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What ten sports are most dangerous?

They say that athletes are people who for the sake of passion with pleasure carry out difficult, but to nobody the necessary work. I can add - and sometimes dangerous. Sport - it, of course, is good, but some sports are very dangerous, are even deadly.


you Expect rugby that rugby considerably advances in a rating, isn`t it? In this sport you have all prerequisites for hit in hospital. When players are healthy, they push each other that there are forces, without restrictions. In comparison with the American soccer players in protective equipment, they look hopelessly vulnerable. Muscular injuries, stretchings, ruptures of ligaments, numerous changes.

The statistics is clear: each player gets, at least, 2 - 3 small traumas for a match (!) . Severe injuries receive, at least, 25% of players in each game. So if you want to flash or “pin“ abruptly the state on hospital is your sport. Otherwise we advise you to remain at safe distance from it, it is the best of all - in front of the TV.

9. Golf


Yes, it is faithful. This, apparently, harmless sport delivers a lot of work to doctors. Even to pathologists. You do not trust? There are some figures: every year more than 900 people perish on the golf course (!) . It is enough to mention that in bad weather golfers do not interrupt game, attracting with metal clubs on flat lawns more than 20 percent of lightnings of this area.

One more reason of high mortality in golf - blow a heavy ball in the head. You can miss on a ball, but the player in 100 meters from you - very good target for casual hit. Bruises and cracks of the head with which carry away from a golf course, nonsense in comparison with the beaten-out eyes shattered by the testicles broken by joints, spinal fractures etc. So, all of you still believe what is safe sport for the aristocrats having a lot of free time?

8. Cheerleading

Though this type of mass dance is also not really widespread by

among us, this sport is one of the most dangerous in the world. Behind a beautiful facade, however, there are amazing figures: only in a year in the United States more than 25 000 serious injuries (injuries of the head, fractures of a neck, clavicle, hands, legs) and 40 000 small injuries (sprains, grazes, etc.) . For practice of this sport it is necessary to have ideally developed body to sustain loading of all muscular groups. Just warm-up before training makes more than 30 minutes. So cheerleading, certainly, deserves respect …

7. Soccer

the King of all sports is the most popular around the world, and traumatism in it became an everyday occurrence. Whether you play professionally, or just you warm up on Sundays with friends, the risk of damage is extremely high. The facts are obvious: the professional football player gets 200 injuries a year. In amateur soccer the figure is less, but nevertheless impresses. If you do not trust, ask in a drugstore as you bought up the calming gels and ointments in the past weekend.

Fortunately, in soccer mortality is not too high. The most frequent cause of death - fatal heart failure at high loadings; history remembers still cases of death of players from a lightning, victims of the thrown objects from stands, or even from heading in a football goal.

Casual soccer with friends on days off? Think once again...

6. Motorcycle sport

For luck, as well as in soccer, death are not widespread in this sport, mainly thanks to the serious equipment for safety of athletes on the route. Fractures and bruises - not the worst in motorcycle sport. Real health hazard proceeds from huge loading to which the body is subject during race.

Huge centrifugal forces, and also constant physical and mental tension in a body literally destroy a human body. Internals are gradually injured seriously, bones and muscles - too. On race motorcyclists lose 4 - 5 kg of weight from - for a stress and heat of a protective suit. In the same way in Formula One. So, believe me, most of competitors in this sport does not worry about scratches and cracks of bones in falling, in several years of racing activity their body is literally discharged to a limit and needs “capital repairs“.

5. Riding

of 40 000 injuries in a year, including death. The reasons are clear - so far you in a saddle, everything is normal, but when you fall - only the Lord will help. Fractures of hands, legs, shoulder joints, a basin and a backbone - the whole palette of injuries. And death if the horse the hoof grounded by steel weighing 800 kg passes through your head. A beautiful and difficult sport in which the relations of jockeys with a horse have to be perfect. Otherwise, it is necessary to hope for good luck, to somersault and at least to get bruises...

4. Rodeo

Here all “additional services“ - as when riding a horse, but is also new. Such as wrist dislocation of - for throws of bulls within, on average, 8 seconds, when you on a bull. After falling … Well, except that the animal can crush you to death, one horn it is enough “piercing“ to send you to reanimation or to a morgue. Every year - more than 80 thousand victims while this sport is not popular around the world at all. At us it is practically not practiced, but in some countries of Europe it gains steam. So - if you sometime need to contact to this sport, choose to act as the viewer.

3. Hockey

Hockey = the beaten-out teeth. At least. All saw hockey players in whose mouths constantly beaten out teeth. Why don`t they correct them? Well, just destructions of teeth are so widespread in hockey that to stomatologists not to keep up. Rubber protectors do not help with a mouth, also the protective helmet urged to protect the top part of the head does not help.

In hockey of a trauma became a commonplace. It is simple to be engaged in hockey - all the same what to play with a lighter at gas station. Severe injuries can happen literally at any time - from the rival, from blow in a protective wall, about ice, from a hockey stick, a washer. It is not surprising that legendary Wayne Gretzky compared this sport to fights of gladiators in Ancient Rome. And if not to send you on a stretcher during game, then it will occur at one of more frequent trainings. Training in hockey is also dangerous. Or, if to rely on statistics - 80 000 serious injuries a year. Winners - we congratulate!

2. Mountaineering

That the mountaineering is a dangerous sport, obviously. There is a lot of reasons, complexity is connected with the fact that forces have to be distributed ideally - besides to rise, you have to be and are able to go down. Many fans make a mistake, giving all the best completely at rise, forgetting that descent is not less dangerous. Specifics of sport is that at any severe injury it brings closer you to a hospital bed and even death. Medical care comes slowly and hardly, and not always it can help. Besides, after heavy changes and open wounds there is a danger of overcooling, heart failure and blocking of sinews and joints.

1. Diving in underwater caves

In a year more than 8 000 people remain disabled people for the rest of life. The potential damage to heart, a brain and lungs often comes to an end with death. 100 meters under water, in a dark cave, push problems with the equipment and any mistakes or difficulties closer to death. Not to mention danger of beings who live in these caves.

That`s all! If you are not really well prepared whether it is worth practicing these superrisk and dangerous sports? Not earlier, than you will be insured...