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Cherry: how to win against a harvest?

Oh, my cherry went. Close and amicable formation. Sour, very seldom sweet - it has always not enough sun, even last year, juicy, fine cherry. This brightest esthetic impression of my garden. At me personally. And to bring together her is just a fantasy. It is smooth, soft and perfect. Miracle.

My first cherry nightmare 6 - summer prescription after which I understood that it is possible to subdue also 16 buckets is unique. Then I understood at once that all recipes “make of cherry pie“ or “take kilogram of cherry“, or “dry cherry on compotes“ it is possible to pass safely by. It was ridiculous then. The bucket of cherry costs days. Then it begins to grow mouldy. Such at us the Ural cherry. Not at once, but understood that it is possible to win against cherry, but it is necessary to try. And subdued so it is loved, and knowing you feel such proud!

By youth I at first upikhivat the cherry in jam . Then we long did not eat cherry jam. Then I began to apply the most fashionable on the middle of 2000 - x a way - a sokovarka. The people on holidays went bananas in the winter, but in such quantities not to drink cherry juice even to the biggest family. With all relatives and friends. You will not distribute everything (who rolled up juice, that knows), each can - hot kipyatochny work. But it is lyrical details. Ready juice gets divorced on three times from sugar addition. I know what under the guise of natural cherry juice is filled in in tetra paks - cherry compote or strongly diluted juice. Very favorable occupation turns out. But “on the mountain“ there is such amount of juice that it is possible to float and not to reach not one winter in it the coast. So juice as a conservation method was cast away in my culinary experience too. Though such juice can stand two years. Therefore the last portions already “gone“, but still normal cherry all the same leave on juice. Quickly and simply.

The next way which it was possible to overcome cherry buckets (the main thing for us - to push more and quicker to finish with it) is the freezer . With a stone in plastic bags - for compote in the winter. The most “live“ cherry turns out. It is so possible to stuff the whole bucket. But for some reason by future harvest all the same something and will remain. It is checked not only own, but also mother`s, svekroviny and almost all podruzhkiny freezers combined.

Still there is a freezing option - without stone . It is ideal on pies, vareniki and cakes. In a plastic bag it is possible to upikhat up to 2 kg of cherry pleasure. It is possible to dream in the heat of fight of ideally correct freezing - on - to spread out separateness on a leaf, then to pour the frozen “grapes“ in packages and to clean on storage. But we are driven time (you cherry or cherry you) and the place - in the freezer already there live June fennel, July parsley and Welsh onion. And on approach white currant (the best friend of winter berry pies). So just we clean cherry, juice is merged and with sugar it is drunk, we shower the rest in the freezer.

But a freezing all is cannot win against a large number of cherry. Can help, but not win. Though everyone happens to a harvest. My attempts to update and thin out cherry bushes and trees together with with a spring weather nonsense led to falling of productivity to three buckets last year. I shivered literally over each berry. Also mastered compotes . Who knew! This that, as it was necessary to do. How many it turns out culinary years to me it was required that it to understand? Here so by practical consideration also you recognize all.

And my father everything for some reason used to say to me that my woman Zoya (his mother) rolled up 100 (!) cans of compote during the season. Once you will open such jar in the winter and everything becomes clear. What there jam - overindulgence. So I began to do compote. Only on dilute cherry with apples. Even if it is not enough cherry. Let one - two banks, but purely cherry compote will be.

In this season year turned out cherry. You go on a garden - eyes rejoice. Greed is just torn outside when you go by neighbour`s sites. The still is up to the end not brought together, and look at others - y...

Re-education of greed is carried out by hot filling of the reaped crop to extremely short time. Compotes honestly turned into almost total absence of cans. It was necessary to remember marinated cherry . But it is worthy a separate song.