the our vital potential is higher.

However low-mobility leads to oxygen starvation of fabrics, to energy loss, and the organism perceives it as an appeal to aging.

Full breath is:

a full breath that there was enough oxygen for all cages of an organism;

a short-term delay of breath that cells of lungs managed “to seize“ him, and the blood system brought him to each cage;

a full exhalation to the last molecule to relieve an organism of waste products of cages (yes, be not surprised, cages do the same, as all living beings).

In other words is a harmonious alternation of saturation with short-term starvation. Whether you thought of the breath? Is not present? It will be possible, interesting to learn that the lack of oxygen does not allow cages and intercellular liquids to be exempted completely from slags - here to you fatigue, a breakdown, a depression, pains of an unclear origin and so forth troubles. Life in the city and work at office (driving) do not promote full breath, so and saturation by energy. However at the people of such problems who are regularly playing sports does not happen. If you not from their number, then it is time to begin improvement with simple respiratory gymnastics - it not only will load with energy, but will relieve of flu and seasonal cold.

Respiratory the technician and techniques exists great variety. The most known: holotropny breath, a pranayama, Strelnikova`s gymnastics, Buteyko`s gymnastics, breath by means of exercise machines. One are quite difficult in development, for others special conditions or presence of the trainer - the mentor are necessary. At the same time receptions, methods, ways and technicians are used different, but a secret that result always positive .

Therefore let`s seize several simple to ways of breath here and now. They will be useful to you.

1. During any work respites are absolutely necessary. Someone does smoking rooms, and we will make respiratory.

Starting position (nominative) : standing or sitting we straighten a back, we relax muscles of a stomach, a back. Now a semi-roundabout softly we take away shoulders up and back, relaxing muscles of a neck and shoulders. We hold a chin directly (if to put it on the brush back, then the brush will be parallel to a floor) or slightly up. The pose is steady and gives confidence. In such situation energy moves on a backbone freely.

Linked fingers of hands in the lock, on a breath - two vigorously we raise hands against the account of times, turning palms up; on an exhalation into the account three - four also vigorously we lower them to breast level. We repeat 5 - 10 times - this “charge“ will be enough for us for one - two hours.

Before an open window the effect will amplify time in 10 as indoors air is “dirtier“, than on the street, as a result of use in finishing and in an interior of synthetic materials.

2. the Stressful situation became an everyday occurrence of our life. Let`s learn to remove stress easily and easy.

We accept nominative and into the account of times - a breath, into the account two - a breath delay, into the account three - four - an exhalation. Repeat until heartbeat is not leveled, and then breathe evenly. On three accounts the breath, a small delay, and on three accounts exhaled - it is breath for a usual quiet state. Control of breath will allow you to distract, calm down and solve a problem without emotions.

3. we Will take a situation when it is necessary to be loaded quickly with energy : before performance, at acquaintance when you feel fear and fears. This way will give to courage and determination.

So, we begin. Nominative, into the account of times - two - vdo - about - oh, on three - a delay, on four - an exhalation. Vdo - about - oh - a delay - an exhalation. It is necessary to repeat the cycle not less than 3 - x time, but 5-8 times are better. Also 10 minutes are possible if dizziness does not confuse. It as accumulator charging: we load longer - we use more.

4. the Way which in a cold season will help to be warmed quicker, than hot tea.

Standing in nominative, we will inhale deeply - deeply and on a breath delay quickly we do roundabouts by hands forward within 40-60 seconds. Let`s stop, we will restore breath. And again we will deeply inhale, we will hold the breath and now we rotate hands in the opposite direction. Lungs are a factory of heat: in a frost we inhale air of negative temperature, and we exhale it invariable temperature of 36,6 degrees. Oxygen starvation and the movement of hands “forces“ lungs to disperse the warm, oxygenated blood extensively. Well as - were warmed? Great!

5. And now we will try to master a way which helps to be refreshed imperceptibly in the stuffy room, in a car interior, the bus, in the subway car. We will cool the inhaled air due to narrowing of nasal passes with the movement of muscles of a nose with a sound, pumping over air through nostrils. And to exhale, relaxing nose muscles. It is similar to a drink of cool water during a heat! I think, it will be pleasant to you, and cores it will rescue from an asthma attack.

If in such simple way to train regularly internal muscles of nostrils, then gradually they become stronger and if you have a reputation for the snorer, can quite lose such “glory“ and if you suffer from nasmorka, then it is very probable that you will get rid of them for ever.

6. Well and, at last, for the most resolute. If for development of respiratory skills you found forces to ascend to the - the dtsaty floor on foot or to be run in the morning - honor to you and praise! Into the account of times - two - a breath, into the account three - an exhalation (without delay!!) . This way at commission of “feat“ will allow “to fly up“ on the floor or to run quite long distance without stops. Only do not forget to stretch after that muscles of hips and calves that next day krepaturny pains did not interfere with repetition of a feat. And if for want of habit there was not enough “dykhalka“ - increase a cycle twice: we inhale into 4 accounts, we exhale into 2 accounts.

Felt magic effect of “session“ of simple gymnastics - recharge? What are you ready to receive from regular trainings?

Energy, health and good mood! Forever and ever!