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how to work effectively - not to be sorry about perfect acts?“ roads which we choose“...

Choice … We face the choice all the time.

What answer?

They say to me that I am wrong. Worry that I will arrive incorrectly …

It is frequent. Often or not, but, from time to time, - unambiguously it occurs: “Your mother, why I made it?“ we Suffer from

from consequences of perfect acts.

of the Made decisions.

How to be? Eternal question.

“To be or not to be?“ - option classical. all - …

I Smile to

I. I keep a trump in a sleeve.

I all one after another.

Was once, thought: “And suddenly?“ Postoyte`s

. Why you need it? My thoughts. Focus is in that, - they arise from practice - experience of research of ways of effective life.

Chose that wanted. Perhaps? Who knows

? You? You know. In you it is confident. What you do not doubt? we Will look at

… To business. Who else wants a piece of happiness? - there is my question.

How? You ask possibly, naturally. Here, we also came. Point.

With bated breath, read further. It is a turning point of the eternity dinning in the ears.

All. Without half-words. Listen: choosing

, - this or that action, an act, a thing or a way of life, - remember the required phrase: “The choice does not influence our lives in any way“.

That is what in the way not to go, the script of the movie will remain the same. Only wall-paper on walls changes. All of us in the same room - with four corners. And window. To go beyond a door? Fine landscape. You want? To go to travel … The main thing - everything goes according to the plan.

Keys. To realization of your desires in life.

Why to change wall-paper in the bothered apartment if it is possible to take, - and to replace a residence with a lodge of the dream?

You can not trust me. You should not take the word to strangers with their reasonings on the world.

A familiar?

You were visited by new thoughts - on the fact that I wrote here. Prerequisites.

A about that, the truth all or nonsense - I do you the offer. Check

on experience of own life, the daily elections. What exchanged?

Over time it becomes more pleasant and better for you - to live?

Is glad if indeed.

And still … You will find courage to check? force

I: not to forget about what you were going to check. So far you were not drained in by the daily commotion of everyday life. Everyday life, week …

Day by day. Whether postponing … Costs

? Point. The choice - for you. =)

P. S. Perhaps, only, changing something to the best.

P. P. S. You remember? - everything goes according to the plan.

P. P. P. S. I will tell about everything.