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Astrology - great science of impudent persons or chaldaic science?

Popular “science“ astrology now in such improbable fashion as, probably, was not also at the time of the blossoming in ancient Chaldea when cunning court astrologers thought up this way of rather fair depriving of money at the dominating employers. Really nothing is new under the gray-haired Moon and in this case: every time when this or that gegemonialny empire, the developed state or simple small, but very proud country, the next decline struck or as now speak, crisis, on bones of its former greatness in the terry color mad orchids of an occultism, mysticism, sectarianism and, of course, astrology blossomed.

Today, in the next times of plague and cholera, probably, there is no popular magazine, any newspaper, any transfer which would dare to wave away safely and self-confidently from similar eyewash and not to paint in paints that to all of us is prophesied by stars. As the statistics which for the last twenty years decayed in Soviet period astrology from a pseudo science for the missing housewives wonderfully shows it was transformed to true “logiya“ for the average inhabitant, on the importance comparable - ponder only! - with medicine. Whether nowadays trust stars slightly no more, than to doctors.

Personally I never trusted far cold stars. Did not trust up to the end. At least because, somehow in young years when I stayed at home without work about half a year, my optimistical horoscope promised in the most persistent star way me “promotion, profit and career development“, well almost every day my useless domosideniye. In practice I grew poor every day, puzzling over, where together with hands to put it (well, not in a loop), on purpose though to earn something and not to starve to death. And a dog - the horoscope, every day floutingly so promised “promotion, profit and career development“.

Or at least because different horoscopes often contradict in the most ridiculous way each other, being confused in own legs. Here and recently, engender to sport, I decided to make cultural a horoscope - autopsy to glance in myself and the destiny, but already from height of those stars that dimly flicker not over Russia, and brightly shine over Europe educated in every sense. From the different, but surely top, specializing in horoscopes websites, I took several detailed descriptions of the sign: from reserved Great Britain, from practical Germany and from cheerful France.

And here what culturological cut at me left: prudish British stars to admit, did not fail to flatter me, having allocated me with “the high growth and a thin constitution“. The German Sterne British with the German diplomacy almost agreed with stars - “above the average height, a normal constitution“. And here intoxicated French etoiles, on the contrary, did not award me with either growth, or a majestic bearing: “by growth below an average, it is inclined to completeness“.

Further the dim British flickered obviously embellished me, for certain without having made out through dense English fog with whom deal: “the most intellectual sign, does not suffer one - ignorance, the perfectionist, the hard worker“ (nonsense, of course, but as pleasantly, goddamn!). Pragmatic German somehow reluctantly and in German chilly whether agreed with it, whether it was frankly pleasant to me to make laziness by it: “works hard, it is necessary on mind, costs both legs on the earth“. And here absolutely drunk French five asterisks took and, as always, again all muddled, without having mentioned my remarkable mind at all (I even three times re-read everything - no, words about my sokratovsky brains!) : “are thoughtless, all the time go woolgathering, do not like to work“ … Here those on! Merde!

Further went - went and is more cheerful than that: “Do not like to sit in place, in the movement, one of the most mobile signs all the time“, - British gundosit. “Are afraid to poke out a nose outside, sit in one place, are phlegmatic“, - their French hooked. “Ý - ý - aa...“ - Germans in this respect told nothing.

“There is not a lot of friends, in love are extremely careful, often bachelors“, - haughtily broadcast on Foggy Albion. “The friendship plays a huge role for this sign, in love are tireless, often chaotic in communications“, - had fun on that side of English Channel.

“Remarkable spouses, with children are strict, teach them to much“, - unperturbably listed on that side of Pa - - Calais (and I felt Makarenka in an own cell of society). “In a family often tyrants, but adore children“, - objected on this side (probably, the wife was right when she claimed that I am a satrap). “Are indifferent to children“, - summed up in Russia (then I right there decided to agree with the wife that I am a useless father …

to Admit, the British stars, close to truth, pleased me much more, than dry German or absolutely everything the mixed drunk French. At British I would be a powerful intellectual, the patrician and almost the handsome with a high forehead and the lord`s bearing. And at French I would turn out some donzhuanstvuyushchy unsightly misunderstanding, the idler and the house tyrant.

To be fair, in thoughts about destinies and stars my cousin, on a horoscope the same animal, as I was still occurred to me. And if I which - where found something similar in the character and temperament on the truth, did not agree with something, but found something very truthful, then my cousin brother pulled down all star chaldaic science, first of all, on native, not overseas, to a horoscope at all.

“Tselomudrenen is also shy with an opposite sex“, - I did not know such sexual robber yet: three times he is married officially, thirty three - informally. Still, in thirty seven, cannot bridle the libido. “The intellectual, the analyst, the philosopher“, - the latest book in his hands was called … however, I will not remember books in his hands at all, as well as passions to philosophizing or the analysis. Having graduated from school, all books he placed in the thrown toilet, having made room just for decoration: there, in his opinion, the place was it. “The passion to purity passing into mania“ - also, without exaggeration, was obvious exaggeration. Etc.

However I have to notice that for some reason oddly I in myself nevertheless found many positive lines. That is it seems and lies everything, but … but a lot of things coincides! Then I for the sake of experiment took and presented myself, for example, the Capricorn. Called on the Capricorn, read and saw that again many lines, especially positive, very oddly are present also at me. Then I presented myself the Taurus. Again came, read and … found the mass of similar again. Especially positive. And absolutely got confused: in horoscopes British, German, French. In horoscopes Russian. In Tauruses and Capricorns.

And now I sit and I think: impudent persons were or perhaps right, and?