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Titan. Whether the name justifies metal?

the Titan are almost twice easier and stronger than iron, he surpasses in specific durability also aluminum: not much heavier it, and is six times stronger.

And alloys of the titan on this indicator came to one of the first places among metal constructional materials.

The aircraft is most interested in application of the titan and his alloys. These are jet engines, rotors of turbines, fuselage details, up to such protozoa as bolts and nuts. Nozzles of gas-turbine aircraft engines make of the pure titan, and valves, plugs, consolidations - of its alloys. Application of the last instead of aluminum allows to reduce the mass of the plane by 20%.

The titan is important also in automotive industry. Of the titan and his alloys manufacture valves, suspension brackets, connecting drafts, rods. Titanic rods it is much easier steel therefore are exposed to smaller inertial loadings, and it allows to increase the speed and engine capacity. Application of the titan instead of steel at production of frames and other responsible details of trucks is perspective.

Use of titanic alloys on railway transport will also allow to increase payload capacity, to cut a fuel consumption, to raise service life, reliability of vehicles that finally will lead to essential economy.

Advantages of the titan and his alloys are especially brightly shown at production from them of the details rotating with a high speed: rotors of turbines, centrifuges, gyroscopes, etc. The situation when margin of safety of steel does not allow to sustain the considerable loadings arising under the influence of centrifugal forces is possible.

Simple increase in thickness of details gives nothing - with increase in thickness also the mass of a detail, and, so and action of centrifugal forces increases. Material with a bigger specific durability, for example, the same titan is necessary. So the steel rotor of the compressor of the jet engine collapses at 17 thousand rpm while the same rotor, but from the titan, maintains 25 thousand rpm.

Many metals and alloys possess ability to pass into a passive state in relation to the corrosion environment that connect with education on their surface of protective films, most often oxidic. Special tendency to emergence of a passive state the titan, aluminum and chrome possess.

The titan on the chemical properties quite corresponds to this name. It is extremely strong, thermoracks, well resists to effect of aggressive liquids. Does not affect it nitric acid, “imperial vodka“ (mix of nitric and hydrochloric acids).

Corrosion resistance of the titan in the strong acids which are not possessing oxidizing activity can be improved an alloying precious metals, for example, palladium. Small, to 1%, the additive of palladium does the titan resistant and to other mineral acids - sulfuric and salt.

Precious metals form active cathodic sites which promote his self-passivation in solutions of aggressive substances on a surface of the titan. At the same time it is not even necessary to alloy the titan with palladium. For passivation of the titan it is enough to subject of him to ionic bombing by palladium ions, and it with the minimum consumption of precious metal will become passive already in a few minutes.

So, the titan quite justifies the name - a synonym of firmness and durability. This metal waits for the big future.