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The best oil for cooking? The olive ode to advantage and taste of

People of the Mediterranean felt advantages of olive oil in a daily diet hundreds years ago. Now researches confirmed the curative properties of olive oil known since ancient times.

The greatest advantage of olive oil consists in decrease in risk warmly - vascular diseases due to reduction of content of “bad“ cholesterol and increase “good“. But not only to these olive oil became famous.

Oil from fruits of olive is good for prevention warmly - vascular diseases (in particular, control of level of cholesterol), simplification of work of a stomach and acceleration of a metabolism.

Olives promote appropriate functioning and secretion of hormones of a pancreas.

There is a close connection between level of consumption of olive oil and reduction of risk of a disease of a colon cancer.

Olives help at rheumatoid arthritis and a high blood pressure.

Antioxidant olive oil slows down process of cell aging and fabrics. “Beauty oil“ as it is often called, provides softness and tenderness of skin and gives it big elasticity.

Olive oil is vitamin-rich A, B1, B2, C, D, E and K and iron. The big percent of antioxidant substances as a part of oil helps to reduce blocking of arteries and prevents damage of veins and blood cells under the influence of free radicals.

of Advantage of olive oil before other oils

Is many types of oil, choose I do not want. What difference between them? Oils from products of an animal origin contain saturated fatty acids and increase the content of cholesterol in blood.

Oils of plants, seeds, vegetables and fruit with a firm peel contain the nonsaturated fatty acids reducing and sated and nonsaturated fats in blood. Olive oil contains the monononsaturated fatty acids controlling the level of “bad“ cholesterol and increase in “good“.

Therefore at once get rid of margarine, creamy and vegetable oil (except olive) and enjoy fragrant gift of the countries of the Mediterranean.

of the Grade of olive oil

Olive oil let out

various grades, depending on extent of processing.

Extra virgin olive oil - not refined olive oil of the superior quality from the first cold extraction with acidity no more than 0,8 g on 100 g in terms of oleic acid. With it salads are good.

Pure Blended olive oil - mix of the refined olive oil and olive oils of the first extraction. Acidity no more than 1 g on 100 g. On it it is good to fry.

Refined olive oil - receive by refinement methods from oils of the first extraction, not defiant changes of initial triglitseridny structure. Acidity no more than 0,3 g on 100 g

of Olive Pomace Oil - a product of the second extraction or extraction of oil from the olives subjected to a cold extraction. The crude cakes oil is refined and mixed with oil of the first extraction. Acidity no more than 1 g on 100 g. It is suitable both for frying, and for cold dishes.

Virgin olive oil - oil of the first extraction with acidity no more than 2 g on 100 g

of Ordinary virgin olive oil - oil of the first extraction with acidity no more than 3,3 g on 100 g

Any other grades of olive oil may contain impurity of other vegetable oils.

Several wishes

you Hold a bottle far away from a sunlight and heat for prevention of damage of oil. And, though it contains up to 9 calories/gram, as well as at the use of other oils, watch the content of fats in a diet.

If you decided to pass to olive oil - you made a right choice!