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Why marinated cherry is necessary?

the Victory over cherry this year was gained, but turned back almost total absence of cans. And cherries remained all the same a little. It was necessary podnapryach brains and to remember one remarkable cherry feature which the men who tried it adore everything. I about marinated cherry .

Recipes of its preparation filled up all Internet. On any it is not enough - malsk the normal culinary website are couple of examples of pickling filling. Only they copy each other every other time. All difference - hot or cold marinade to fill in and how many to put sugar. And still almost total absence of understanding - for what such cherry is necessary. Here it is possible to make so or so and what for? After a cherry victory came small peredy before apples, and it was decided to share - let virtually - fruits such hard, but all - victories.

Why I remembered marinated cherry? As always it happens to preparation of cherry - time draws in (cherry long is not stored - three days if gathered without branches), places (the freezer, banks...) it is not enough. Also there is a wish to prepare something such, but capacious. It is possible to push nearly two liters of cherry into a one-liter jar, it is only necessary to exempt it from stones. Occupation not such long and dreary as it seems.

Any experience is first of all someone`s personal experience. Mine consists in understanding of the necessary amount of sugar, preference of cherry in a gutted look, i.e. without stones (the “cherry“ manicure is provided!) and hot filling. Somehow hawt I trust more.

Without sugar in any way. If to men under zakus, then it is less sugar, taste it will be sourish - natural, with soft aftertaste of a carnation and aroma of a sweet pea. Cinnamon will disturb. By the way, such cherry will approach as a winter highlight meat . Simply on a plate to put nearby. All oblenut, precisely. But then cherry surely has to be without stones. In chicken and meat when cooking I do not put marinated cherry. Aroma is washed away between chicken and the cherry steamed as a result on the tenth time (it such small!) . And here boys under man`s hot (both with vodka, and with a konyachok will approach) can serve cherry and with a stone . They like to gnaw something, will prolong pleasure for a long time.

Cherry with a large amount of sugar will perfectly go to layers between cake cake layers. It is already rather fragrant therefore it is not necessary to put it much. Nobody will even guess from where at cake such aroma - it seems all soft and juicy, but not a gingerbread or the Tula gingerbread. Well will not reach this cherry yet. “Wow!“ at least to you it is provided. As at most: “So, nobody eats it any more, it is tasteless, it will be eaten only by me“.

Any fruit salad - even stupid grated carrots (the main winter Soviet fruit) with apples or without - with pleasure will apprehend such remarkable guest as sweet marinated cherry. Well and simply “on sweet“ or “vusnenky“, to tea or coffee. And ice cream with such cherry will be just magic miracle.

Of course, it is the best of all to use half-liter jars. But at me they ended. Therefore used liter. Marinade remains (yum-yum!) filled in still cherry, warmed up without boiling two times and under polyethylene covers in the refrigerator put. Just like that now to play about. Though I cannot look at it any more. Only to collect.